Recording and Flying

This past week. Wow. Yes. It’s been that crazy and busy. I started packing exactly twelve hours ago at 11:07 pm (I wasn’t planning on saying that, but when I looked at my clock, I couldn’t resist!), and now I’m sitting in the airport.

Let me back up though:

Alright, so you know how I said I’d been working on my audio book all of last week? Well, when my dad got home from his business trip, he listened to some of the book. I was quite relieved to hear he really liked what he listened to. Then he informed me that we had a better mic and recording equipment that I didn’t know about. And maybe, just maybe I would want to re-record it? Actually, he was a bit more persuasive than that, but I agreed with him. (Cue freak-out session on my part.)

My view while cutting grass. I would have liked to cut grass for hours and hours! 

That was Monday. So… I spent several hours baking for a retreat I’m going to be missing next week, cut grass for an hour and a half and then after supper I began reading. And I read until my voice was all groggy and wouldn’t work any more. At that time, I began working on editing the audios.

On Tuesday I was up and at it again. Recording. Editing. Mixing. Thankfully, I’ll be able to use most of the music and sound effects that I worked on all of last week, I’ll just have to change it around a bit. It’s quite nice though to know the whole week wasn’t wasted.

Tuesday late afternoon was spent cooking. Rachel, one of my co-workers who’s worked at our retreat for the past eight or so years, is moving out of state, so yesterday was her last day. We had a going away dinner for her, which I had fun preparing. 

After we were done with the going away dinner we sat around for a while, talking. Then I headed back to do more recording. Oh, and to put this in perspective as to how crazy this all was, it was now about 8:00 Tuesday evening, and we had to leave the house at 8:30 Wednesday morning to drive two hours to the airport, which is where I’m currently sitting.

I finally started packing a little after 11:00, which I mentioned earlier. Thankfully, my younger sister, Mariah, had washed my laundry for me so I could have clean clothes. After packing and finishing up some odds and ends, I went to bed around 12:40…this morning I guess. I had so much going through my mind though, that it took me a while to get to sleep.

Me recording. Yeah, weird picture, but it’s the only one I have, since generally I’m recording alone.
(My sister, Johanna, wanted to watch me and took this picture.)

At 5:15 this morning, I was up and getting ready to work on editing the audio again. My first choice was to get it finished before I left, but with re-doing the audio, that wasn’t going to happen. So my second plan was to get all the audio done, which meant I needed to do all the editing, too, just to make sure nothing needed re-done. I got all the audio edited, re-listened to about half of it and ran out of time. Then I went and re-recorded the few sentences I had messed up on, and it was basically time to leave for the airport, although I did get to grab a little bite to eat first.

So, yeah, that’s what I’ve been up to. Except, I didn’t tell where I’m going, did I? We four girls (my sisters, Helena, Johanna, Mariah and I) are going to GA to visit some friends of ours. They are business associates of ours. We’ve been involved with their church through podcasts, and several of my sisters have been sending the church staff cookies and notes and those kinds of things. We’re really looking forward to actually meeting everyone who goes to the church and getting to spend a Sunday there. The church was a huge blessing to us earlier this year when we were looking for a new church, and continues to be even now, after we have a church we’re going to.

On Monday my three sisters are flying back home, and I’m flying to the Creation Museum, where I’m going to spend the week with my adopted parents. It will be really good, because I have some research I need to do on our second Creation Quest book, plus a bunch of brainstorming to do with my adopted parents. Besides, I just love spending time with them, so even if I didn’t have any other reason to be there, I’d still be thrilled! 

The sky. It was stunning. Again, taken while cutting grass. 

That’s just a brief overview, but it will have to do for now. It feels good to finally have some time to sit down and post. =) What have y’all been up to? Isn’t this weather beautiful! I like rainy days so incredibly much!

{Note: I’ve been updating my Google+ recently, so you might enjoy checking it out. }

2 thoughts on “Recording and Flying

  1. Sarah Rudolph says:

    Have fun! Really!

    I'm not near as busy as you are, but I did get a lot done today at work and now am enjoying holding Katrina, who is filling my life with slobbery smiles and warm hugs!

    That food looks good!



  2. Anonymous says:

    Hey! You look like you've been having a blast! I like the audiobook picture. That's so neat you are able to do that. 😀 When can we hear a clip?



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