Using Hashtags to Become Part of a Bookish Community Online

I was a bookworm long before I even knew what a bookworm was.
Or what the Internet was.
Or what a hashtag was.
Actually, I’ve been reading (or at least paging through books) for at least a decade longer than hashtags have even been around.
So, yeah.

I guess it’s not really that surprising that a good portion of my bookish world was developed before I became part of the online bookish community. And that’s probably one of the reasons I enjoy it so much now – because when I entered the bookworm community online my world of reading was suddenly burst wide open.

Now you’re obviously at least somewhat a part of the online bookish community because you’re here on my very book (and writing) focused blog, but in case you haven’t delved into the true treasure trove of learning about books from social media, I’m here to enlighten you.

Hashtags, folks. They work wonders. 

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I mainly hang out on blogs, Instagram, and Youtube, but I’m fairly sure these hashtags will work across the board, so take the information, explore, and watch your bookish world explode.

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There are any number of combos you can use… #Bookstagram #ChristianFiction #BookForDays #Bookshelfie #BooksToRead #ChristianNonfiction #WW2Books #WinterReads #HistoricalFiction

Just choose a facet of reading that interests you, start hashtagging away, and you’ll soon be making new friends, feeling inspiration take over, and have a load of recommendations so large that you’ll never run out of quality content to read.

My Instagram feed is full of people who have wonderful bookish tastes, are artistic, and will fangirl like a pro so that more people can learn about their favorite authors and top reads of the year. In fact, my personal Instagram can pretty much be described that way as well. Social media, to me, is a place where I can shout about books from the rooftops without having to worry about bothering anyone. (I mean, because if it does bother someone, they can simply mute me.)

Learning about books through the usage of hashtags and social media was one of the greatest discoveries in my bookish existence and I’ll forever be thankful for the tool it is. So have fun hashtagging away!

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Question of the Day: What’s your favorite hashtag? 

Bringing Bookstagram to Noveltea (Or Something Like That Anyway…)

Y’all, today I decided to do something different: I’m posting my book review along with pictures of said book from my Instagram account. Yeah – it’s like a whole new element’s been added to the book reviewing deal. 😉 I hope y’all enjoy it and that it livens the book reviews up a bit.

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Find the book on: Amazon and Goodreads
Pages: 224
Publisher: Chosen Books
Release Date: October 16, 2018
Title: Winning the Battle for Your Mind, Will and Emotions
Author: Robert Hotchkin


The most important battle you face is the battle for your mind, will, and emotions. Why? Because it greatly determines how much of God and his kingdom you will experience while you’re on earth. The thoughts we entertain, the words we speak, and the choices we make shape and influence not only our reality, but all of creation.

The enemy loves to highlight our temporary challenges; poke at our feelings and stir up fear, frustration, doubt, and self-pity; and get us mired in murmuring and complaining.
Yet the Bible shows us that all of heaven is available to us right now.

In these pages you will discover the secret of Colossians: the incredible power of Christ in you. When you learn how to access his ever-present power and goodness, feelings and fears will no longer control you. You will go from being overwhelmed to being an overcomer.

Heaven is only a decision away. How will you choose?


The more studying I do, the more I realize how important my thoughts and emotions are. This seemed like a great book to read to get a better grasp on the subject.


I have mixed feelings about this book because there was a ton I liked a lot, but then some stuff that annoyed me a bit, so I thought I’d do a Pros and Cons list.

-This book is full of really good information that I think a lot of people really need to implement into their lives
-The author uses examples from his own life which makes it feel authentic and relatable
-For the most part he has what seems like a balanced view with the things he says
-He backs up his claims with the Bible, which is something I really look for in Christian nonfiction
-The points he makes are really solid and (for the most part) are statements I can get fully behind and support

-The first half of the book felt redundant. I’m not sure if that’s because I already knew a lot of the information or if he really did say basically the same thing over and over again in slightly different ways
-There were several interpretations from the Bible that he made that I didn’t fully agree with
-He was more adamant about various other things than I feel like is supported in scripture, and while I think most people do that (me included) it rubbed me the wrong way


After I got through the first (redundant) part of the book I found it to be interesting, thought-provoking, note-taking-worthy, and to be full of information that I’m now taking steps to implement in my life.

Also, cool note: The author describes a “mysterious illness” throughout the first part of the book and I kept being like “Oh yeah, he has Lyme disease.” And, yup. That’s what it was.

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I’m giving Winning the Battle for Your Mind, Will and Emotions 4 out of 5 Stars and recommend it to people who want to grow closer to God and realize that what we say and think really does make a difference.

Yo folks, I got this book free so I could write this review. But yeah, all thoughts and such are my own. 😉

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