Editing, Oh, Happy Editing

Monday mornings make me plain happy. (I take that back: Monday mornings make me orange-and-cranberry happy, because everyone knows that orange and cranberry is better than plain.) I’m sitting here with my window open a crack, bundled up with a sweatshirt and blanket, Christmas music (!!!) playing, candle flickering and a bowl of hot potato soup (yes, for breakfast) next to me. 
Knowing that I have a whole week stretching in front of me is one of the best feelings. I have so much I want to accomplish this week, and I’m eager to get started. First and foremost I have my book to continue editing. I recently had my eyes open to a whole new layer of problems to fix. Yeah. A little bit overwhelming (ha! that’s the understatement of the month), but it’s good to have uncovered these little issues so I can jump in start to rectify my cute little manuscript (which is, in reality, neither cute nor little… and if we want to be technical it isn’t a manuscript, either). 
I have a ton of grass to cut at my non-writing job, but since last time I looked it was 28 degrees outside, I’m excited to stay all cozy inside and dig into my book for several hours before venturing out. It’s really nice to have a flexible job. 

Some of the problems I need to work on today with When Life Hands You Lymes
*I realized that most of the descriptions I put in the book about where Madalyn lives were in the first 40,000 words that I cut out in April. Therefore I need to describe the mansion and estate where the Emersons live. Joy! 
*I’m still not sure how well Madalyn’s character arch works… Deep sigh.
*Madalyn does too much music for her health condition. My amazing beta reader, Melissa, pointed this out to me and when she said it I had a half light bulb, half duh moment went on inside my brain when I realized she was so. totally. right. 
*I don’t have a ton of descriptions that apply to the five senses except for sight. Lots of sight. A little bit of hearing. A tad bit of taste and smell and touch. This needs to change. 
*Another thing Melissa pointed out is that I build up occasions with Madalyn thinking about them, and then zoom, the reader is suddenly on the other side of the event, looking back. Some of those events need to happen in real time. Aye, yie, yie! (And I obviously have no clue how to spell that<) 
I could continue on with my list, but in reality it would probably be me procrastinating instead of wading back into my edits, so I’ll leave the list for now and actually go and get some of that work done… 
* * *
What about you? What are you planning on doing today? 

One thought on “Editing, Oh, Happy Editing

  1. Natasha Hill says:

    Ah, I'm sorry it's been so long since I last commented – I love the way you described your morning – that's the best way to describe a Monday morning, especially if there's hot potato soup involved and Christmas music. Hope you manage to make some headway on your manuscript, sometimes I wish writing was my job, although I can imagine all of the editing and figuring bits and pieces out must be a bit of a headache sometimes. – Tasha


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