Question: Who Would You Invite… Fictional

(This post was written on April 25th, at the airport, waiting to fly to Europe!) 

This totally amazing (and pretty much impossible to answer) question is from Rebecca Rash. I’m going to cheat, y’all. Just plain cheat. Instead of answering it all as one question, I’m going to go through and pick eight people for each category. I know, totally not fair. 🙂 

And here the question is:
 If you could only invite 8 people to a tea party, who would you invite and why? (the people could be absolutely anyone, fictional, real, dead, alive, a book character, a historical figure etc…)

Alright, for this post we’ll start off with: 


1. Jacy Craig 

2. Haden Craig

3. Ben Erwin 

4. The Wise Woman 

Folks! This is hard. Especially while sitting in an airport with a lot of good conversations going on around me. Y’all really need to look up the books that I’m linking to, because they are totally amazing books. And these aren’t necessarily my favorite characters or books, just the ones I’ve always wanted to meet. Oh, and these aren’t in any particular order, either.

5. Princess Rosewyn   

6. Mr. Travella

7. Krea 

8. Judah Erwin 

As soon as I’m on the plane without wifi, I’ll probably think up a whole new set of people who I’d have said instead. Seriously. This. Is. HARD. That took me way to long. Way, way to long. And, if you look at the books, you’ll notice that all of them except Mr. Travella are just from two different authors. So, I guess you can tell that I really like those authors. 🙂

And yes, I realize that most of those people would be utterly uncomfortable at a tea party. In fact, probably only The Wise Woman, Krea and Princess Rosewyn would have any clue with how to act. Sorry, folks!

If I could only pick one of those people I would have picked The Wise Woman.

What about you? If you could have eight fictional people over, who would they be? 

4 thoughts on “Question: Who Would You Invite… Fictional

  1. Anonymous says:

    Loved that! Very fun – I like how you picked people who wouldn't be comfortable. All the more interesting of a tea party! 😉 LoL Now if it could only come true! I need to read some of these books. 😀



  2. David Mabe says:

    That would be a difficult question to answer, whether you're sitting in an airport with a lot of good conversations going on around you or sitting in the quiet of your room. I read a lot of fantasy type stories. If I were going for fictional characters, I'd definitely want from Princess Bride(one of the most awesome stories and movies of all time) Wesley, Buttercup, Fezzik, and Inigo. From other various works, Bilbo Baggins, Arthur Pendragon, Merlin, and Guinevere(I love Arthurian legend). As for real people, it would be Rich Mullins, Leonard Ravenhill, AW Tozer, George Mueller, JRR Tolkien, CS Lewis, Charles Spurgeon, and Martin Luther. Then I have an alternate list of musicians. Rich Mullins(He made both lists), Dallas Holm, John Lennon(Just to make it clear, I don't agree with anything theologically, but he was still a brilliant mind. A shame he never surrendered it to God), Buddy Holly, Roy Orbison, Hank Williams(Senior that is. Never have really like Hank Jr.), Brian Wilson(he's still alive, but I doubt it would ever happen), and Elvis Presley.


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