On My Bookshelf Book Tag

Folks! Today I get to share some stories with y’all – the stories behind the stories. I was realizing recently how so many of my books have their very own story behind them – how I got the book, or where I read it, or what was going on over the time that I finished it. In this vlog, I get to share a few of the cool ones with you. Enjoy!

Rapid Fire Book Tag {And, Home!}

People! I got back from vacation this morning at 3:00. Thankfully I filmed this vlog before I left, so you can watch me being all crazy while trying to film before leaving two weeks ago. 😉

(This is perhaps my favorite vlog I’ve ever done, simply because it shows you more of my sporadic side because I was in a hurry and highly distracted.)

Tagged By Grace =)

Folks! In-between packing and working and sixty other things, I finally have a vlog ready! I’m planning on leaving for vacation in just over six hours, and life has been busy in the extreme. But! In the midst of it all, here’s the answers to the lovely questions Grace from Don’t You Know I’m Singing tagged me to answer.

My Name Book Tag

Happy Thursday, folks! Today I’m extra excited because I created my own tag! Say what? Crazy, right? I tagged Jessi Dawn and Lindsey, and if y’all want to do it, then you can, too. 🙂 

What I Listened To While Blogging:
Love Story by Piano Guys 
Where I Blogged:
In my office
Fun Fact:
In 1992, 29,000 rubber ducks were lost at sea, and they are still being discovered in unexpected places. (I have no clue if this is true, but I was born in 1992, so it sounds neat.)
Question of the Day:
What’s your middle name?

The Fruits of the Spirit Book Tag {vlog}

People! How is it Thursday again already?!? I’m super stoked today to share The Fruits of the Spirit Book Tag – created by the lovely Jessi Dawn. Enjoy!

What I Listened To While Blogging:
My sisters chattering away and watching old videoes from their phones in my room as I formatted the vlog and did the graphics

Where I Blogged:
On the mattress that has somehow taken up residence on my office floor (on Wednesday night, cause of #work tomorrow)
Fun Fact:
Durian is an Indonesian fruit that reminded me of a mixture of rotten onions and roadkill – one of the grossest things I’ve eaten 😉 
Question Of The Day: 
What is your favorite fruit? 

Coffee Book Tag {Vlog}

Y’all. I’m a writer who also works at a coffee shop. How could I NOT do this book tag? Seriously, I’ve been so excited about it, but wanted to wait until I had my sweatshirt (a Christmas gift from my boss!), because the sweatshirt just seemed to fit. 😉

I filmed this vlog a little bit ago which is good news, cause it’s currently 6:55 Thursday morning and I’m about to jet off to work. (Aka, leave really early so I can crawl – not literally – out of the valley with my car on a road full of snow.) So yeah, I didn’t exactly have time to film, edit, and upload a video today. But, as you’re watching it you can know I’m in a very happy place serving coffee and food to delighted people. So grab a cup of coffee, sit back, and enjoy!