6 Things I’ve Learned From Vlogging

One of my goals for this year is to post a vlog each week.

I didn’t realize back in January how stretching and yet how fun this would be to make sure I had a new vlog filmed, edited, and posted every single week of the year. To say my channel has been a smashing success might be a bit of an overstatement. To say that this goal has been a grand adventure? Well, that’s a little bit more like it.

Screen Shot 2018-11-23 at 4.53.16 PM

Despite the lackluster amount of views that the vlogs have garnered, looking back I see vlogging as one of the highlights of my year. I’ve learned so much. About vlogging. About filming. About books. And mostly about myself. As it turns out, it can be pretty helpful to discover things about yourself.

For instance, as much as I want to be a princess I’m not sure how well that job would suit me. I mean, look at all those lovely facial expressions? The media would be delighted with me for sure. I can just imagine my face looking like that plastered all over magazines in Walmart. I guess it’s a good thing I was born a peasant.

Screen Shot 2018-11-23 at 4.53.53 PM

Also, apparently my family and everyone else I’ve ever met was correct when they said I talk fast. Y’all, like half the time I have to do a re-take just to make sure I’m talking slow enough. But yo, people! Talking fast is fun because then you can have shorter vlogs. #ProblemSolvingLikeAPro

My vocabulary needs help. Yeah, I used to think I had a voluminous vocabulary and Grammarly kinda cheered me on by giving me weekly reports about how many “unique” words I use. But then when I watch my vlogs they’re filled with “phenomenal writing” “fantastic world-building” “gripping storylines” and “stinkin’ excited” types of phrases and I do a lot of facepalming while editing.

Screen Shot 2018-11-23 at 4.53.31 PM

Oh, and folks. I click. Don’t ask me how or why, but there’s a clicking noise I make at the end of about 80% of my sentences. Why, just why? Thank goodness for editing skills.

So okay. <— That, my friends (or a variation) is the way I start 84.2% of my sentences. Talk about a large vocabulary, ya know? So articulate.

Screen Shot 2018-11-23 at 4.53.41 PM

One of the biggest things I’ve learned though is how to prepare ahead of time. Vlogging isn’t something I can just whip out anywhere at any time like a blog post. During weeks when I’m traveling, or when there’s a wedding, or when I have a ton going on, sometimes vlogging just can’t happen. So, thinking ahead, preparing, and getting it done even when it’s hard has been really good for me.

Do you vlog? If so, leave a link with your channel cause I want to check it out!

Cranberry Thanksgiving

Happy Almost-Thanksgiving, folks!

I’ve started a new thing where I’m working at having my vlogs be right at two minutes, I’ll explain my reasoning later, but I’m excited about it! 🙂

Q&A Vlog Coming Up {Ask Your Questions Now}

I was scrolling through pictures on my phone looking for one to go with this post, and somehow I ended up way back at the beginning of September. My first thought was “Well, that was practically yesterday” then I was like “Oh my lands child! How in the world are we already in the eleventh month of the year?” And yet here we are.


This morning I posted on my Instagram Story asking for questions for a Q&A vlog I hope to do soon (possibly tomorrow?) and I received a ton of great questions to ponder. It’s gonna be fun answering all of them!

Of course, I wanted to give y’all a chance to ask any questions you’ve had (about bookish things or lifeish things or writingish things, etc…), so here’s your chance. 🙂 You can leave them in the comments below or email them to me at: aidylewoh@gmail.com

Have a great day, friends!

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Listening To: Christmas music playing downstairs
To Do Today: Clean the house and edit
Thankful For: My sisters!
Question of the Day: Do you have Instagram? Why or why not?  

A Long Over Due Part Two

A lovely (and very cold) October morning to y’all! It’s amazing to me how fast the weather changed. Now instead of putting on short sleeves and still feeling too hot, I’m all cuddled up in turtlenecks and vests and have pulled all my delightful winterish clothing out of my closet – it makes me happy indeed. Although really, if the weather could stay just like this for the next month or so, I’d be totally cool with that.

And now, for part two for video I posted like a month ago… Once you watch it you’ll know why it took me so, so long to figure out what I wanted to say about these books. You can watch part one here.

If any of y’all have read these books or ones like them, I would really be happy to discuss them, cause I’m still confused regarding my thoughts and would like to hear other’s opinions. 😉