Cold // Photo Shoot // Whip Cracking

I could hardly wait to get to my computer and type out my story of what I did on Sunday. I couldn’t wait to let y’all know of my cool experience. Well, instead of updating y’all early Monday morning like I had been planning, I had a full-fledged sore throat. I had felt a little niggling in my throat all throughout Sunday, but didn’t really think much of it until about the time I was going to bed. Then I knew it wasn’t going to leave me untouched. So yesterday was spent resting. 
Aren’t autumn skies just the best? And yes, I know autumn hasn’t technically started yet…
My hope was to bounce awake this morning and spend the day doing a much-needed project at work. That didn’t happen. By last night time my nose was stuffy and my whole head was hurting and I was feeling pretty terrible. Yeah, I know, y’all are probably like “Spare us the details!” But this is how my mind works, the past two days I’ve been telling myself “I need to have a character who has a cold. That way I can feel like I’m actually accomplishing something!” (Meaning this horrible feeling could count as research. Yes, that’s seriously how I work.)
Anyway, I’m taking today as a rest day as well, because I really need to get to work tomorrow. And for all y’all wondering, this doesn’t seem like a normal cold, it feels worse. But yes, I’m pretty much a baby when I get colds. I hate them. I don’t have time to be sick this month! I’m really, really, really planning and hoping and praying that I kick it today. That means I’m taking vitamin C, some other things that my mom gave me, lemon/honey water and garlic like you wouldn’t believe. Yeah, spoonfuls of garlic, how yummy!
Oh yeah, so do you want to know what I got to do on Sunday? I went to my adopted parents house where they were doing a photo shoot for their new CD’s cover. They wanted it to be very relaxed and natural looking with just a group of people gathered around, roasting marshmallows, playing instruments and singing, etc… Deb and Marty Minnard, who work at the Creation Museum traveled down to my adopted parents house to do the photo shoot. 

And we seriously all just sat around talking, roasting marshmallows (which it turns out no one was hungry for to begin with, so we just roasted them until they fell off and burnt up, which felt weird), and talked and sang. It was a lot of fun. 
While we were waiting for the photographers to arrive, my adopted dad got out his whip and was cracking it. I asked him if he would teach me how, and he said sure. It was scary at first, because it’s really long and hurts pretty bad if you hit yourself with it; I didn’t do so well to begin with. I decided I really wanted to do it, so I pulled down the sleeves of my sweatshirt and pulled up the hood. Then I went at it with earnestness. And I cracked it. Quite a few times actually. 
And I had purple welts on my leg to prove it. Yeah, seriously. It was well-worth it though and ever so much fun! It was almost addicting. I can hardly wait to practice some more. =) 
What about you? What did you do this Sunday? 

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