The Family

Hey everyone! I figured that since it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything about my books that are published I’d give them the stage for today. I’m not sure if I’ve actually ever had all three of them on at the same time so it’s kinda like having a family reunion. I’d be delighted to hear which book looks the most interesting to you. Enjoy! 
Action Kids’ Club:

Twelve-year-old Olivia Hall’s dream of a friends’ club ends when she finds out her family is moving. Her parents assure her it’s a good thing, opening a new world of possibilities for the Halls, but going from ‘miss popular’ to ‘the new girl’ won’t be easy, and Olivia is not convinced. 

Soon she begins to realize that although her life has suddenly changed, there’s plenty of adventure to keep her on her toes. From making new friends at Forward Focus, to hanging out at the world-renowned Kids Zone, to meeting the curious head chef, she discovers that there’s much more to life – and her new surroundings – than she ever imagined. How will she make the most of these new opportunities? Or will she let them slip away? 

Action Kids’ Club will entertain both boys and girls as they learn success principles in a fun and interesting setting.

* * * 
Buddy Davis’ Cool Critters of the Ice Age 

Meet 17 strange & unusual animals: 

– The size of a car!
– Antlers over 12 feet long!
– “Monster-sized” in North and South America!

There is a lot to learn about life during the great Ice Age. Was the ice everywhere? How did these animals live? With interesting facts about glaciers, land bridges, these animals, and more – you will see an amazing world emerge from the cold and distant past! Don’t forget your coat as you step back in time to discover why the Ice Age happened and what the Bible reveals about it!

An exciting Ice Age exploration led by popular adventurer Buddy Davis!

* * * 
Cave Secrets of the Pterodactyl 
Strap on your headlamp and sling on your backpack for a great adventure deep inside a perilous cave. The adventure follows explorer Buddy Davis as he searches the inky darkness of a limestone cave for evidence that men and dinosaurs walked the earth together. Along the way, you will learn a pile of truths from God’s Word as young Lydia Davis and her family teach others about the Creator and Savior … and have a few adventures of their own. You can trust the Bible, and you will find many good reasons to do so as you join in the mystery. And be careful not to slip on that rock! How would you get out of the cave with a broken leg?

Ice Age Book =)

Back in January when the wind was blowing strong and the temperatures dropped into the minuses, I braved the cold to hang out at my adopted* parents house and write a book about (what else?) the Ice Age.

Actually, it’s about the animals of the Ice Age. I learned so crazy much during the week. My lovely parents had already done all the research for the book and it was my job to help decide how to tell the story. Plus of course I threw in my cool (< haha) little ideas about the book having a cave bear showing up throughout the book and doing things like drinking hot chocolate. (Really, you’ll just have to read the book for yourself when it’s released…)

All work and no play? No, never! 🙂 

Believe me, people, there were some crazy animals during the Ice Age. Armadillo-like creatures the size of a small car? Yep. Wooly Mammoths found standing upright? Not even kidding. Saber tooth tigers? Those things freaked me out as a child, much the same way as monsters do the average kid. But they were real. 
So, why am I brining up the subject of the book today? Of course it could be just because I’m a random little thing. Or maybe I couldn’t think of anything to post today. Or maybe it’s really hot here today and I’m trying to forget about the heat by talking about the Ice Age. Or maybe…

WE SIGNED THE CONTRACT FOR OUR ICE AGE BOOK THIS WEEK. Um yeah, I think that just might be the reason. Can y’all believe it? I’m so excited! (And goodness, aren’t I good at not telling the news until I’m allowed to?)

So, who’s publishing it? Master Books, which is a part of New Leaf Publishing and also the world’s largest creation-based publisher. Master Books has been around since 1975 and has published a lot of Answers in Genesis books. I’m so very happy about this!

I can’t hardly wait to share the title and the cover of the book with y’all. The book is supposed to be released sometime next year, but we’re not sure about the exact dates yet. My dad did the illustrations for the book and they’re really cute! Here’s one, just to kinda tide you over until I have more I’m able to share with you. 😉

*I’m dropping the ‘adopted’ for the rest of the post. 🙂