Goal Recap for 2018

When I was praying about the goals I should set for 2018 at the end of 2017 I felt God prompting me not to make many year-long goals because it was going to be a rather crazy year. I am so thankful for that. I only set seven Year-Long goals and even though I didn’t accomplish all of the goals, it was pretty much perfect.

Year-Long Goals 

1. Write Weekly and Monthly Goals – YES 
2. Fifteen Days of Paleo each month – NO
3. Review All the Books I Read – YES 
4. Finish Echoes and When Life Hands You Lymes – NO
5. Query One – Technically YES, but not exactly how I was meaning 
6. Three Months of Children’s Church – YES {Actually 11 months, so yay}
7. Vlog Once a Week – YES 

Writing weekly and monthly goals was a really great way to assess each month of 2018 and then set goals accordingly. Altogether I had a total of 126 monthly goals, and here’s the breakdown of how I did on them:
101 YES
22 NO
3 Forgotten

And because I like looking back and seeing what each month was spent focusing on, I’m including the monthly goals below.


  1. Edit 7,000 words {YES – plus more}
  2. Prep for Junior Church {YES}
  3. Dorcas’s Wedding {YES}
  4. Car Title Work {YES}
  5. Money-ish Work (figuring some things out) {YES}
  6. Four vlogs {YES}
  7. Walk 20 miles {YES}
  8. Eat Paleo 20 days (my version) {YES}
  9. Bed by 10:30 10 times {YES}
  10. Research Scrivener 2 hours {YES}
  11. Weekly Goals {YES}
  12. Bathroom cleaned once a week {NO – 3/4}
  13. Blog by 9:30 10 times {YES}


  1. Work for HIS 20 Hours (if certain things happened that made the work available – they didn’t, so this goal was void).
  2. Keep track of Coffee Shop Hours – YES
  3. Edit Ten Thousand Words – YES
  4. Help Sarah with the baby – YES
  5. Help Hosanna move – YES
  6. Teach Junior Church each Sunday – YES
  7. Vlog each week – YES
  8. Post by 9:30 15 times – NO {only 14 times}
  9. Walk 22 Miles – YES
  10. Eat Paleo 20 Days – YES
  11. Eat fresh veggies or fruit twice a day for 20 Days – YES
  12. Bed by 10:30 12 Times – YES
  13. Weekly Goals – YES


  1. Help Hosanna settle in – YES
  2. Go to Mission Conference – YES
  3. Edit 10,000 words – NO
  4. Read and Review 4 Books – NO  
  5. Work out at least 4 times a week – NO
  6. THM/Paleo 10 days – YES
  7. Track Coffee Shop Hours – YES
  8. Vlog each week – YES
  9. Spend 5 hours on networking – YES
  10. Mat twice a week when home – YES
  11. Jr. Church prep each week – NO
  12. Credit card research – YES
  13. Track in planner 20 days – NO 
  14. Write to-do list 31 days – NO 
  15. Something special for Helena and Mariah – YES


1. No dairy 15 days – NO
2. A to Z Challenge – Haha. YES, but not the correct way
3. Comment 150 times on A to Z Posts – NO
4. Four books Reviewed – NO
5. Train 15 times – YES
6. Track Coffee Shop Hours – YES
7. Find Theme for Children’s Church – YES
8. Celebrate (things with family) – YES
9. Spend quality time with sisters – YES


1.Deep, deep, deep clean my room {YES}
2. Schedule vlogs before Mexico {YES}
3. Full vacation mode in Mexico – no computer, etc… {YES}
4. Set up library for vlogging, etc… {YES}
5. Thyroid work {YES}
6. Begin new blogging schedule {YES}
7. Write 10 book reviews {YES}
8. Beginning training again for half marathon {No}
9. See Aubrey {YES}
10. Work lots at coffee shop {YES}


1. Strict Paleo for 28 Days – YES {I might have been a day or two off cause of the retreat, but I should have factored that in. I count this as a total win.}
2. Clean Car – YES
3. Huge Week at Retreat Job – YES
4. Track Spending – NO
5. Write 7,000 Words – NO
6. Start Doing Bookstagram Pictures – YES
7. Keep Up with Cutting Grass – YES
8. Take The Rest of my Giveaway Stuff to Goodwill – NO


1.Family Camping Time – YES
2. Prep and teach VBS – YES
3. Mariah’s TN Bridal Shower – YES
4. Order Bridesmaid dress – YES
5. Try on Helena’s Dress – NO 
6. Help Plan Mariah’s Bridal Shower and Bachelorette Party – YES
7. Buy Gifts for Mariah – YES
8. Send adopted parents pages – NO 
9. Visit adopted parents – YES
10. Weed each week – NO 
11. Work on Helena’s Bridal Shower Planning – YES
12. Bethany Publishers Form – YES
13. Bed by 10:30 eight times – YES
14. New Ivy pots – YES
15. Healthy living – NO 


1. Mariah’s Bridal Shower – YES
2. Mariah’s Bachelorette Party – YES
3. Mariah’s Wedding – YES
4. Dress for Helena’s Wedding dress – YES
5. Work on planning Helena’s Bridal Shower – YES
6. 10 sit-ups each day – YES (missed one day)
7. Walk/Run 15 Miles – I don’t remember (oops)
8. Catch up on Emails – I don’t remember (oops)
9. Beta read – YES
10. Alexa’s birthday party – YES
11. Find helper for Children’s Church – YES
12. Bed by 10:30 ten times – I don’t remember (oops)


1. Helena’s Bridal Shower – YES
2. Helena’s Bachelorette weekend – YES
3. 15 Sit-ups a day – YES

1. The wedding = YES
2. Begin editing again = YES
3. Proofread GTW = YES
4. Begin beta reading Dreams = YES
5. 10 Sit-ups a day = YES
6. Begin blogging 3+ times a week again = YES
7. Church Young Adult Retreat = YES
8. Get out winter clothing = YES


1. Walk 20 Miles (bonus 30 miles) – YES & YES
2. Track all money spent – YES
3. Thanksgiving with family – YES
4. Stay with skunk mama – YES
5. Review 4 books – YES
6. Read 3 non-fiction books – YES
7. Cook at Youth Retreat – YES
8. Blog 4 days a week – YES
9. Beta Read twice a week – NO
10. Edit 3 times a week except for last week – NO


1. Answer all my emails/clean out inbox – YES
2. Walk 40 Miles – NO 
3. Focus on quality family time – YES
4. Review 2018 – YES
5. Pray about and set goals for 2019 – YES
6. Finish book reviews for the year – YES
7. 12 Bookish Photos – YES
8. Work on WLHYL 10 days – NO 
9. 15 Blog Posts on Noveltea – YES
10. Christmas, etc… – YES
11. End the Year with a clean car and room – YES
12. Read Within These Lines  – YES

Five Top Highlights from 2017

Edit: Wow, folks. I thought I published this on the second day of December, but apparently, I didn’t hit the final “publish” button. What a bummer! Oh well. Here’s a quick look into 2017. Enjoy!

Happy Twenty-Eighteen, Y’all!

If you’ve been around Noveltea for the beginning of a new year, then you’re probably familiar with the fact that I generally have a gigantic end of the year recap post – and when I say gigantic, I mean 3,00+ words. It’s kinda like a small book. But this year I decided not to do that. (Shocking, right?)

But, before we move fully on to 2018, I did think it would be fun to mention my Top Five Highlights from 2017 – these are loosely in chronological order but not totally. Also, these are just the top five, and I had many, many, many more wonderful things happen during the year.

  1.  We had new neighbors move in who are also co-workers at one of my nonwriting jobs. It’s suddenly like I have two more brothers and even though I wasn’t too hyped about it when I first found out, having them around has turned out to be one of the best things ever (like, for real). They spend a lot of time with our family and we’ve made a bunch of fantastic memories together.
  2. Meeting Kaitlyn in real life. Kaitlyn and I were introduced via email by a mutual friend (who I actually met on this blog) in early 2016 and connected right away. Though the next few months she became a good friend, but then I went through some pretty crazy things and she was there with long emails, thousands of texts, and long video chats. By the time that was over we’d bonded pretty solidly, had tons of inside jokes, and I couldn’t wait to actually get to meet her in person. What ended up making the week we spent together even more wonderful is that Hosanna, Kaitlyn, and I were volunteering together at a retreat. #GoodTimes
  3. Going to Montana with my ‘adopted parents’ in July for a Dinosaur Dig. Goodness folks. I thought I’d enjoy the experience, but I never even imagined I would actually like the process of digging for fossils. I’d heard it was really tedious, but oh my lands. It was one of my favorite things I’ve ever done.
  4. My job. Folks. I’ve wanted to work at a bookstore or food establishment for years. Getting the job at Champman’s Coffee House was a dream come true and has been more fun than I ever imagined – and I have a pretty good imagination. It’s so much fun to get to make delicious food for people who appreciate it, plus getting to know the regulars, making friends, and all that great stuff. Plus, I’ve got a really, really great boss and co-workers, and that makes a world of difference.
  5. All the wonderful time I got to spend with my family and friends. I don’t have a specific date, story, or memory for this one – it’s more a conglomeration of a mosaic of memories from 2017. Camping with my family (and the surroundings – a dream come true for sure), my best friend expecting her second child, late night ice cream runs with my younger siblings and their friends (we need to do this again), growing closer to our church family, random late night video chats with Hosanna, babysitting my niece, becoming friends with Kilmeny, visiting my sister at her house, having my own car so I can go on more random adventures (yes, the car counts as a friend), and the list continues going on and on. IMG_6488

And there you have it folks, a very brief look at this last year of my life. I’m also so thankful for YOU. Seriously, my blog has helped me make so many friends which is delightful – in fact, this year alone I met at least three people who knew me from my blog.  (Crazy, right?) Thank you for all the time you’ve spent being a part of my life. Blessings on this next year of your life – may it be the most creative, comfort zone busting, healthy, God-centered, and loved year you’ve ever experienced.

If you feel so inclined to share some of your highlights from 2017, I’d be delighted to hear them. 🙂