Summer Fact Or Fiction Reveal

Well…. I’m kinda wanting to do this again sometime. =) It was pretty cool. One of the best bloghops I’ve seen. Anyway… Let me tell you some statistics:

My 10th Birthday & Being Sick – Votes: 10 true & 1 false 
My 10th Birthday & Having Fun – Votes: 3 true & 1 false 
And yes, the first story was the true one. Arrrggg! See, that’s why I want to do it again to see if I can get better at this. =) Anyway, thanks for everyone who voted! 
Some random, cool things:
*It wouldn’t really have been that special of a treat to drink coffee with Mom for my 10th birthday, because she let us start drinking {very small amounts of} coffee when we were much younger. She liked having coffee buddies and Daddy doesn’t drink it. =D
* It was rare for one of us kids to get to go somewhere alone with both Mom and Dad, but that didn’t ever cause me to wish I was an only child. 
* One thing that seemed to get several people to guess that the second story was false was that I said my siblings were happy that I got to go to the fair alone. I didn’t ever go to the fair alone, but there were some other places, and as far as I can remember, my siblings were happy for me about it. So yeah, that part is actually close to true. 😉
* I don’t even like fairs, although I did for a few years when I was a little kid.