Giveaway Winners & October Goals

Y’all! Today I’m in a huge rush so I’m not able to post my month review of September, but good news for y’all! I took the time to go through the entries for both giveaways, and now I get to announce them. ๐Ÿ™‚

But first here are my goals for October. It’s so much easier/more fun to stay on track when I know I’m accountable to all you in the blogging world, so I’m looking forward to working on being more consistent with talking about my goals onย Noveltea. (And no worries – I’ll be giving y’all an update on my September goals before too long.)

If the Lord wills and I live, then in October of 2017 I will….

  1. Write Weekly Goals
  2. Eat Paleo (except coffee) 21 days
  3. Get to bed by 10:30 10 times
  4. Switch winter/summer clothes
  5. Vlog 4 times
  6. Blog by 9:30 20 times
  7. Edit 10,000 words onย Echoesย 
  8. Read 3 non-fiction books
  9. Get writing program on computer & Work on Plotting book
  10. Focus on getting into the correct rhythm at coffee shop
  11. Catch up on reviews for all the books I’ve read in the last few months
  12. Blog about: Coffee Shop Job, 25 Before 25 Update, Birthday Musings, Monthly Review, and Take part in at least 2 Link-ups


And now for the giveaway winners!

Thank you SO much to all y’all who took part in the blog tour celebrating the release ofย Where Dandelions Grow. Y’all are amazing and wonderful and made the last part of September so much fun. I’m excited to announce the winners and hope you have a grand time getting to have some extra money to spend. ๐Ÿ™‚

The winner for the $25 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway is Rachel G.

The winner for the comments giveaway (and y’all left a LOT of comments!) is Maddy from Little Bit of Sunshine.

Thanks folks! Have a great day. ๐Ÿ™‚

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