Daffodils, Hawaii and All Things Nice

 I’m writing this at 4:36 am from a green chair with a red diamond pattern in a hotel room. 
When you read this, I’ll most likely be flying high over some part of the western USA, 
On my way to the lovely state of Hawaii. 
Or at least I assume it’s lovely.
I’ve never been there personally. I had the chance to go years ago, but chose instead to visit my sister and newly born nephew in North Carolina. 
I’m glad that I did, yet I’m eager to see this yet unexplored (to me) state that is part of our country. 
I’ve read/watched so much about WW2 recently (in preparation to get the most from visiting Pearl Harbor) that my mind keeps thinking I’m going to ‘WW2’, not lovely and peaceful Hawaii. Thankfully I have some books on Hawaiian history to read on the flight. 

The aforementioned books, were ordered by me later than the rest of my books, hence them not being gobbled up by me yet. So far I’ve only read one book that deals directly with Hawaiian (not WW2’s Pearl Harbor) history. It was extremely interesting. 

I like traveling in airports/planes. I really do. I’m kinda thinking a ten hour flight might be a little much though. Who know’s, it might actually be what I’ve been longing for all my life and just didn’t realize.
Security, rushing, boarding passes, and ten hour flights included, I’m looking forward to today. 
Oh yes, and my editor got me my latest book to work on (he sent it at 11:50 last night!), so therefore I have that to keep me busy. Not that I wouldn’t have been busy enough any way!
Oh yes, and how do you like my signs of spring? 
Not really the best time to leave my beautiful home, but it will be worth it. 
Have you ever been to Hawaii? If so, what do you think I should do/see/experience? 
Well, even of you who haven’t been there, what would you want to do/see/experience? 

6 thoughts on “Daffodils, Hawaii and All Things Nice

  1. Jessica Greyson says:

    Oh, there are so many beautiful places, I was only briefly on the Island where Pearl Harbor took place but it's gorgeous, fined the hidden place certainly.
    Pineapple of course (ones that are a mix of green and yellow and the little green pointy top things (oh I can't remember what they are called…) they should pull out easily). Also shop at Hilo Hatties, beautiful place to shop, treat yourself at their jewelry counter even if you don't buy the jewelry the pearl makes a lovely memory especially in a jar of shells and sand that your bring home…if you do that is…. (pick the blue one when they offer you a coupon @ Hilo Hatties, you'll know what I mean if you go there.) OH!!!! and if you are into natural soaps and lotions, you should check out the Island Soap and Candle works. http://www.islandsoap.com/ (the best place to get then is usually Walmart, though not always. Oh, also if you plan on getting chocolate covered macadamia nuts get those at Walmart too…) you usually can get a BIG case for a lot less then well touristy shops. ABC stores are fun and FIND a FARMERS MARKET!!!! I kid you not best place to buy jewelry…at least the ones on the big island and Kawaii are, and you can find all kinds of fun things to try there, too. Smell the Plumaria (my favorite flower there, gorgeous little white and yellow or pink such pretty pink flowers). Oh, and if you get a sarong, not only do they make great beach cover ups but they make great purses too if you tie them together at the corners (this can be great for shopping at farmers markets or just running around, fold it in half before tying it together for a smaller bag. Seriously it's just fun.)

    Okay now that I've babbled on far too much, I hope you have a LOVELY time and that you enjoy the perfectly lovely weather while I sigh here and watch the snow fall…still.

    God Bless and enjoy that sun!


  2. Aidyl Ewoh says:

    Aww, thanks for so many good ideas, Jessica! Sounds like you have quite good memories of being here. I'll totally keep those things in mind. Wow, I can't wait to see what memories I collect!


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