A is for Andrewsarchus and Other Such Creatures

Happy April! Today is the first day of the A to Z Challenge. A week ago I asked y’all to help me choose what my theme for 2015’s challenge would be and then I had fun watching the votes come in. I’m happy to announce that Random Story Ideas won, and so here I am with the first post of April!

Y’all, I get more story ideas than I’ll ever be able to use. I thought it would be fun to share some of these crazy and random balloons with you just for the fun of it. These posts will be set up like either a backcover blurb or a newspaper article. Sit back and enjoy! 

A is for Andrewsarchus and other such creatures  

Imagine a book with a main character who has a quirky fascination where all of her conversations, interests, and ultimately her life, center around people, places or things that starts with the word A.
From her dream of one day having andrewsarcus as a pet (yes, he’s real), to her love of anchovies and avocados to her nightly habit of going out and looking for Andromeda, this character (is it any wonder her name is Anna?) is driven by the letter A. Even to the point where she get’s all As in school, applies for a job with Amazon, changed her last name to Aaton and moved to Aruba. 
Life is absolutely amusing and absorbing until Anna gets attached to an amusing, appealing and adoring little girl who she wants to adopted but who has a lisp which makes it impossible for her to say the letter A.
In an effort to help her new daughter over come her lisp without feeling extremely overwhelmed, Anna decides to remove all the words that begin with A from her spoken vocabulary for the next two years… Read all about it in: The Bizarre Adventures Escapades of Anna Aaton
* * * 
What about you? What’s your favorite word that begins with the letter A? 

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