Six Year Blogging Anniversary​ – Party and Six-Prize Giveaway!

Yo. Folks. Today is the DAY! Today is the six-year anniversary of when I first started my blog. Pretty epic, right? That, of course, calls for a celebration, and boy did I celebrate!

Not only did I put together a fun giveaway for you folks, I also documented the “behind the scenes” on my Instagram Storyand I made a vlog where I share my story of how I started blogging, and proceed to make fun of myself in hashtags throughout the video.

If y’all ever wanted to see what I’m really like when I’m excited, this video is a pretty good glimpse of what my family and friends live with every day. It’s very unscripted, unpolished (hence the hashtags), and quite random.

Enjoy, and thank you for helping me celebrate!

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September Salutations & Giveaway Winners Announced

Y’all! It’s September! Take a moment to let that glorious news sink in. September and October are by far my most favorite months of the year, and I celebrate the arrival of them with great joy.

I’m sitting here with my window open, wrapped up in a blanket and sweatshirt, a candle is lit next to me, and I’m trying to decide if I start drinking pumpkin-ish drinks and food today, or wait until the official start of Autumn to dive into that treat. (Don’t laugh at me – it’s a quandary to be sure. 😉 )

(If y’all want to see how excited I am about September, and how well my family knows me, this texting exchange with my brother might show you….)


This morning I have the pleasure of announcing the winners to the giveaways I hosted to celebrate the cover reveal for Where Dandelions Grow. (Click here to check it out on Amazon or Goodreads!) The winners of the Rafflecopter giveaway were Elle and Angela, and the winner for the comments game was Zielle. I sent out the giftcards already, so if you’re one of the winners, you should have received your prize.

Other news includes the fact that I now (very happily) have enough pre-reviewers for Where Dandelions Grow. 

I’d be SO delighted if someone else wants to read Where Dandelions Grow – including reading it for early. BUT! In order for that to happen, I’ll need you to buy the book on Amazon. The good news is the book is only $0.99, and if you send me the receipt for your pre-order, then I can email you a file of the book so you don’t have to wait until the release date to read it. Win-win for everyone, right. 🙂

Now back to September! Here’s a list of my favorite things about this fantastically lovely month:

  1. Brilliantly blue skies, puffy clouds, and sweater-weather
  2. A gray canopy over the earth, falling leaves, and brisk rains
  3. The freshness in the air
  4. The patchwork quilt look when gazing over woods
  5. Vibrant colors dancing all around
  6. Soups, stews, and deliciously hot meals
  7. Sipping coffee or tea while wrapped up in a blanket
  8. Autumn-scented candles
  9. The name Molly – for some reason, it’s always felt like an autumn-ish name to me
  10. All the memories I have that take place in autumn
  11. My birthday at the end of the month (although I’m fairly convinced my birthday wouldn’t be nearly as special if it didn’t take place in autumn)
  12. The offical start of autumn!

What are some of your favorite things about this wonderfully fantastic month?

Cover Reveal Party! {For my newest book, Where Dandelions Grow}

Y’all! Today has finally arrived, and I’m quite happy to share the excitement with you. Today is the day I get to share with y’all the cover for Where Dandelions Grow. This cover has me quite thrilled because it combines SO MANY elements of the story, as well as being the type of cover that I think is most beautiful.


Here Whimsy and I are this morning – so excited about the Cover Reveal. Actually Whimsy is like “This is so high and scary and I’m going to hold on tight and please don’t drop me cause I’m freaking out.” But anyway….

Not only am I going to show the cover in just a moment, but I also have a giveaway and games. Because what’s a party without games? And everyone likes giveaways, right? Besides, I’ve been having so much fun with this project and I’m so thankful for y’all who have been joining in with me, so I wanted to get you in on the celebration.

Now without further ado, let me introduce you to the delightful cover:

Where Dandelions Grow v1.21

Giveaway Time

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 Game Time

How to play the game: Answer the questions in the comments, based on the cover. (If you’ve already read the book, you can still answer the questions, you’ll just have an advantage. 😉 ) Some of the questions have correct answers (like #1) and other questions are subjective (like #2).

At the end of this week, I’ll put the name of everyone who commented in a drawing and randomly choose a winner, then send them a $5 Amazon giftcard as the prize.


  1. How many faded items can you find on the front cover? (For example: Puppies, candles, leaves, etc…)
  2.  What season does the cover make you think of?
  3. Name two things you think are in the book, based off the front cover. (For example: Dandelions.)
  4. What is your favorite element of the cover?
  5. What genre does the cover make you think of? (Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Contemporary, Historical, etc…)

Share the Joy!

Y’all, it would be incredibly helpful and make my authorly heart all joyful if you’d mark it as “To-Read” on Goodreads and pre-order it on Amazon. It’s only $0.99 and will deliver directly to your reading device on September 26th! (Which is totally cool! Where else can you get a couple of hours of good entertainment for less than a dollar?)

Another thing you can do is share the cover (and links to this blog post, or the pre-order page on Amazon) on social media. I’d be more than delighted if y’all wanted to use the hashtag #WhereDandelionsGrow or #WDG, or leave links in the comments to where you’ve shared about this cover. (Plus you’ll get more entries in the giveaway above!) I’ll be hanging out on social media throughout today to like and comment and keep the party going. 🙂

Ideas of where to share the cover and/or giveaway:
Emails and Texts to friends.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for celebrating with me! I’m excited about this and so happy I finally get to share the cover with you! I appreciate y’all so much and am thrilled that you’re helping me spread the word. As an author I can’t even tell you how amazing, encouraging, and helpful you are! Keep up the amazing work!

Pre-Order on Amazon Here

Mark “To-Read” on Goodreads Here

Backcover Blurb:


Giveaway Winners Announced!

First of all, Happy Day After Thanksgiving!

I have out-of-state relatives visiting for the rest of the week, so our festivities are continuing. Thanksgiving day was wonderfully delightful with lots of memory-making expereinces. I have lots of little nieces and nephews and having them together is a happy, chaotic experience that is fantastic, albeit a bit crazy at times. (As you can see in the picture below, my one-year-old nephew was excited to try out one of the pumpkin pies before it was even cut….)


So! The giveaway ended at midnight and I was excited to see who the winners were, so of course I had to have Rafflecopter choose them right away. How it works is that the first winner receives the first prize, the second winner receives the second prize, and so on.

Thank you so much to everyone who entered the giveaway! It was fun hosting it for y’all. Also, a huge Thank you to everyone who sponsored it! And, without further ado, the winners are…


And, for your convenience:

Cait is the winner of the $25 Amazon Giftcard, sponsored by Free Bible Music 

Olivia is the winner of the $10 Amazon Giftcard, sponsored by Noveltea 

Rachel is the winner of the $5 Amazon Giftcard, sponsored by Noveltea 

Hannah is the winner of the Go Teen Writers book, sponsored by Stephanie at Go Teen Writers 

Hosanna is the winner of The Sparrow Found a House sponsored by Elisha Press

Linda is the winner of her choice of one of Amanda Tero’s  e-books, sponsored by Amanda

Nicole is the winner of  her choice of one of Amanda Tero’s  e-books, sponsored by Amanda

Heidi is the winner of her choice of any one of the books on my 5-star shelf on Goodreads, sponsored by Noveltea

Kaitlyn is the winner of  The Best of Buddy Davis Music CD, sponsored by Buddy Davis 

Rebecca is the winner of a physical copy of the book, Martha’s Fun Summer, sponsored by Bekah O’Brien 

I hope to email all the winners today. Have a great rest of the day, everyone!

10 Things I’ve Learned About Moving to WordPress

  1. Life would have been a lot more simple if I would have started out on WordPress instead of Blogger. Although, truth be told, there’s a possibility little ol’ me would have given up before I ever started because at one point even Blogger confused me.
  2. Meeting bloggers through Blogger was fun. Meeting bloggers through WordPress makes me feel like a little girl trying to fit in with the big kids. It’s kinda like I’m a tiny-tot reaching up and tugging at the hem of more established WordPress blogger’s shirts, saying “Look, I’m here! Come play with me!”
  3. I don’t know as much about blogging as I thought I did. Yes, I have been blogging for four and a half years. Yes, I have published over 1,200 posts. And yes, I suddenly feel inexperienced and like I have a huge learning curve beckoning to me.
  4. Resources like my WordPress for Dummies book, Pinterest, and other blogs are going to be referenced a lot in the near future. Like, a whole lot of lot.


  5. Although I didn’t feel 100% ready, it’s a good thing I made the leap, because there’s no way I would have ever felt completely okay with moving over. I actually tried about three years ago after a writing conference, and I literally felt like I was losing a friend and eventually gave up.
  6. WordPress feels a lot more professional than Blogger. I feel like I should have shoes and socks on as I type this. And possibly be sitting in a board room. And probably not have my rat and rabbit behind me keeping me company?
  7. My stats dropped way down, and that doesn’t feel good. Not only is it nice having a lot of people read Noveltea, but I feel quite sad about the people who haven’t joined us at my new site.
  8. It sometimes takes faith and perseverance to follow the advice of others. I’ve heard so many times, by professionals and non-professionals alike, that as an author I should move to WordPress. Logically they make sense. Logic doesn’t necessarily make something easy though.
  9. Looking forward to the future helps keep me going. Lord willing it won’t be too long until I’ve figured WordPress out. Hopefully one day in the near future I’ll know how to do things like leave the correct amount of space, change the commenting settings (or even find them, for that matter), and post pictures the way they’re supposed to be.
  10. There’s no reason to panic. At least that’s what they tell me. Thankfully nothing has to be perfect on the first try. It’s not a matter of life and death, or even of putting food on the table. So, I can relax and learn as I go. I’m even allowed to have fun with figuring everything out. And guess what? Despite everything, I have been having fun.

In all reality I’m not discouraged or stressed, BUT, it hasn’t been easy, either. (Haha. Like, that’s an understatement. Just ask anyone who’s helped me….) I’m just gonna drink coffee though (yes, it is decaf, but shhh!) and keep on blogging.


The purpose of this post is for:

a) Those of you who have no clue what it’s like to be formatting challenged

b) Anyone who wants to get a peek behind the scenes in case you’ve seen anything crazy going on here

c) Blogger bloggers who are thinking of moving to WordPress

I’m totally not saying that it isn’t worth it, because I do think it is. It’s just not a walk in the park with daisy on one side of the path and cotton candy on the other. It’s more like a walk through the swamp with leeches on one side of the path and fire breathing dragons on the other. (I exaggerate very slightly for added effect.)

And on that happy note, make sure y’all enter the Rafflecopter Giveaway here (you can enter each day) and pass the word along!

What about you? Have you ever moved from one platform to another? How did it go for you? If you’re a WordPress blogger, what’s the best advice you could give me?

Thank You

Figuring out how to blog on WordPress has been a stretching experience, and I’m still in the middle of the learning process. Today is a lovely frost-covered November experience that will probably find me curled up with a mug of tea, Christmas music, a candle burning, and the WordPress for Dummies book. (Not even kidding, folks.)

In the meantime, thank you so very much for everyone who has supported me with moving Noveltea over to WordPress and my very own website. *cue happiness* All of your comments, follows, and shares mean a lot. Plus those of you who have emailed back and forth with me and helped me figure it out… wow. Thank you. (Especially Kate who I’ve frantically emailed more than once.) Changing platforms has been something I’ve been working up the courage to do for a couple years now, and having finally made the jump is very good, but still scary.


Make sure y’all enter the Rafflecopter giveaway (there are ten prizes, including a $25 Amazon gift card), if you feel so inclined. And, of course I would be beyond thrilled if you follow this new blog and share the word. (Like, imagine me doing little happy dances every time I get a new follower.)

As you can imagine a lot of my writing work is currently focused on this site, and other than a minimal amount of writing, I haven’t really done much else on writing this week. Next week I’m hoping to continue working on my blurb and such for When Life Hands You LymesUntil then, have fun exploring and thank you, once again, for stopping by!