When Life Hands You Lymes

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I fought a hard battle with Lyme disease from the time I was 14 until I was in my twenties. A lot of people don’t know what Lyme disease is, so if you have any questions regarding the disease, I’d be happy to try and answer them.


Back at the very beginning of 2014 I decided to write my long-planned fictional book, When Life Hands You Lymes, based slightly on my own experiences. Knowing it would be a difficult process I began posting segments on Noveltea every Friday to help keep me accountable.

I posted the very last segment on September 25th, 2015, 90 weeks after I posted the first one. During that time I only missed one Friday (and posted on a Saturday) and then took a planned break for one Friday right after Christmas. So that means this story, my readers, and I have been on a long journey together. As of November 2016, I’m on the 17th draft of the book and about ready to look for an agent.

The story here is a very, very, very rough draft. The actual book starts in about two years after I start here on the blog, so what y’all are getting is a ton of backstory that I used to help me figure out the characters and then deleted from the real manuscript. Enjoy if you feel so inclined, but remember, you’re getting the roughest of rough writing here!


Part Twenty-Four 
Part Twenty-Five 
Part Twenty-Six 
Part Twenty-Seven
Part Twenty-Eight
Part Twenty-Nine
Part Thirty
Part Thrity-One
Part Thirty-Two 
Part Thirty-Three
Part Thirty-Four
Part Thirty-Five
Part Thirty-Six
Part Thirty-Seven
Part Thirty-Eight 
Part Thirty-Nine
Part Forty 
Part Forty-One
Part Forty-Two
Part Forty-Three
Part Forty-Four 
Part Forty-Five
Part Forty-Six
Part Forty-Seven
Part Forty-Eight
Part Forty-Nine
Part Fifty 
Party Fifty-One

Part Fifty-Two
Party Fifty-Three
Part Fifty-Four
Part Fifty-Five
Part Fifty-Six
Part Fifty-Seven
Part Fifty-Eight
Part Fifty-Nine
Part Sixty
Party Sixty-One
Part Sixty-Two
Part Sixty-Three
Part Sixty-Four
Part Sixty-Five
Part Sixty-Six
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Part Sixty-Seven
Part Sixty-Eight
Part Sixty-Nine
Part Seventy 
Part Seventy-One
Part Seventy-Two
Part Seventy-Three
Part Seventy-Four
Part Seventy-Five
Part Seventy-Six
Part Seventy-Seven
Part Seventy-Eight
Part Seventy-Nine
Part Eighty
Part Eighty-One
Part Eighty-Two
Part Eighty-Three
Part Eighty-Four
Part Eighty-Five
Part Eighty-Six
Part Eighty-Seven
Part Eighty-Eight
Part Eighty-Nine