12 Months

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September: Sweater weather, brilliant skies, leaves begin to change, curling up with a blanket, apple cider, candles

October: Cool nights, scarfs, breath-taking colors, campfires, falling leaves, pots of chili simmering away on the stove
November: Gray skies, first flurries of snow, family togetherness, Thanksgiving, warm suppers

December: Jolly music, baking cookies, dancing around the house, secret gifts, Christmas
January: Snow angels, early nights, hot chocolate, quiet family evenings 
February: Hurrying to finish projects before warmer weather, cozy barns, being snowed in, sledding, crisp star-filled nights
March: Kidding season for goats, basically living in the barn, sleepless nights, first signs of spring, mud

April: Daffodils blooming, not being able to figure out if it’s hot or cold, rain, rain, rain, beauty, pastel colors everywhere
May: Barefoot time, greenness, cutting grass, creek-walking, creepy-crawly creatures, working in the garden

June: More grass cutting, laying outside looking at the sky, haying time, weeding, babies around the farm growing up

July: Heat, salads and sandwiches, butterflies, picnics, bike rides, weeding, weeding, weeding, swimming, washing feet up before bed

August: Hiding out in the cool house with a book, harvesting from the garden, trying to 
stay cool, cutting grass, school 
{All pictures in this post taken by my ‘adopted’ mom}
My, I live in one of the most beautiful places ever… And the seasons… I’m so glad we have seasons where I live! So, what is you favorite month? What do you think my favorite is? =)

7 thoughts on “12 Months

  1. Sierra says:

    Oh wow I just loved this post! Especially the first three pictures and the last three 🙂 But really that first one made me go into “longing for fall really badly” mode 😛 I know which one, it's the same one as me *grins* Sierra
    Keep growing beautiful!


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