Between the Wild Branches by Connilyn Cossette {Book Review}

After not opening my computer for nearly three months the faithful device has shuddered and puffed and barely refused to function. We already crossed the hour mark since I began trying to log onto my WordPress account to write this book review and alas, it won't cooperate. So, what I'm going to attempt to do … Continue reading Between the Wild Branches by Connilyn Cossette {Book Review}

Shadows of the White City

It's a cloudy spring day here in Kentucky and I'm sitting by my open door with rapidly cooling coffee, singing birds, and peaceful piano music. The perfect setting for sharing my favorite read of 2021 with y'all, right? THE STATS: Find the book on: Amazon and GoodreadsPages: 400Publisher: Bethany House PublishersRelease Date: February 2, 2021Title: Shadows of the White … Continue reading Shadows of the White City

Make Their Day

Last night I did the first Overnight at my job - that's where a group, most often a school or youth group, come to the Museum in the evening and get to watch DVDs, do a scavenger hunt in the dark throughout the exhibits, eat a late night snack, then spend the night. Sounds pretty … Continue reading Make Their Day

A Portrait of Loyalty {a fantastic end to a series}

People! YAY! I get to share another book review with y'all - but unlike the last few where I felt slightly lackadaisical, this book is a for-sure winner for me. This is the third book in The Codebreaker Series, and if you feel inclined you can read the reviews for the first two books here … Continue reading A Portrait of Loyalty {a fantastic end to a series}

Called Out

The sun-dappled leaves swaying in the breeze outside my room fairly shout that Spring is here. The early morning hour is my favorite as I sit in the stillness and soak in inspiration for the rest of the day. A day full of scurrying, laughter, life, baby hugs, and remembering my own childhood. Earlier while … Continue reading Called Out