At My Adopted Parents

Today I’m at my adopted parents house, working on a book. We have a busy and long day ahead of us! One of my younger sisters came along to hang out with us.

It’s really cold here. And there’s snow. It’s beautiful. I went with my adopted dad to feed Cowboy today and just about froze my toes off. It was good though. I love shadowing my adopted parents around!

Yesterday Mariah (my sister), and I got here in the afternoon, and my adopted parents did get home from the Museum until around six hours later. Mariah and I had fun hanging out in the meantime. After around two weeks of company, a quiet house was relaxing. 😉

Tomorrow is Sunday, so I won’t be on the Internet at all. I did schedule a post for tomorrow though cause I had an extra one, so y’all can check it out. 😉

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