Blog Tour Post #13 // New Look

Surprise! New blog look today. 😉 I wanted something simple and winterish, and thought this fit both categories. I’ve also added some polls over there <, so y'all can vote on them and let me know what you'd like to see more of this next year. Thanks!
Can you imagine that we’re already in the third and last week of the Blog Tour? Crazy, right? I’ve had so much fun doing it with y’all. Thanks for taking part in it! Rosie, from over at Writings of Rosie, is hosting my Blog Tour stop for today in which we feature an interview with CJ. And let me tell you, CJ is a character! (Pun intended. 🙂 Find the post HERE
This morning. You can’t tell it, but it’s snowing. We’ve got quite a bit more now. 

Christmas is only nine days away. And since I’m a list-making-thanks-giving kind of girl, I thought I’d tell y’all nine things I’m thankful for about Christmas. (Random order, of course.)

1. That we have a reason to celebrate – If Jesus hadn’t come to earth, there would be no Christmas 
2. Family time. I love getting to hang out with my parents, siblings, cousins, aunts, uncles, etc…
3. Giving and receiving gifts that remind us of the ultimate gift: Jesus
4. Memories. That’s one of my favorite things about Christmas, remembering past years 
5. Having a lot of the country celebrating at the same time; the cheeriness that is spread around
6. Christmas music. Currently I’m listening to a song about how the Angels sang when Jesus was born
7. Of course the Christmas account. I could listen to it over and over again (oh wait, I do!)
8. The food. Yes, I really just said that. It’s true though, we have special foods around Christmas-time
9. The excitement, joy and fun leading up to the special day

What are some of your favorite things about Christmas? 

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CSotP Blog Tour #10 // Snow!

So, about a year and a half ago, around the time I started reading blogs, I stumbled upon a book review blog which is now called A Slightly Nerdy Bookworm. I really enjoyed her reviews over the next months, because for one thing, she gave such a thorough job of going through the books that I would know if they would be the kind I would read or not. 
I thought it would be really cool if she would review my book, even though I knew she didn’t normally read books for that age group. She agreed, much to my delight! So, head on over to her blog for a review, a chance to win a prize and to see what my top five books were as a kid. It was a whole lot of fun to put this post together, so don’t miss out on it! (Check out the Blog Tour Schedule here.)

On Sunday after church my bro needed to stop in town for something and since I was with him, I got to stop in town as well. I don’t go there very often, normally I’m at home or traversing far places, but when I am there, I have fun just looking around. It’s really a charming place.

Therefore, I thought I’d take a few pictures for y’all, especially since it was snowing and totally beautiful. (Are any of you noticing a trend here? Snow, for me, equals beautiful.) And now because snow is so amazing, I have decided to share some verses with all y’all about it. 😉

His countenance was like lightning, and his raiment white as snow: Matthew 28:3 

Come now, and let us reason together, saith the LORD: though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool. Isaiah 1:18 

While the earth remaineth, seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease. Genesis 8:22 

For he saith to the snow, Fall thou on the earth; Likewise to the shower of rain, And to the showers of his mighty rain. Job 37:6

And then I got back in the car with freezing feet. 🙂

What were some of your favorite books as a child?
Which of those verses did you like best? Or what’s your favorite verse about snow?

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CSotP Blog Tour #9 // Life Recently

Wow! We are already on day #9 of the Blog Tour. How did that happen? And finally, during the last couple of days I actually got caught up on sending out the posts to the different bloggers prior to the night before it’s supposed to be posted. (Sorry to you amazing bloggers who have worked with me, even with my lateness!)
I’ll talk more about that ^ later, but first y’all should really check THIS post out. I had jolly good time bragging writing about my editor and illustrator. Really, they’ve been amazing and so much fun to work with. 
And, if you want a chance to win a book, check out THIS post. 😉 

GA in October. Does it bother any of y’all when I randomly post pictures?
Because I enjoy seeing ones from different seasons and hope you do to! 😉

My life has been nuts recently. I knew it was December and that Christmas was zooming up, but I really had no clue how close it was until I stopped yesterday and changed my calendar to December and counted the days. It’s two weeks from today! Yeah, really. No wonder we had to send out Christmas boxes already. No wonder why we have our Christmas tree and decorations up already. No wonder we’ve been playing Christmas music. No wonder everything. 

Christmas is almost here! 

And I’ve basically written nothing about it on here. So hopefully that will be remedied soon. 😉 This Blog Tour has been tons of fun and really rewarding (I’ve been watching my page-views grow like crazy!), yet it’s been a huge amount of work as well. See, you’re supposed to work on a blog tour for months before you launch it. And I should have, but didn’t. I had a very good reason for that though! (Don’t laugh. It’s not an excuse, because really, it’s not as if I’ve been messing the Tour up or anything…) 
My reason? I was working on the my audio book and I made a commitment to myself that to keep on track, I wouldn’t work on any more projects (except the ones I have to do every day), until I finished the audio. 
As soon as the audio was done, I quickly switched to Blog Tour Mode, and here I am today. 😉 Even though that didn’t leave a lot of time to get ahead with everything before the Tour started, I would still do it again so it could be in the weeks leading up to Christmas. At least I think I would…. 
What about you? Have you been enjoying the Blog Tour?
Has your life been extremely busy? 

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Blog Tour Stop #8

It’s snowing today! Yea! Instead of snow pictures today though, I’m putting on two pictures of this summer. I think they’re both beautiful, just like snow. 😉 
Anyway, today’s Blog Tour post is over at Family, Friends, and Writing. Bekah let me do my own post on her blog (meaning, I got to format it and everything), so it’s a little different from the other posts so far, but I really like it! I had a blast telling my story through pictures. Y’all should go check it out! 

And don’t forget your chance to win a book here!

Is it snowing where you live? Do you like snow?

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Blog Tour Stop #7 Character Interview with Lydia Davis

Hey Everyone! Welcome back to the Blog Tour after that delightful break we took for Sunday. Can you believe that we’re already a third of the way through the Tour? And, based on insider info, I think it’s just going to get better and better! 

Today I’m being hosted over at My Writing Desk by Heather. I think it’s a really fun post but I ended up cutting out a lot of stuff for lack of space. It’s an interview that I did with my character, Lydia Davis. Check it out here. You also have the chance to win one of my books, Cave Secrets of the Pterodactyl. Since I didn’t have room for Lydia Davis to answer all my questions, I decided to post a few more of her answers here. {Note: This is a different format than over at Heathers, and you should really check that one out!}
Pictures that have nothing to do with the post, but who can resist critters in the snow?
Enjoy getting to know Lydia a little more, y’all! 

1. If you had a free day with no responsibilities and your only mission was to enjoy yourself, what would you do?

First I would pack myself a picnic lunch with cheese and ham sandwiches, Caesar salad and lemonade. Then I would fill my backpack with my favorite books and paper and a pen. Then I’d take our horse, Cowboy, out to our woods where I would spend the whole day exploring and reading. 

2. What impression do you make on people when they first meet you? How about after they’ve known you for a while?
When they first meet me, they probably think I’m a bouncy girl who’s enthusiastic about everything.  After they’ve gotten to know me? They realize I am a bouncy girl who’s enthusiastic about everything and dreams of being a famous author. 

3. If you could spend the day with someone you admire (living or dead or imaginary), who would you pick?
Jesus of course! He’s my hero. 😉 I have so many questions I’d like to ask Him while sitting on His lap. Wouldn’t that be so special and breathtaking to sit on Jesus’s lap? Ooh! It makes me happy just thinking about it. 

4. Tell me about your best friend.
My best friend is CJ. He’s a genius. He’s 13, not quite a year older than me, and is already almost done with High-school! Crazy, right? He’s kinda like a cousin to me, which is really cool. Since our dad’s work together we get to hang out a lot of the time. He can be pretty boring at times when he uses humongous words, but he’s still fun. 

5. What are you most afraid of?
I’ve never been afraid of the dark and I’ve never imagined myself drowning, although I’ve heard those are two common fears. I don’t mind heights (although I don’t really like them either), and I’m certainly not afraid of being in front of people. Ok, I guess my answer is pretty weird and most people don’t know this, but I’m kinda (really) scared of all my teeth falling out. I read a (true) book once where a guy crashed in a plane and all his teeth came out. I still have nightmares about that sometimes. 

6. How do you feel about your life right now? What, if anything, would you like to change?
I think my life is really cool! I get to travel with my parents all over the place and we’re just about always involved in one kind of adventure or another. If I could change something though, it would be that I’d have a book published already. How stunning would it be to have a book published by a girl who’s twelve? 

Pictures taken by my adopted mom

What about you? If you could ask Lydia Davis any question, what would it be?
Do you like snow?

{Please Note: I do not necessarily endorse everything on the blogs hosting me for this tour}

Blog Tour Post #6

Yea! The Blog Tour post for today is up at last! 
Click here to check out the second half of my grand caving adventure! 
::pictures taken by my adopted mom::

Several Happy Saturday things:
1. There’s snow!
2. I’ve completed my goals for the weeks, so now I can focus on anything I want to (which will probably be working on the Tour posts for next week).
3. I had a good week filled to the brim with work, business and fun. 
4. It’s December and December is just a wonderful, beautiful and crazy-busy month. 
5. Christmas music. What else can I say?

What are some things you’ve been enjoying about today, this week, or this month?

**Please Note: I do not necessarily endorse everything on the blogs my blog tour is hosted on**

Blog Tour Stop #5 // Life

I am currently chowing down on my breakfast as I write. I have to get to work really soon, we’ve got a huge, huge project going on! The work I was doing yesterday was kinda mindless and the person I working with was like “Tell me about your favorite author.” And so I did. Well, actually I told her about my three favorite authors. For about two hours. With lovely Christmas music in the background.  I kept finishing, but then she would ask another question and she told me she really did just like listening. Since I had been extremely tired before we started talking about books and writing, and she said that she could visualize the stories I was telling her (I ended up telling about some of the books those authors had written), I continued. 

And I just realized that yesterday I said that stop number five for the blog tour was up. Actually, that was stop number four. Today is stop number five. Check it out here!  I had a lot of fun writing this post, it’s all about my first experience caving. You should totally go and read it! And don’t forget to enter this giveaway, peoples!

Speaking of the Blog Tour, I have a question: So, since the tour started I’ve been getting hundreds of more views each day than normal. Plus I told y’all in this post I was doing something special for the blog tour and anyone who left a comment on one of the posts would be automatically entered into a giveaway. And yet I’m pretty sure y’all have been leaving less comments than normal. Huh? What’s up with that, folks? 😉

Anywho, I’ve got to get to work now, so good-bye for now! What do you have in store for today? Busy? Fun? Restful? 

Blog Tour #4 – My Adopted Parents and Me

Guess what I get to talk about on the Blog Tour today? My adopted parents*! Yea! And in honor of that, I thought I would share some more fun stuff here, because really, one post can’t come near to covering it all! To see the Blog Tour stop for today (which I must say is quite interesting!) Click here.  
(*I’m going to drop the word ‘adopted’ for the rest of this post)

My dad and I working on fiber-glassing our newest dinosaur model. – May 2013

 My dad is so extremely talented! I can’t even imagine having as much artistic ability as he does. Watching him build the dinosaur model and getting to help with it left me pretty much in awe. He would just look at it and say “This doesn’t look quite right” and next thing I knew he’d have the problem fixed until the beast actually looked as if he were alive! Not only can he build dino models, he’s also a great taxidermist, can paint absolutely beautiful pictures, does amazing drawings, writes songs that are stunning, can play instruments crazy-well, built his own log cabin, and… I think you get the picture. 🙂 He’s also so nice and a totally great people-person. Kids absolutely love him, well, just about everyone does, actually!

My mom and I all happy when getting to see a proof copy of our book for the first time! May 2013

I have so much fun when I’m with my mom! When we’re at the Museum I have the best time hanging out with her. Mom and I laugh together a whole lot, it seems we can always find something funny. She’s also a great cook, I have fun sitting in her kitchen and watching her when we’re at the cabin. She makes one of the best-looking cakes ever called a chocolate-mayonnaise cake. She’s extremely adventuresome, I get to hear all sorts of tales of her doing things like kayaking through the Everglades, journeying across the USA with dinosaurs, camping in Alaska and that kind of stuff. She’s also amazing with taking pictures, something which was very evident while trying to find pictures for this post because I have hardly any of the two of us together! She and Dad work together as such a great team. I can’t imagine keeping track of everything like she does. She is amazing!

Me almost crying with joy while holding my books the night of our book debut. There had been a problem with the printing and we hadn’t known if they would be ready in time. – June 2013

 They both have been very supportive and helpful with me as far as my writing goes. They’ve encouraged me, mentored me, co-authored a book with me and everything in-between. I’m so thankful to have them as my parents!

My parents and me the night the book was released, after everything was done. We’re all exhausted! – June 2013
I love getting to stay with them, being with them always gives me new ideas for books! 
My mom and me at the Mega Answers Conference. – July 2013
Whether going to a conference, building a dinosaur model, staying at the Museum, being on live TV, camping out in a cave or just being at the cabin, life with my parents is very fun and adventure-filled! I thank God for them each day and feel so blessed to have be able to call two of my biggest heroes my parents. 
My dad and I being interviewed on live TV. – August 2013 

What about you? Does this sound like an exciting life to you? And make sure you don’t miss out on today’s Blog Tour post!  And, remember, you can still enter this giveaway!

Cricket and me driving to the Museum after they picked me up at the airport. – October 2013

Please Note: I only talk about my ‘adopted’ parents in this post, not my other family, because that’s what this Blog Tour is about. Just know my other family is totally, 100% amazing as well and I could go on and on about them! I’m so very, very blessed to have two families!

**Please Note: I do not necessarily endorse everything on the blogs during this tour**

Blog Tour Post #3 Is Live!

What about you, have you ever wondered why different things are important? Such as, why does it matter if Creation or Evolution is true? We’re here and we’re alive, so that’s what counts, right? Check out my post for today’s stop on the Tour to see for yourself and to read a review for Cave Secrets of the Pterodactyl! Note: Due to the use of real people in my books, some people don’t realize it’s fiction, which is what happened in this review! It’s actually a pretty cool twist so make sure to check it out! Leah did a totally great job with the post and I think it looks great on her blog. I’m so thankful she’s hosting me. 😉 
Working on updating my blog at the hotel in June, the day of my book debut. 

Remember to check out this post for the schedule for the Blog Tour and to find out how you can be entered to win a prize just by leaving a comment or sharing this post! 

For a chance to enter a Giveaway for one of my books, check out this post!

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Blog Tour Kick-Off and Schedule – Cave Secrets of the Pterodactyl

Peoples! Welcome to the amazing and extraordinarily thrilling kick-off for our sensational December Blog Tour for my book, Cave Secrets of the Pterodactyl! I chose December for the Blog Tour, because I wanted to be able to do something special for y’all, and hey, a blog tour is a pretty special thing!

This tour will contain Behind-the-scenes, Giveaways and Guessing Games, oh my! It will also have Excerpts from CSotP (that’s how I’ll refer to Cave Secrets of the Pterodactyl from time to time), Never-before-told-stories and lots of chances for Interaction. 

I’m so pumped about the next three weeks. Folks, you read that right Three Weeks! Every day (except for Sundays) there will be a stop for the CSotP Blog Tour! There will also be a True or False question at the end of each post which you can answer in the comments section, and then find the true answer (along with the next question) on the next stop for the Tour. 

And speaking of commenting… Here’s some pretty cool news: Each comment y’all leave on any of the CSotP Blog Tour Posts, will be entered into a drawing. Then at the end of the Tour, I’ll draw two winners who will then be able to pick any of Buddy Davis’s DVD’s or CD’s (restrictions may apply) for their prize! Yes, folks. Any and all of your comments are entered into the drawing. 

Here are some ideas for your comments: 1. A regular comment on the post (if you think of two comments for a post, that’s wonderful, but please don’t break a single comment in half to get more points). 2. A  question about the post. 3. Answering the True or False question4. Answering the question I put at the end of each post.

And to get more publicity for the Tour (the more people, the more fun, right?) 5. I’ve decided that if any of you share info about the blog tour (including a link to one of the posts), whether it be on Google+, Facebook, your blog, twitter, or any other social media, just leave a comment saying “I tweeted this link” or whatever you did, and you’ll not only be entered into the drawing for the Comments contest, but you’ll also be entered into a contest for the Sharing contest. The name that gets drawn during the Sharing contest will also get to pick any of Buddy Davis’s DVD’s or CD’s (restrictions may apply) for their prize! Of course, if you also want to leave a link to where you posted about the tour, this little author would be delighted to visit! 😉 

What do you think? True or False? Find out on the Tour Stop tomorrow!

Blog Tour Schedule
Note, I do not necessarily endorse all the content on these blogs. 
December 2nd Aidyl at: Noveltea – Blog Tour Kick-off & Schedule 

December 3rd Caitlin at: Pen Over Sword: The Official Blog of Caitlin Hensley  – Giveaway &What Inspired CSotP

December 4th Leah at: Apassionata  – Review & Why Creation?

December 5th Bethany at: The Ramblings of a Young Author   – My Adopted Parents & Me

December 6th Journey at: A Writers World – Caving Experience

December 7th Natalie at: Reading, Writing and Somewhat Profound Thoughts – Name Changes 

December 9th Heather at: My Writing Desk  – Giveaway & Character Interview with Lydia  

December 10th Bekah at: Family, Friends, and Writing  My Favorite Part of Writing

December 11th Bethany & Becca at: Clever Bunnies  – My Editor & Illustrator

December 12th Sara at: A Slightly Nerdy Bookworm  – Giveaway, Review &
Get to know the author: Top Five Books as a Middle Grader 

December 13th Tessa Emily at: Christ is Write – Excerpt from CSotP- Plot A

December 14th Katie at: Whisperings of the Pen  –Excerpt from CSotP- Plot B

December 16th Rosie at: Writings of Rosie  – Character Interview with CJ 

December 17th Emily at: Emily Rachelle Writes  – Giveaway & 
About Answers in Genesis Part 1

December 18th Kiri Liz at: Lianne Taimenlore  – About Answers in Genesis Part 2

December 19th Tairssa at: In The Bookcase  – My Favorite Characters 

December 20th Aaron at: Landmarks  – Author Interview 

December 21st Aidyl at: Noveltea  – Blog Tour Wrap Up 

So, which one of these stops are you most excited about? 😉

About the Author: 
Whether she’s building life-sized models of dinosaurs with her adopted family, trying her hand at cooking at a private retreat, or living in a barn, author Aidyl Ewoh (aka Lydia Howe) seems to have adventures follow her wherever she goes. Check out her book, Cave Secrets of the Pterodactyl and find out more about her at her Blog, Facebook, and Twitter
About the Book:
Cave Secrets of the Pterodactyl:Traveling with her parents brings Lydia, daughter of explorer and singer Buddy Davis, plenty of adventure and mystery – from hidden clues in bookstores to cave paintings deep underground. 

*Sorry, but Giveaways & Prizes are only open to people in the USA. If you’re not in the USA and you win a prize, I can still send it to a address in the USA, if you give me one.*