A Gilded Lady

It's Saturday. Normally my "Saturday" is any random day during the week since I work a lot of weekend days at my job, but this week I really DO have Saturday off. I started off the day languidly - I spent the night at a friend's house, woke up around 7:00, listened to a devotional … Continue reading A Gilded Lady

Called Out

The sun-dappled leaves swaying in the breeze outside my room fairly shout that Spring is here. The early morning hour is my favorite as I sit in the stillness and soak in inspiration for the rest of the day. A day full of scurrying, laughter, life, baby hugs, and remembering my own childhood. Earlier while … Continue reading Called Out


When I opened this package from Bethany House I'd totally forgotten which books they were sending out for review, so it made me laugh. Being in the middle of quarantine and receiving a book that says Stay seemed very timely indeed. 😉 THE STATS: Find the book on: Amazon and Goodreads Pages: 224 Publisher: Bethany House Publishers Release … Continue reading Stay

3 Words that Will Change Your Life

It's Monday morning. Saturday was spent reading. Sunday was spent resting. And Monday? Monday will hopefully be spent working. It sounds like a blanced week, right? I haven't yet complied all the results from the 24 Hour Reading Challenge, but I do have a book review due, so that's what today's post is. This book was delightful, so the … Continue reading 3 Words that Will Change Your Life

Like Flames in the Night {the ending of a beautiful series}

If the question was "Who has something exciting and uplifting to share today?" I'd be raising my hand, bouncing in my seat pleading Pick me! Pick me! And then this is what I'd share with you: Renowned and award-winning author does it again!  Then, after the cheering dies down, I'd tell you about how Connilyn Cossette - who … Continue reading Like Flames in the Night {the ending of a beautiful series}