Release Day: Cool Critters of the Ice Age & Giveaway

Good morning! I said on Friday that I had some exciting news to share with y’all, well, this is it: 

Today is the release day of my new book, Buddy Davis’ Cool Critters of the Ice Age! Y’all, that is really thrilling! (Can you think of a better way to start off your week?) 
  This is such a cool book! With tons of pictures and drawings and fun illustrations, this book is quite different from the other ones I’ve written so it’s a new and exciting venture for me. 

It’s so colorful and full of fun facts, interesting tid-bits and will delight kids of all ages. While writing this book I had so much fun learning about the different creatures that lived during the Ice Age.

From  an armadillo-like creature the size of a car, to Baluchitherium who was twenty-six feet tall, to Titanotylopus a camel who’s fossils were found in Nebraska, I was enthralled by all the interesting creatures this book features.

It would be wonderful if y’all wanted to buy your own copy of Cool Critters of the Ice Age and you can find it here (Master Books), here (Amazon) and here (Answers in Genesis). My adopted parents (who are the co-authors of the book) and I are also hosting a giveaway. I’d be delighted if y’all would join in with celebrating our new book by pass the word along and entering the giveaway!

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When Life Hands You Lymes #62 & Giveaway Winners

Welcome to Friday! I’m excited to get to share with you the 62nd segment of my fictional story, When Life Hands You Lymes.

First of all though, I’m pleased to announce the winners of the Blog Anniversary Giveaway! Congratulations, Amanda, Lauren and Sarah! I’ll be getting emails to you very soon. Thank you to everyone who entered. This was a fun giveaway to host. 

One last thing before todays segment. I have some pretty exciting news that I get to share with y’all on Monday, so hold on tight and prepare for something that makes this little author very happy! 

And now:

New Chapter
“Errrggg!” I wrestle my suitcase out of the closet and then stand back surveying it for a moment. I couldn’t believe how much energy it took to get the empty container from off the top shelf where I kept my luggage. I rest my arms before standing on my tip-toes to reach the smaller  carry-on. 
I drag the suitcases to my dressing room and lay them open on the counter and then stand back to take in the huge task in front of me. Packing is one of my favorite things to do. I love getting everything in order and deciding what outfits I’m going to wear on various days. I look at my wall of shoes, then slide my gaze along to my accessories. Then I turn in a full circle to look at my bottoms: pants, capers, skirts and my tops: dress-like-tops, blouses, polo shirts, tee-shirts and finally my dresses and formal clothes. 
“Alright, here it goes.” I turn on some up-beat music then scan the email Mom had sent to the family with the different activities we’d be doing during the week. 
The feeling of being alive and ready for an adventure flowed through my veins as I danced around the room, putting outfits together then carefully marking them and lying them in the suitcase. 
“I take it you’re excited?” Katie’s standing there, watching me with an amused expression on her face. 
“What happened to knocking?” I ask with a laugh. I turn down the volume on my phone. The general rule in our family is to knock before going into someone else’s room, but that doesn’t always happen. 
“I knocked. There’s this thing called loud music. This loud music happened to be pouring out of your room. Hence the reason that a certain someone named Madalyn didn’t hear when her sister stood at her door knocking. And knocking.” Katie held up her hands. “Do you see my red knuckles? Yeah.” 
“Sorry.” I turn the music off and give Katie my full attention. “What’s up?” 
“I wondered if you needed any help packing?” 
The warm feeling of being loved wells up inside of me. It’s kinda felt like our relationship has been strained for the last while, but I have to remind myself that deep down Katie is a kind and loyal sister, she just doesn’t always know what to do with my health problems. “Are you done already?” I ask. We aren’t leaving until the next day and I hadn’t expected to be the last person packing. 
“You do realize that it’s getting late, don’t you?” Katie holds up her phone. “It’s after nine.” 
I hold back a snort. Nine in the evening is just when my energy is starting to flow for the day. I forgot about how early my sister goes to bed each evening. “Well, if you’re not busy with anything else I’d love to have some of your fashion advice.” 
“Sure.” Katie takes a seat on the chaise and then leans forward, her eyes expedient. 
  I pull out my navy blue and white striped, knee-length dress and black leggings out of my suitcase and hold them up. “So, I was thinking this would be a good thing to wear one of the days that we’re out sight-seeing. You know it’s kinda got the nautical theme going.” 
Katie nods and I go on. “I was trying to figure out what shoes to wear with it though. Something that goes with the theme. Oh, and I am also going to wear my anchor necklace.” I gesture toward my jewelry case, knowing Katie will know what I’m talking about. It was a necklace Jason sent to me soon after he moved to California. 
Katie walks over to my shoes, thoughtfully looking at the different flats and I got lost in a daydream. 
“I’m so excited that we’re finally going to go to California as a family to visit Jason.” We’d been planning on it the year before but then those plans fell though when Katie and I both had engagements at home and so only our parents and Darrick went. 
“These shoes.” Katie hands me a pair of dusty-blue flats.
I take them with a nod. “Perfect. I don’t know why I couldn’t figure that out on my own.” 
“What are you most excited about with this trip?” Katie comes over and pokes through my suitcase before resuming her seat. 
“That’s a good question.” Katie’s wonderful at coming up with thought-provoking questions. “I guess I’m looking forward to being able to see all the places Jason has told us about. I’m eager to eat at the restaurants he’s mentioned, visit his school, walk in the same parks, see the same views, that kind of thing.” I sound like someone who’s lovesick; in reality I just miss my brother. I carefully fold my PJ’s and then put them in their nitch.  Everything in my suitcase has a place and I can’t stand deviating from the norm. “What about you?” 
“It will be nice to talk to Jason face to face and hear about all the stuff he’s been learning. I know it’s going to boost Emerson Airlines a lot to have his expertise and sharp mind.” Katie gives me a thoughtful look. “I know he’s told us a lot over the phone and through video-chat, but still, that’s not the same.” 
I nod, although deep down I’m starting to get concerned. What if all they talk about is business? I love our family business, I really do, and that’s what makes it so hard. I’ve not been able to do much with it because my energy level is so low and my brain fog is so high. That doesn’t make a winning combo. “What did you do in the office today?” 
“The normal thing, you know?” Katie shrugs. “I spent a lot of time on the phone, solving problems, being a peacemaker, listening to concerns.” Katie is such a good, sympathetic person when it comes to business relations. Sometimes I wish she was more like that with family.

People sometimes ask me if it’s weird to fly in an airplane that has my last name written on it. It’s not something I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about, but I guess it’s cool. Maybe I’m biased, but I think Emerson Airlines is the best ever. 
Often times when we’re flying somewhere we’ll go in one of our public airplanes because Dad likes being able to see for himself how things are being run. There’s been more than one flight attendant who Dad has publicly thanked for their service at one of our business meetings. There have also been a few workers who have been dismissed after treating Dad, or another passenger, rudely. 
“Do you know what I think we should begin serving in all our flights?” I asked, holding up one of the little pretzels from the bag the flight attendant had just handed me. 
“What would that be, Madalyn?” Dad asked from across the aisle. 
“Dill pickles.” 
Darrick was sitting next to me and I was afraid he was going to gag from the face he made. 
“Hey, it’s really not that bad of an idea.” I elbowed him. Hard. 
“Did you consider the fact that pickles have a rather strong oder that might not be pleasant for non-pickle-consuming guests?” Dad asked the question in his easy, mild-mannered way. 
“Ok, I take it back.” I held up my hands in surrender. “But couldn’t we come up with something more exciting than pretzels and peanuts? Isn’t that what every airlines serves?” I scrunched up my nose as I peered at the little green bag in my hands. 
“I had never thought about it that way.” Dad looks thoughtful as he ponders my suggestion. “What oder-free snacks sound good to you?” 
I love the way that Dad takes all of us seriously and tries to involve us in the business. 
I run though a list of snack foods in my head. Everything seems either too expensive, too messy or too unhealthy. 
“We could do almonds or pecans instead of peanuts,” I say at last. All three are good sources of protein and that way we wouldn’t have to worry about people having peanut allergies. 
Dad pulled his phone out and typed in a few words. “Well, that’s a nice idea but there is a difference in cost and with the amounts we buy, that adds up rapidly.” He shows me his phone: Peanuts per pound: Aprox. $2.49 Pecans per pound: Aprox. $8.50 Almonds per pound: Aprox. $9.90. 
I gasp. “No kidding. Scratch that idea.” I rub my face with my hands, wishing I were better at the business side of things. Sometimes I feel like everyone in my family inherited a Harvard-worthy business brain while I got the leftovers. Only, there weren’t any leftovers. 
Banging my tray-table down, I folded my arms on it and then rested my head on my arms. I was tired. The hum of the engines and the soothing feeling of being surrounded by my family who I love helped relax me and before long I was lost in the land of sleep. 
“Do any of you see Jason?” I could tell by the lit in Mom’s voice that she was excited. She stood on her tip-toes, looking around the noisy baggage claim as Darrick pulled the last of our suitcases off the carousel. 
“There he is.” Dad waves his arm in the air and lets out a low whistle that most people don’t seem to hear but instantly grabs my brother’s attention. Jason hurries in our direction. 
“Is it possible that you’ve grown even more?” Mom wraps her arms around her firstborn and gives him a long hug. 
“Unless you’re talking about my midsection, no.” Jason laughs and then turns to give me a hug. “Hey sis.”
I can’t wipe the grin off my face, it’s so good to be with Jason again, he’s so full of fun and laughter. I poke at his stomach which is hard from working out. “Growing in your midsection? Right…” 
We head through the airport toward the exit where Jason parked the car (yes, there are some perks owning an airline), and I soak in the moment. Not only have I always wanted to go to California, I’m beyond happy to be here with my whole family. It’s been a lot harder getting everyone together for a trip since my older siblings hit college age. Thankfully Katie and Darrick both opted to do on-line courses at least to begin with. I don’t know what I would have done if they’d all left home and it was just little ol’ me. 
God, it would be really delightful if I could feel well this trip. I climb in the back seat of the Cadillac Escalade Jason brought, the regulated place for the youngest kid, and settled my purse on my lap. Having energy would be a huge plus. Not having pain would be awesome as well. I try to ignore the throbbing I’ve been feeling in my legs for the last couple of hours. And no random outbursts of non-me-ish emotions would be beyond my dreams. In Jesus’ Name I ask this. The fact that I just arrived safe and sound in San Francisco, yet never once did I thank God for the blessings of the hassle free and safe trip make my face blossom with shame. Wow, I must be the most ungrateful person ever. I’m so sorry, God. Thank You so much for the safe trip today. Thank You that the pain wasn’t unbearable. Thank You for giving me the opportunity to be here.
“You’re quiet back there,” Jason looks in the rearview mirror and catches my eye when I look up to see if he was talking to me. 
“Madalyn’s quiet a lot now,” Katie announces before I can think of anything to say. 
“Our Madds is quiet?” Jason’s glances in the mirror again, his eyebrows raised. “It’s only been a couple of months since I’ve been home. When did this phenomena happen?”
Since I don’t exactly know how to say Ever since talking became too tiring or Since I decided opening my mouth to speak was too much work without sounding lazy or whiny, I decide to stay quiet and let the rest of my family give their reasons. 
“I guess she’s just grown up.” Katie shrugs as if she can’t quite place why the change took place in her little sister. “She’s a lot more concise when she does talk though.” Coming from Katie I know it’s a compliment, yet somehow the ton of her voice is more surprised than complimentary. 
“I think it’s because her brain is so full of music that all of her thoughts spill out when she’s playing and therefore she doesn’t need to use words any more.” Darrick gives me a wink and I know that he’s sticking up for me in his own roundabout way. Not that I need anyone to stick up for me when they’re discussing how many words fall out of my mouth in a day. 
“I’ve formed my on theory on the matter,” Jason stops at a stop sign and then makes a right turn. “I think it’s because you two have decided to jump in and answer everything for her so she doesn’t need to talk any more.” 
Katie’s face is startled when she turns around and looks at me. “You’re right, we did just answer for her, didn’t we?” 
I think Katie’s so used to when we were kids and I was always talking that it hasn’t really hit her how much I’ve changed. This isn’t the first time that she’s answered a question for me, but most of the time I don’t care. 
“So, why is it that you don’t talk as much any more?” Darrick gives me an intent look, totally focused on what I’m about ready to say. 
Warring thoughts flood my brian. I go with the easy option. “I guess I’m just busy thinking.” I cringe as the words come out, hoping that my siblings don’t think I’m implying that they don’t think. 
“I for one am anxious to hear what some of your thoughts are,” Jason turns on his turning signal and makes another left hand turn. 

Blog Anniversary Celebration Giveaway and New Design

Although March 6th might not be a holiday of national importance, it is a day to celebrate in my book. Or should I say blog? Ladies and Gentlemen, tomorrow is the third blog anniversary of Noveltea! I’m excited to be able to celebrate with y’all with a new blog design, a giveaway and lots of fun stats!

Let’s start with the new and improved blog design: A couple of weeks ago I asked y’all to fill out a survey and help me make Noveltea a better place. One of the questions was What would make Noveltea better? and several of y’all thought that a new blog design would do the trick. And, I aim to please so I set to work at redesigning my little nook in the internet world. (More about why I chose this particular design in another post.)

Now for the giveaway. *cue fanfare music* (What birthday celebration is complete without a gift?) There will be three prizes, one for each year Noveltea’s been around. When I was in Africa in January I bought these genuine leather wallets and I’m really excited about getting to share them with you! The wallets are two of the prizes and the third prize is a $5 gift-card to Amazon.

Please Note: Wallets will only be sent to addresses in the USA. Sorry!

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// last but not least of all, let’s look at some stats! Ahem, ok, so I have a rather strong attraction to statistics and pie charts (I just learned how to make my very own pie chart this week!) and lists and graphs and… Yeah. Any excuse to use them on my blog makes me one happy little blogger. All that to say… If you’re not into stats you can just enter the giveaway and be on your merry way.

Also, I’m not putting the stats on my blog because I think they’re fantastic or anything like that (I know better than that!), I just find it very enjoyable when other bloggers share stats so I thought y’all might like it, too.

First I decided to figure out how many posts I’ve written each year:

Then I figured out how many pageviews Noveltea has gotten each year:

Then I decided to compare the posts, comments and pageviews Noveltea has had: 
And for my last pie chart I divided the pageviews up per month from the last 12 months: 

And a few un-pie-charted stats:

Published Comments of all time: 4,061 (some of these are my replies)
Published Posts of all time: 752 
Published Posts since last blog anniversary: 301
Average Pageviews each Month since last blog anniversary: 7,054
Average Pageviews per post since last blog anniversary: 281
Average Pageviews each Day since last blog anniversary: 233
Amazing Followers: 287

Thank you so very much to all of you who have read my blog, commented, followed and been a part of my life for the last three years. It’s been a fantastic journey and far more involving and crazy than I had imagined it would be! It’s been exciting, challenging, fun and a really interesting to get to share my adventures and what God’s been doing in my life with y’all. I look forward to the next three years and hope y’all stick around for the ride!

See how we celebrated in years past: 

Action Kids Blog Tour Wrap Up

Good morning, everyone!

First of all, a big THANK YOU to everyone who took part of my blog tour, celebrating the release of my book, Action Kids’ Club. It’s been a busy couple of weeks. Even though this is the end of the tour, there are still six giveaways going on, so check them out if you get a chance!

Every comment you leave one of my blog tour posts until tomorrow at midnight (on this blog or one of the blogs that hosted me) will give you an entry to win this giveaway, check out the link for more details.

See the other giveaways here: Mrs. Mommy Booknerd’s ReviewsNayu’s Reading CornerBookworm Blather Writing in Wonderlandand on my blog, a $50 GiftCard

You also might want to check out the Action Kids blog and Action Kids Facebook for continuing fun, stories, trivia and games. 
And last, but certainly not least of all, thank you, thank you, thank you to all the blogs that hosted me during this tour! I really appreciate you.
I hope y’all have a great Saturday!  

When Life Hands You Lymes #47 – Giveaways

Good afternoon Ladies and Gentlemen! Today we’ve got a lot of giveaways to talk about, so we’ll get those out of the way (and hopefully y’all will enter them because I’ve got some really good stuff I’m wanting to get into y’alls hands)!
Check out the giveaways here: 

Plus, today I’m guest posting/being interviewed over at In The Bookcase, so y’all will want to be sure to check it out! Tomorrow we’ll be wrapping up this blog tour right here on Noveltea
And now it’s time for the 47th segment of my fictional story, When Life Hands You Lymes. Oh, and this post is late today because I had to go get my blood drawn. 😉 

“How did your day go?” Mom asked, meeting me at our front door. 
I gave her a surprised head to toe sweep, trying to figure out why she was standing outside instead of sitting at her desk. Not seeing anything amiss, I summoned a smile, “It was a day.” 
“I hate to tell you this, but your afternoon has had a little change of plans.”
The story of my life. I mumbled the words under my breath, knowing better than to say them out loud. No doubt a new John Maxwell or Darren Hardy book would show up in my room, just waiting for me to read if Mom knew the state of my very pessimistic thoughts. 
Mom’s eyebrows lowered as she studied me. 
“Ok?” I finally realized she must be waiting for some kind of response from me. Whatever news she had I just wanted her to get it over and done with. I wasn’t in the mood to be around anyone. I just wanted to curl up in a dark place and cry myself to sleep. The deep kind of sleep that you don’t wake up from for a long, long time. 
“We’re going to the Health Department so we can get your blood drawn.” 
I let my backpack hit the front porch with a thud. Yea. More of my life blood being sucked out of my body and sent to a lab. Pretty much the way I always dreamed of starting my junior year of high school. Turning around I started down toward Mom’s garage. 
“Your backpack.” Mom was right behind me, pushing my arm through the strap. 
“Thanks.” My word of gratitude wasn’t so much for her giving me back my backpack but for her lack of a lecture. What in the world was wrong me with? I knew better than to be acting like this. 
Mom didn’t say anything when I punched the seat warmer on before I’d even buckled up, but I did notice that she turned the A/C off. I bit my bottom lip and squeezed my eyes hard, facing the side of the BMW. 
This really isn’t cool, God. I let out a huge puff of air. Not fair at all. I stopped before I could continue my rant as images from our bulletin from the previous Sunday dropped into my brain. There’s a clinic that our church helps support in Haiti. The people wait for hours, sometimes days, to get medical treatment. Often times there’s not enough staff or medication to care for sick and certainly no modern comforts. Flies, bugs and sometimes dogs come and bite at the people as they wait in the dust and the heat. Looking at the sleek interior of my ride, I couldn’t hold back my tears any longer. Yes, I didn’t think it was fair for me to be sick when so many of my friends weren’t. But then again, neither was it fair for me to have such privileges and good care when so many millions in the world were in such need. 
“Thanks Mom for taking me to get my blood drawn.” 
With a smile Mom reached over and gave my leg a little squeeze. 
With a deep sigh I closed my eyes and drifted into sleep, lulled by the hum of the engine. 

Life, it’s Weird

Last night my family was sitting around doing various things but not necessarily with each other, so being the familish person that I am I decided to take my computer down and work on my projects while kinda hanging out with them. 
I had two bloggie author interviews to work on, some research to do and emails to send. Earlier in the day I had written and sent a guest post to a blogger, as well as updating my blog and spending a while working on my writing. 
It hit me again while sitting there. I am an author. Answering interview questions, promoting my book and doing research is all part of my job. I get paid to sit for hours behind my computer and move my fingers in weird patterns to convert my thoughts into little black lines on the screen in front of me. 
My life is so weird. 
What about you? What do you fill your days with? Do you sometimes sit back and view your life with a little bit of shock, like How in the world did I get here?? It’s crazy how we can end up right where we wanted to be and still find it amazing and weird and wonderful and strange. 
This book launch didn’t go quite the way I was expecting it to and it’s been kinda hard on me. I knew one of my problems was that I wasn’t stepping back so I could see the big picture. During the early years of being a writer it seems like so much of your time, energy, resourses and life is spent pouring into a project without much payback, but that’s ok. It’s a learning curve. It’s the compound effect. Some day everything with catch up with me and I’ll see the difference these years made. 
For now though? For now I’m working on being delighted with the life I get to live each day. I’m striving to be ok with not having the results I dreamed of. I’m working on being content with a slow process. It’s been good for me. 
Life isn’t all about arriving at a certain milestone. Life is a road, a journey. I sometimes forget that. Today I’m remembering it. 

Today I’m posting over at Bookworm Blather where I’m giving away a copy of one of John Maxwell’s books. The book is great, y’all should really check it out. 🙂

Also, don’t forget to check out my giveaway at Writing In Wonderland and check out this post for your chance to win a $50 gift card and this post to see the prize for the quote puzzle and comments game.

Find Action Kids’ Club here (e-version) and here (paperback).

Giveaway and Music Contest

Happy Monday, Everyone! I thought I’d start off y’alls week by giving you the chance to win one of these wonderful Action Kids Deluxe Packages! Looks fun, right? Check out this blog to see how you can enter the giveaway. (I’m giving away three of them, so y’all have more chances to win. 🙂 Please note: Not all three of the giveaways will be exactly the same. 

And because it is Monday and common hearsay says that some people don’t find quite as much pleasure in Mondays as I do (a whole week to look forward to and make differences in and accomplish goals!), I decided to share another spectacular thingy-majing with you. Well, maybe Monday’s only part of the reason I’m sharing it with you. 

Enter The Greg Howlett Studio Recording Contest. 

Every year Greg Howlett hosts a music contest and then lets the public vote for the winner out of the top ten entries. A really good family friend of ours, Aaron Smith, is one of the finalists with his beautiful piece, Celtic Joy.

Aaron shared Celtic Joy with us a while ago ands since then I’ve enjoyed hours of listening to it while writing. Now you get the chance to listen to it as well, and, if you feel so inclined, to vote for him. Listen to all the entries (and vote!) here.

* * *
Check out this post for your chance to win a $50 gift card and this post to see the prize for the quote puzzle and comments game. We have another giveaway going on hereFind Action Kids’ Club here (e-version) and here (paperback). 

Oh, oh, oh! One more thing before I go! I just looked up to see beautiful, big snowflakes coming down. Happy, happy Day! 

Two Days Old!

Hey Everyone! Check out Willa Nicole Scribblings for the blog tour stop for today! And, leave a comment for your chance to win this prize! 
I am so excited to now have Action Kids’ Club up on Goodreads! Y’all can check it out and mark it “Want To Read” if you feel so inclined Which, by the way, would be a big help to me!. I’m having a  fun just looking at it up on the site, being happy that it’s out there. 🙂
Also, if you haven’t had a chance to check it out yet, Action Kids’ Club is only $0.99 on Kindle! (And, if you buy it you can get a lot of entries for this giveaway of a $50 gift card!)
And, because it looks so wonderful to see it up and ready to sell, I thought I’d also share a screenshot of the book on Lulu, which is where you can buy the paperback version

So, other than celebrating my book release what have I been up to? It’s a busy week at work which means lots and lots of time spent in the kitchen. My wonderful-amazing-cousin-friend-almost-sister, Aubrey, is my co-worker and she’s so much fun to work with. I’ve been greatly inspired to write a book where the main character is a cook and most of the book takes place in the kitchen. Only, I have so many other projects I’m in the middle of… If Aubrey was a character, she’d be the one that every reader wished they knew in real life. I’m pretty privileged.

Today is one of those wonderful, wet, cold days that’s perfect for curling up with a good book (reading or writing, either would be fine with me..,), a cup of hot coffee and this song playing over and over again. Ahem, not that I will be curling up with a book, I’ll be in the kitchen, but it’s the perfect day for that nonetheless. 

Now, why don’t you tell me what you’ve been up to recently for your chance to win this prize! And don’t forget to spread the word about Action Kids’ Club entering the big, wide world. Thanks! 

Up, Up, and Away! Celebrating Over at Splash of Ink

Yea! Welcome to day two of the blog tour! Today I’m posting over at Splash of Ink. Y’all should really check it out because I’ve got some exciting news to share with you. *cue happy dance*
Check this post out for your chance to win a $50 gift card and this post to see the prize for the quote puzzle and comments game. You can get more entry points each day. *grinning like a cheshire cat*
Find Action Kids’ Club here (e-version) and here (paperback)! 
This morning I realized that I didn’t get any pictures of myself with the book yesterday which is a bummer. I did take a picture of me working on the blog tour, though, so I thought I’d share it with y’all. 
Yesterday was a rather crazy day with the release of Action Kids’ Club, lots of excitement, a busy day at work and checking up on my comments every time I could snatch a second so I could keep up with the thrilling buzz of a new book release.  
And just because I’m a happy author to another bright and new book, here’s another look at the cover. 🙂
What did you do yesterday? I sometimes forget that the whole world isn’t rejoicing with me at this wonderful new addition to my bookshelf (after I can force myself to stop carrying it everywhere I go) and holding their breath as they check Noveltea again for any new comments or updates. Did you get to do anything extra fun? I’d be delighted to hear. 🙂