When Life Hands You Lymes #31

Hey y’all! Welcome to segment #31 of my fictional story, When Life Hands You Lymes. This part actually has my favorite line of the whole book so far. 😉 I hope you enjoy it and have a great day! 

“Madds, time to go in now.” Dad’s gentle shaking woke me up. 
I almost asked if I had fallen asleep, then realized that was a rather stupid question because there would have been no reason for him to wake me up if I hadn’t. 
The air had almost dried my clothes so all I needed to do was change into my PJ’s. I knew I should take a shower and wash off, but I figured I could just change my sheets in the morning and that way I wouldn’t wake myself up fully. 
When the clock on my phone read three a.m., though, and I still wasn’t asleep, I decided to get up and take the shower anyway. After that, I still wasn’t sleepy so I got a set of clean sheets and changed my bed so I wouldn’t have to crawl back into bed with my pond scum-contaminated sheets. 
Yawning, I tried to convince myself that I could go to sleep, but again, my body refused to obey. Katie had said I only slept for about ten minutes out on the grass, so that couldn’t possibly have kept me from sleeping now, could it? After going to the laundry nook in my wing and starting my load of sheets, I curled up in bed with a cup of sleepy time tea and my journal and pen. Somewhere mid-sentence about how much fun it was to hang out with my family, I felt my eyes finally begin to drift shut and I was able to fall asleep. 
“So you just take one of these each morning when you first wake up.” Mom put one of the little white pills in my hand. “It will help your thyroid regulate itself and hopefully bring it back down into a normal range.” 
Sniffing the pill, I wrinkled my nose. “Now that does not smell good. What’s it made out of?” I held it with just two of my fingers and tried to hand it back to Mom. Instead, she shoved a glass of water into my other hand. 
“Take it.” 
“Not until you tell me what it is.” I wasn’t being serious, but really, I did not want to take this icky thing until I knew what was going on. 
“You take it, then I’ll tell you.” Mom put her hands on her hips. 
“Oh, scary.” Darrick walked into the room behind us. I set my glass down on the coffee table and grabbed up the bottle of pills and shoved them into Darrick’s hands. 
“Here, you smell them then tell me what you think.” 
Darrick smelled them then shrugged, “What would you expect, they’re made out of pigs thyroid, after all.” 
I had just stuck the pill in my mouth, but now I tried to cough it up. It was small enough that I swallowed it instead. “They are what?” 
Mom gave Darrick an exasperated look. “Well played, Darrick. Well played. Since when has your timing become so exceptional?” 
“I got her to swallow it, right?” Darrick handed the bottle of pills back to me. “Have fun sis.” And then he sauntered toward the dinning room. 
“Oh, so he was just joking?” Bummer, I hate it when I give him such a good reaction when he’s just pulling my leg. 
“Well, no, he was actually being serious.” Mom pointed her finger at me. “And you, young lady, are not going to get dramatic about it.” 
I gulped. “Me? Dramatic? I never.” 
“Well good. Let’s go into breakfast then.” Mom looked at her phone. “Oh wait. You’re supposed to wait thirty minutes before you eat or drink anything.” 
“Alrighty then.” I knew better than to ask if she was being serious. It occurred to me for the first time that Mom who was so used to being in control of everything was feeling a little bit out of her element with me being so tired and her not knowing what to do about it. 

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