X is for X-ray

{My A to Z Challenge for 2013 has the cool theme of being chronically ill. It’s going to be fun, so stick around!}
X is for X-ray

Ok, so I know a ultrasound isn’t actually an x-ray (it isn’t, right?), but that’s the closest thing I could come up with. Did you know that people other than pregnant ladies get ultrasounds? I didn’t until the doctor told me (about six years ago) that I needed one on my thyroid. Crazy, right?

So yeah, I’ve had an ultrasound (actually two now) done on my thyroid. It’s kinda weird because you lay in a dark room and then they put some kind of cold, slimly stuff on your neck (which is where the thyroid is located), and then they use a machine thingy and go back and forth over the slimly goo. On a screen like a computer, all these black and white things show up and move around. It looks about like an ultrasound of a baby, only it’s a thyroid instead of the baby, so it’s not nearly as cool. Does that make sense?

Yes, that was probably the most un-medically way to describe something medical, but hey, that’s how it looked to me!

4 thoughts on “X is for X-ray

  1. Anonymous says:

    Yep, I knew that! I bet it was an interesting experience. And you've done good coming up with posts for all the letters! 🙂



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