Glorious, Beautiful September

For all y’all who don’t have the delightful privilege of living in a state where autumn is entering the world, I just want to take a moment to say: I’m sorry. I know life isn’t fair, but hopefully these pictures will help make your existence just a wee bit better. 
No, actually, I hope you’re happy and content and leading a wonderful life wherever you live. And, of course I realize that just living in the glorious season of autumn doesn’t actually guarantee a magnificent life. (I say this from experience. For some odd reason yesterday was pretty tough.) And, if we must get technical, it’s not even autumn yet. But it’s September, and in my book (haha, not really, of course) autumn begins when September begins.
Autumn is my favorite season by far. (Understatement of 2014.) In recent years, I’ve had to limit my thoughts about autumn during the rest of the year or else I begin to pine for it, and of course it’s hard to live in the moment (something I strive to do) while pining for the most beautiful time of the year. If you want to be reminded of what you have to look forward to, you can look at these posts from last year. Hereand Here. It ends up that I was so crazy-busy this year that Autumn kinda snuck up on me and suddenly I awaken one day to find out that OH MY LANDS, IT’S SEPTEMBER ALREADY?!?! It’s still sinking in. 
September. October. November. December. These four months are filled to brimming with beauty. 
The world starts out with a canvas of vibrant colors. Bright green grass, azure blue skies, gleaming white clouds, vibrant yellow and purple flowers. 
As the season progresses the world morphs into a kaleidoscope of energetic browns, greens, reds, yellows, oranges and every shade in-between. Fog so thick you can feel it rolls in to soften early mornings. Stars are bright and crisp at night, hanging down so low it makes me want to stay out below them all night. 
Then the bright colors grow muted and subside to be replaced with a gray world of angry looking skies providing a beautifully provoking canvas for the imagination. The trees, quiescent. The grass, dormant. The world, peaceful. 
Then comes the snow. First, minuscule flakes whooshing around, tempting our appetite. Afterward, fluffy flakes, falling thick and silently. Filling up the landscape. Covering the gray. Leaving the world glistening like a million jewels. 

Autumn makes me think of Apple cider. Chili and cornbread. Campfires. Sweaters. Crisp mornings. Aliveness. Memories. Books. Beauty. Contentment. Apple trees. Longing. Family time. Long walks. Creativity. Laughter. Soups. Fireplaces. Warmth. Love. Scarves. Bundling up. Refreshment.

I am so very grateful to have grown up with autumn. It’s something I’ll always treasure. What about you? Do you like autumn? (Please, please do!) If so, what’s your favorite part? What’s your favorite season? I’d be delighted to hear all about it! 🙂 

4 thoughts on “Glorious, Beautiful September

  1. Lauren K. Lotter says:

    I absolutely adore autumn!! And the four months you mentioned are the best of the whole year! I love frosty mornings where it feels good to pull on that jacket and wrap a scarf around your head. Where you can see your breath forming a white cloud and you feel alive!! I can't even begin to describe how much I love fall!


  2. Carissa says:

    That sunset picture….gorgeous!! 🙂 I LOVE autumn. Summer is my favorite season, but autumn is an extremely close second. I love sweaters and the leaves changing colors and football and pumpkin-flavored-everything and all things fall! 🙂



  3. jennablakemorris says:

    I'm with you: Autumn is pretty wizard. Winter's my favourite season, but I'd have to rank the later half of fall right behind it. Especially when it gets all cool and overcast and it's time to pull out the jackets and you can just feel Halloween and Thanksgiving in the air…

    Love that penultimate picture, by the way! The colours are amazing.

    Now if you'll excuse me, I'll be camped out in the air conditioning, curtains clamped shut to keep out the killer sun, hiding out the last of summer. Autumn can't come quickly enough.


  4. Anonymous says:

    yum, yum, yum!! your words just whet my appetite for frumpy sweaters and scarves and hot apple cider. blankets and cozy fires and hot chocolate!!! although fall isnt my favorite season, im always ready and waiting when it comes around!


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