September Goals – My First Vlog

Hey folks! Welcome to the second gloriously beautiful day of September! In case any of y’all don’t know, September is the beginning of my absolutely favorite part of the year. Whenever this fantastic month rolls, I feel like hugging the world and celebrating and dancing around while adding even more memories to the folder marked Septembering
So, since my celebrations are generally uniqueish little creatures, I decided that the way I would celebrate this time would be by posting my very first vlog on Noveltea. (Vlog = video blog.) I have seriously wanted to vlog for years now, and I’m so crazy-excited to finally have the chance to! 
In my vlog today, I’ll be discussing my goals for September, so yay! This month is pretty full, and I’m ready to dive in. You can either watch the movie above, or click on the link here. I’d be quite delighted to hear feedback. 😉 
A big thank you to my little bro, Moses, for being a total sweetheart and stopping what he was doing so he could film for me. You rock, buddy!

May 2016 Goals

If the Lord wills and I live, in May of 2016 I will…

1. Go to bed by 10:30 fifteen times
2. Get up by 6:30 fifteen times
3. Walk or jog 100 miles
4. Read & Review four non-fiction books
5. Get WLHYL ready to send to beta readers and send it out
6. Stick to my healthy eating for at least 29 days

D is for Daily #atozchallenge & April Goals

Creativity is a lifestyle for me, not an action. This month I’m exploring twenty-six quirky ways I keep my creativity flowing. 

There are hundreds (if not thousands) of opportunities to be creative on a daily basis. While walking down the road you can create an impromptu dance, while making supper you can create a new recipe, while babysitting you can create a new world for your charges to live in through a story.

You can also develop a creative atmosphere around you by doing mundane tasks in an interesting way. Take for instance sleeping: It takes up so much time, therefore I wanted to sleep in a unique way (being unique always ramps up the creativity cells in my brain). Almost two years ago I got rid of my bed so now I curl up on the floor each night and I feel creative while going to sleep. Pretty cool.

I strive to be creative daily and it really does pay off.

* * *
Monthly Goals for April:

If the Lord wills and I live I will…
1. Complete the A to Z Challenge and visit 200 other A to Z Blogs
2. Finish the first edits on SL (WLHYL #2)
3. Prepare and leave for Mexico
4. Read and review 4 non-fiction books
5. Contact 100 (___________)
* * *
What are some ways you daily develop a creative mindset? And, what are some of your goals for April? 

March 2016 Goals

Because getting my goals for March posted late is better than never, here we go…

If the Lord wills and I live, in March I will:

1. Walk or jog 100 miles
2. Work 80 hours on my non-writing job
3. Work 100 hours on my writing work
4. Read at least an hour each day
5. Read and review 4 non-fiction books
6. Either re-write or edit each chapter in WLHYL
7. Write at least 300 words on the re-writes every day