101 Things



So, earlier this week I wrote out a list ‘of amazing things I’ve done’, since that’s one of those goals I have on my 21 Before 21 list. Some of these things doubtlessly won’t seem ‘amazing’ to you, but they’re amazing for me, and that’s what counts. {Ok, and some of I ‘experienced, instead of ‘did’}
Also, a few of the things just have ‘blank’ lines. That’s because on my personal list they’re filled out, but I didn’t want to share them. 😉

So, have fun reading, and if you want, leave a comment with some of the amazing things you’ve done! {Oh yes, the numbers in the parentheses are what ages I was when I did the certain thing.}

1. Went to a drive-in movie
2. Stayed in a tepee
3. Went camping with my family
4. Went camping with David, Logan and Helena *Siblings* for my 18th birthday
5. Went tubing (you know, being pulled behind a boat on a inter-tube)
6. Was a flower girl in my sister’s wedding (8)
7. Getting to hold my newborn siblings when they were only hours old
8. Staying the night with my sister when I was little and she was in college (7)
9. Going out with my brother to eat for my 11th birthday
10. Going to the Bahama’s (14)
11. Swimming with dolphins (14)
12. Staying at the Ritz Carlton in Cancun (18)
13.Going to Cancun {Mexico} (18)
14. Swimming in the ocean (Many times)
15. Going to Los Cabos{Mexico} (13)


16. Going to AZ (15)
17. Staying at Pelican Hill (in CA) (19)
18. Seeing the Redwood Forest (20)
19. Having a surprise birthday party (11)
20. Went to Canada on a road trip with my family (9)
21. Got to stay in a tent just several hundred yards away from the St. Lawrence Seaway, within sight of Prince Edward Island (9)
22. Going to Prince Edward Island (9)
23. Seeing Green Gables and walking through the house (9)
24. Seeing the stage production of Anne of Green Gables on Prince Edward Island (9)


25. Staying in Quebec (9)
26. Getting to watch street-performers in Quebec (9)
27. Getting to see a real palace with real guards with the tall black hats (9)
28. Getting to go to an art class where I pained a scene where a girl is running in the sand (9)
29. Seeing Niagara Falls (9 & 15)
30. Going to Peru, South America with my family for five weeks (15)
31. Having the plane land with guards with machine guns lining the runway (15)
32. Being stranded in the airport because of a strike (15)
33. Eating guinea pig (15)
34. Bargaining in the Peruvian Market places
35. Going to Florida several times each year for the past five years
36. Visiting Gator Land (17?)
37. Picking fresh oranges in a grove and eating one right there (20)
38. Going to Medieval Times in Florida (19)
39. Spending a month in Florida (19)
40. Going to Cuzco, Peru (18)
41. Spending two months in South America (18)
42. Teaching school to three children for a month (18) {My nieces and nephews}


43. Living in a adobe house (18)
44. Busing over 15,000 foot passes (18)
45. Having a 40 minute layover in Columbia be stretched to 12+ hours {a country I’ve always wanted to visit} (18)
46. Traveling out of the country with two other girls (18)
47. Staying in a place that had wild parrots flying overhead (18)
48. Cleaning my laundry by stomping on it (18)
49. Staying in Peru’s equivalent of the ‘Wild West’ of the USA (18)
50. Seeing sacks filled with stones that had gold mixed in from the mines (18)
51. Going to the world’s largest water park (water fountains) in Lima, Peru (18)
52. Eating Cow Intestine Sandwiches (18)
53. Seeing tons of fireworks going off all over Lima Peru at midnight, Dec. 25th (18) 


54. Staying up all night (14)
55. Going to a John Maxwell Conference (17)
56. Becoming a John Maxwell Coach (18)
57. Writing a sample book that John Maxwell read (19)
58. Getting to meet Tim Tebow and listening to him and John Maxwell speaking (19)
59. Going to A Day About Books {Conference} by John Maxwell (19)
60. Going to Washington DC (12?)
61. Going to the Smithsonian
62. Going to around 20 of the states (although a few of them I just stopped by in)
63. Traveling four months in one year (17-18)
64. Doing Haying
65. Having a ‘perfect’ kidding season (19)
66. Getting a puppy {lifelong dream} (16)
67. Being snowed in with three feet of snow (10)
68. Starting writing the first ‘book’ that I ever ended up finishing (14)
69. Completing my first ‘book’ (15)
70. Getting an editor (18)
71. Getting my first book published (finished the day before I turned 19)
72. Getting my first book e-book published (19)
73. Going to a AIG conference in New York (15)
74. Going to a Buddy Davis concert (15)
75. Getting to go to the Creation Museum (first time, 14 – many times since then)


76. Getting to stay at the Museum for several days (19&20)
77. Co-authoring kids creation books with Buddy Davis
78. Getting to see a movie made (19 & 20)
79. Getting to be in a studio when a CD is being made (17?)
80. Starting a blog (19)
81. Taking part and completing NaNoWriMo (20)
82. ____ _____ ___ ___ ____
83. _____ ______ ____ ___
84. Going to a Missions Conference and meeting lots of amazing people (17)
85. Getting my first endorsement written for one of my books (20…today!)
86. Being my dad’s assistant in a magic show in front of 100+ people (18)
87. Cooking for a group of around 45 people for three+ days {With some help, but I was in charge} (19)
88. _____ _____ _______ _______
89. Planning European meals and then being in charge of the kitchen for serving around fifteen or twenty people for three days (20)
90. Writing every day for the last 150 days
91. Living in a barn
92. Tasting alligator
93. Making a frame of dried butterflies
94. Catching (life) butterflies with my hands


95. Building amazing ‘villages’ in the sandbox
96. Exploring and playing in the creek for hours
97. Building islands in our creek
98. Reading 18 chapter books in one week {when I was sick} (18)
99. Having a vacation in WV with my family {some of the best memories ever!} (17)
100. _____ ______ _______ ______.
101. Finding out what Word Wars are and having my writing volume take off (20)

6 thoughts on “101 Things

  1. Anonymous says:

    You went to Prince Edwards Island??? Oh, dream of mine. And South America. These make my “things” seem kind of dull – but am so excited you got to do all this! So many things I would have loved to be in your pocket for. 🙂
    Me….a few would be…publishing a book, having a old war veteran write me about my book to tell me how to first story affected him, going to Door County with family….being born again! (through repentance in Christ, the only way! :)….putting on a mini concert of my own songs….taking hunter safety…doing two years of nano and completing…nothing too amazing, but special to me anyway!
    Great post — you put a lot of time into it! 🙂



  2. Sarah Rudolph says:

    Neat! Wow that would be SO neat being at Prince Edward Island and seeing the house Anne lived in!
    Some neat things I've done… Knowing God, Snorkeling and walking around an Island that only 3 people lived on, Living in another country besides US for five years, traveling half way around the world with my next older sister,… Hopefully 'going to Africa' will be on the list soon…

    Love this blog totally!



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