A Little Life Update

After only being home for one night in nearly four weeks (I was gone from June 28th until July 24th), it was delightful to arrive back late Sunday afternoon. I promptly kidnapped my best friend’s (and neighbor) little girl, who quite happily still remembered and loved me. We had fun with books and stuffed animals, which are really two of the best things in the world. 
Then I dove back into the world here with my non-writing job and siblings and normal life. (Haha, as if this crazy life could ever be classified as normal.) I got to cut grass which made me immensely happy, challenged my little brother to a few rounds of Uno, and did my first serious marathon-prep walk/run in waayyy too long. 
Today is another one of those busy days that are so much fun to look back on and feel satisfied about (at least that’s the plan). As soon as I finish this post I’m going to hurry and get some grass cut before the heat really takes over, cause believe me, it’s been hot
Thank you to everyone who prayed for my adopted dad, he’s recovering well which is a huge answer to prayer. He obviously still has a long way to go, but I’m pleased with the progress he’s made so far. (For those of you who don’t know, my adopted dad had a heart attack and then open-heart surgery, which is why I was unexpectedly gone for the last while.) 
This morning I was working on memorizing Philippians, and I was reminded again at how beautiful the book is. It’s not only wonderful and truth-shinning as God’s Word, but it also makes my writerly soul happy with how the words flow together and sound as they fall off of my tongue. 

But I have all, and abound: I am full, having received of Epaphroditus the things which were sent from you, an odor of a sweet smell, a sacrifice acceptable, wellpleasing to God. But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus. Now until God our Father be glory for ever and ever. Amen. (Phil. 4:18-20)

This week is shaping up to be really busy with my non-writing job, but I’m hoping to be able to get some work done on the writing front, too, because I’m very, very close to having the 15th draft of WLHYL finished. It’s exciting to see how the story is growing (actually shrinking), and changing and nearing completion. I am so very thankful for everyone who has helped me with the project, because seriously, we (the book and I) really needed the help.

And, this my friends, is just a little random update on life. What have y’all been up to? 

4 thoughts on “A Little Life Update

  1. Aidyl Ewoh says:

    Oh wow, bless you for babysitting so much. I rarely babysit anyone (except sometimes my best friend's child who is a dream), but my younger sister does a lot and I have a feeling that babysitting takes a lot of energy. 🙂


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