Journal Entry – My Inspiration

Inspiration Comes As

…a shooting star in the calmness of a summer night

…snowflakes falling gently to the ground
…a whipper-will breaking the stillness of the evening
…leaves glowing in vibrant hues in autumn 
…a field full of wildflowers

Inspiration Comes When

…holding a book in your hands, 
mind whirling at the breathtaking words it contains
…memories flash through your mind of days gone by
…bike riding with siblings on back country road
…standing in a sparkling clean house 

…a person who “should” have given up long ago, 
but presses on to greatness

Inspiration Is

…music that calms the mind and refreshes the soul
…people that fight against extreme odds, because it’s worth it
…laughter after a hard day
…togetherness, fitting in the team
…loving someone who doesn’t seem to deserve it
Be Inspired Today!

This is inspiration.
What is your inspiration?

3 thoughts on “Journal Entry – My Inspiration

  1. Aubrey says:

    LOVE. This is really awesome Aidyl, the amount of time and effort you put in this is clear. The different font adds interest. You are really growing as a Blogger. It's great.


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