Designed with Creativity {By Bekah}

Hello, everyone! My name is Bekah and I am so excited to have been invited to guest post on Noveltea! I have so enjoyed getting to know Lydia over the past few years through her blog and emailing with her quite a bit. Noveltea is definitely one of my favorite go-to blogs.


One of my favorite things to talk with Lydia about is our writing projects. I absolutely love writing. There’s something unique about creating a story from your imagination. It’s so much fun to think that out of the hundreds of writers out in the world, even if we have similar writing ideas we will both tell the story completely different because our wonderful Creator, God, made us all individual and unique. No one tells a story the exact same way.

Someone might give their characters the exact same names and they might live in the very same city, state, country, etc., but I can guarantee you that both of their stories will turn out differently because they think through different scenarios differently, they describe scenes in a way that is original to them. I truly love tasting everyone’s unique writing styles. (Now, the chances of you naming every single one of your characters the same as another writer’s and having them live in the exact same state, city, etc. is highly unlikely, but you get my point. )

I read Lydia’s book, “Where Dandelions Grow” back in September. (The book is really good, by the way. You should definitely read it. 😉 ) Anyway, Lydia does an excellent job of painting the story in a beautiful array of colors and you can nearly see every single scene and you wish you were right there walking alongside the main character. She has her own unique way of telling a story.

Since March of 2014 I have enjoyed writing children’s chapter books for children and I have so enjoyed delving into the lives of each of my characters. Even though I have only one main character named Martha Knight, I have had so much fun immersing myself in the differing personalities of Martha’s six younger siblings and friends. I’m so thankful that God created me with a love for words and how I can string them together in a fun way that hopefully makes for an interesting story. I get to pour some of myself in my characters and I challenge myself to think outside the box. “How should this character react in this scenario?”

Creativity is definitely not only sectioned off to the writers. Whether you draw, write, knit, crotchet, enjoy calligraphy (<<Something I really admire and love watching!), play piano, sew–whatever you do, you bring your own artistic tastes to that project/hobby/ministry.

1 Corinthians 10:31 states:

“Therefore, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.” 

(Scripture taken from the New King James Version®. Copyright © 1982 by Thomas Nelson. Used by permission. All rights reserved.)

So, may I encourage you in everything that you do, to glorify God and embrace the unique way you do things. God gave each and every one of us creativity in many different areas, so may we use it to His glory!

Thank you once again, Lydia, for having me on Noveltea. It was a pure joy and pleasure. I had so much fun!

Author Bio:

Bekah is a young lady in her twenties and her desire in life is to honor the Lord Jesus Christ in all that she says and all that she does. She loves to write, play piano, read, play with her siblings, and study her Bible.

Since she was a young girl she’s loved to write and God has given her a passion to write books that young children can read that are clean and honoring to the Lord. She blogs over at Bekah’s Books and she started the blog because she wanted to share her journey as God’s child and a writer with anybody who read it.

A Special Guest Post – Featuring Award Winning Author, Alana Terry

Hey y’all! I’ve come to the conclusion that when you’re digging for fossils in Montana and not finding anything, time passes rather slowly. But, when you’re digging for fossils in Montana and you do find something, well? Then time seems to move along quite rapidly. I’ve been putting together a vlog of the trip, and plan to post part one either later on today or tomorrow. In the meantime, I’ve got a special post for y’all.

Do you remember me talking about Alana Terry’s books? I think the first time I mentioned her on Noveltea was during my “Top 5 Book Releases from 2017” vlog. (I might have gushed about her writing a bit on the vlog because her writing is amazing and you should totally buy her books….)

Miss Alana is currently doing a special sale for a very special reason on some of her books, and therefore graciously agreed to guest post on Noveltea. So, without further ado, I’ll hand the post over to Miss Alana.


We all have different passions. Maybe yours is spending time with your family or working on a craft you love or encouraging others or growing your business.

One of my passions is prayer — growing in my own prayer life and hopefully encouraging others to deepen theirs. That calling and desire comes through in the prayer guides I’ve made, the blog posts I write, and the Prevailing Prayer Podcast I put out with my co-host Jaime.

Part of this “prayer passion” of mine is interceding for persecuted believers. This prayer burden began back when I was a teen. At that point, I started studying Christian persecution around the globe, and one country stood out the most — North Korea, which has been ranked the worst persecutor of Christians for over a decade in the Open Doors
watchdog list.

One of the most exciting things that’s ever happened to me is when God took my prayer burden for persecuted believers and my love for writing fiction and allowed me to publish my first novel about Christian persecution in North Korea. Since then, in addition to my multi-award-winning North Korea series, I’ve published seven books so far in the Kennedy Stern Christian suspense series, and the exciting news is the first three are on sale in a 3-in-1 book bundle. You can get one convenient ebook with all three novels for just 99 cents, available for the low price on all platforms, not just amazon.


If that wasn’t exciting enough, the entire 99-cent sale revolves around a fundraiser with Liberty in North Korea, an organization that runs an underground railroad for North Korean refugees. A portion of all book sales from the bundle will be donated to LiNK. Our goal (and I’d love your prayers that we could hit it!) is to sell 10,000 copies of this ebook, which would lead to $3,000 for LiNK (the amount it costs to rescue one refugee on their underground railroad).

How can you help a North Korean refugee find freedom and safety?

Buy the 99-cent Christian suspense book bundle to help raise funds for North Korean refugees!

In addition to raising money for LiNK, you’ll receive 3 full-length novels that tell the story of Kennedy Stern, a missionary kid who arrives back in the States completely unprepared for her first year at Harvard University.

Confronted with questions of underage abortion, plagued by a stalker and paralyzing PTSD flashbacks, and eventually caught in the center of a police brutality scandal, Kennedy has experienced it all …

And you can too with 3-books-in-1 box set … on sale for 99 cents through Sunday night.

Happy reading to you!

Alana Terry, Women of Faith Award-Winning Novelist

The special price and the chance to raise $3,000 to rescue a North Korean refugee ends Sunday at midnight, so grab your copy today and ask your reading friends to do the same!