3 Days!!!

Me oh me oh me oh my! Three days! That’s just crazy. It feels like time is passing wwwwaaaayyyy to fast! I know, you didn’t expect me to say that, did you? But the countdown is SO much fun! I’m just having the time of my life anticipating the big day.

Three random pictures because I like them and I have Internet on my computer now so I can post them. =)

 Anyway, for today here are three things I’ve been doing to countdown the days:

1. Posting on this blog *nods head*

2. Sending pictures back and forth with my adopted parents (and co-authors of the book). Such as on day 7, I send a picture with seven different things in it, blades of grass for instance, and they send me one as well. My adopted mom likes photography, so her’s are way cooler than mine! I’d wanted to share the pictures with you, but my phone wouldn’t post them. Maybe someday I’ll show a few of my favorites =)

3. Staying busy. Even though I’m loving this countdown, I think in reality I’m a bit nervous (plus extremely excited!) so staying really busy has helped the time pass better/faster. Like, last week I went to Colorado, and this week I went to North Carolina (That does sound busy to you, doesn’t it?)

So, what do y’all do when you’re looking forward to something? Do you count down the days? And what have you been staying busy with?

6 thoughts on “3 Days!!!

  1. Aidyl Ewoh says:

    Yeah, I used to try that, but seriously, I would have no excitement then, even when the event happened. I would much rather be excited and let down than not get excited in the first place. The lead-up is one of my favorite parts of the journey!


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