July 2018 in Review

This, my friends, is my attempt to keep July from disappearing from my life in that foggy place titled: "I Don't Really Remember What Happened For A Whole 31 Days." (Actually, let's not kid ourselves, July already lives there and I'm having to pull out photos, Overdrive histories, and emails to try and remember what … Continue reading July 2018 in Review

May 2018 In Review

What I Focused On in May: 1. Quality family time during vacation 2. Deep cleaning my office and library 3. Getting into a rhythm with adding a lot of grass cutting into life again Reading Update: Fiction: 7 Nonfiction: 3 Audiobooks: 2 Book Reviews: 22 Traveling: Nights Gone: 12 New Places Visited: 0 Goals: 1.Deep, … Continue reading May 2018 In Review

April 2018 in Review

What I Focused on in April: 1. Work (Coffee Shop and trying to find balance with writing/blogging/etc...) 2. Family time and church and trying to stay healthy 3. The A to Z Challenge Reading Update Fiction: 6 Nonfiction: 1 Audiobooks: 3 Traveling: Nights Gone: 3 New Places: 0 Goals: 1. No dairy 15 days - … Continue reading April 2018 in Review