Our Writing Contest Winners!

Hey Everyone! 
I’m happy to announce that all the entries for the writing contest have come in, and after reading through them, I’ve chosen my favorite three to be our contestants. 
Now YOU will get to choose between them! 
Here are little bios they wrote about themselves and the story they summited. 
I’ll start posting the stories tomorrow, then it’s up to you to vote!

I’m 14 and a Christian. I’m an amateur writer, I’m a beginner at guitar and am the oldest of five kids (one brother, 3 sisters). I like stories from the old west. (That’s what my short story is based on.) I’ve got the best family in the world, and I like to blog:-) 
You can find my regular blog here, and my blog that’s all about books here
Hi! My name is Laura Ashley C., and I’m 13 and I’ve been homeschooled all my life. My family moved from Houston to the country 3 years ago, and we raise all kinds of animals that I love. I want to be a pediatric nurse and a writer. I LOVE reading, baking, writing stories, and acting. My favorite school subjects are Language Arts and Social Studies. I have a blog herewhere I post about stories, recipes, writing tips, and fun places to go!
Hi everyone! I’m Natalya! You may remember me from Aidyl’s interview of me, which you can find here. I wrote this story because I know some people who are persecuted in other countries. The “soldiers” are not actual militaries in the countries. They are soldiers of “jihad” Muslim holy war. She’s not in prison, she’s kidnaped in a house, just to clarify. I hope you like story everyone! 🙂

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