Gary and Mary Parker // Fossil Hunting

Y’all, yesterday was amazing. After a Sunday morning devotions time here at the hotel with our business conference, I got to head off to spend the day with my adopted* parents (who traveled down and joined us yesterday). There were several different things that we discussed doing, but in the end, we decided to go and visit some of their good friends, Gary and Mary Parker. (Dad and Mom were planning on visiting them sometime, just not necessarily on my only free day. I really wanted to meet the Parkers though, so I was excited! It’s actually what I asked to do. 🙂 
Thanks to Dad for taking all the pictures, and Mom for sending them to me!
It was about a two hour drive to their house, which is actually a mini museum as well. It was so very cool! Dad calls Mrs. Parker ‘The pioneer of Creation Workshops’ because she’s one of the first people to ever do them. 

They took us around the museum showing us what I would guess to be thousands of fossils. Of course my parents had already seen it, but it had been a while, and everything was new to me. Mr. and Mrs. Parker are so very knowledgeable about fossils, it was seriously astonishing to me. 

After hanging out for a bit, we went and ate a late lunch which was so yummy. I thoroughly enjoyed the food, along with the conversation. Mr. Parker (which is actually Dr. Parker) had lots of really interesting stuff to say. 
Heading back to their house/museum after lunch, we discussed if we should go back to the hotel or hang around a bit longer and go down to Peace River to do some fossil hunting. Thankfully, we all agreed fossil hunting was the right thing to do. (As you’ve probably guessed by the pictures… 🙂 Crazy enough, this was the first time I’ve ever go fossil hunting. It. Was. Amazing! 
 It reminded me 100% of the books I’ve read about panning for gold. In fact, I could almost imagine I was in Alaska or some such place, doing just that. It’s no wonder there was the gold rush! For me, just knowing I could put a shovel full of the rocks/mud from the bottom of my sieve and then swish out the mud and sort through the rocks and come up with a handful of fossils was crazy
I really had no clue what I was doing when I got down there, and since everyone else was a veteran fossil-hunter, I felt a little bit lost. They didn’t really give many instructions to begin with, so I just dug in (literally!) and then followed their directions when they told me to do something differently. 
When I came up with a fossilized shark tooth and part of a mastodons or elephants tooth on the first try, I was shocked. I had no clue that there were so many fossils just laying there! Mr. Parker stood next to me as I went through my sieve, and pointed out how to find the fossils. He was a great teacher! Then, after I got a good idea of what I was looking for, I would hand him the different pieces I thought were fossils and he would tell me if I was right and what they most likely were. As I said, he was an expert. 
You know when you were a kid going to the doctor and you were utterly surprised at how they could tell what was wrong with you by just looking at your month and ears and such? Well, that’s how I felt with the Parker’s knowledge of fossils. 🙂 

In the end, I had my pouch almost filled up with fossils (see the pouches we all have on? Those are the Parker’s, and it’s what they wear while fossil hunting to slip the fossils into). Along with a few fossils given to me by Mrs. Parker and a friend of theirs who joined us, I got:
*Bird fossils
*Fish fossils 
*Shark teeth fossils
*Ray fish fossils
*Blow fish fossils 
*Aligator teeth fossils
*Turtle fossils
*Elephant and/or Mastodon fossils (they weren’t big enough to tell)
*Glyptodont fossils 
*Fossils that we couldn’t tell what they were

So yeah, pretty stunning, right? Now, mind you, these were small fossils, but really, really cool anyway! 🙂 
What about you? Have you ever been fossil hunting? Do you think you’d like to go fossil hunting? 

*I’m leaving out the ‘adopted’ for the rest of the post 🙂

Commenting Contest Winners

Is anyone else freaking out over how time flies by? Goodness, y’all, Christmas is in two little, itty bitty days! 

The first post of the Blog Tour that we recently finished up, I posted this:

Here’s some pretty cool news: Each comment y’all leave on any of the CSotP Blog Tour Posts, will be entered into a drawing. Then at the end of the Tour, I’ll draw two winners who will then be able to pick any of Buddy Davis’s DVD’s or CD’s (restrictions may apply) for their prize! 
I’ve decided that if any of you share info about the blog tour (including a link to one of the posts), whether it be on Google+, Facebook, your blog, twitter, or any other social media, just leave a comment saying “I tweeted this link” or whatever you did, and you’ll not only be entered into the drawing for theComments contest, but you’ll also be entered into a contest for the Sharing contest. The name that gets drawn during the Sharing contest will also get to pick any of Buddy Davis’s DVD’s or CD’s (restrictions may apply) for their prize! Of course, if you also want to leave a link to where you posted about the tour, this little author would be delighted to visit! 😉 

Today I had the delightful task of going through and writing down the names of everyone who commented. With over 120 comments, that took a little while! Thankfully I had Christmas music playing in the background so it was very enjoyable. =) 
By the way, thank you so very much to the sixteen bloggers who hosted me during the tour. 
Y’all rock! 
Over 120 comments 
After I wrote all the names of the commenters down, I kept reaching in to pull out the winners, but I could hardly make myself do it! Finally, after reaching in about a dozen times (but never pulling out and looking at a name), took the box into my sister and asked her to not look in and just randomly give me two names. “What is this all about?” 
“It’s for my blog.” 
Well, the first name she pulled out was… Aaron Smith! He’s one of the bloggers who took part in the Tour, so that was cool.
Reaching back in she pulled out another name… Rebecca! (A girl I ‘met’ doing NaNo in 2012, since then she’s left tons of nice comments on here and even did an Author Interview!)
Then for the winner of the ‘sharing contest’, which was really hard to figure out, because hardly anyone left a comment when they shared the link. Pretty much, I just put names in of the people who I noticed shared stuff, such as on Google+ or Twitter. 
And the winner was… David Mabe! I was happy to see his name drawn, because he pretty much commented on my stuff ever. single. post. And not only did he guess the true or false questions, he often commented on Facebook which was extra nice! 

The winners
So, Aaron, Rebecca and David, please email me at: aidylewoh (at) gmail (dot) com and let me know which of Buddy Davis’s DVD’s or CD’s you would like. Also, if you want to leave a comment on here, I’m pretty sure the other readers would enjoy knowing what you chose! (I’ll need to hear back from you within the next few days for you to claim your prize. If I haven’t heard back from you within a week, I’ll be drawing another winner.)

Find the AiG store Here. Now, of course this is just me, and go ahead and choose anything you want, but I think his totally amazing and spectacular new CD, Songs of Life, Love and Faith and his newest and over-the-top adventurous, DVD Extreme Caving, are some of the best things out there. And I don’t mean just of ‘Buddy Davis’. I mean out of any and everything in the AiG store (which TOTALLY rocks, by the way). Oh yes, and have I mentioned that his new CD has a song about me on it? Melts my heart every time I hear it. 😉

Congratulations you guys! Thank you to everyone who took part in the tour and left a comment! The comments really make me happy. 

So, what about you? What Buddy Davis CD or DVD would you chose if you could pick any of them? 

Blog Tour #4 – My Adopted Parents and Me

Guess what I get to talk about on the Blog Tour today? My adopted parents*! Yea! And in honor of that, I thought I would share some more fun stuff here, because really, one post can’t come near to covering it all! To see the Blog Tour stop for today (which I must say is quite interesting!) Click here.  
(*I’m going to drop the word ‘adopted’ for the rest of this post)

My dad and I working on fiber-glassing our newest dinosaur model. – May 2013

 My dad is so extremely talented! I can’t even imagine having as much artistic ability as he does. Watching him build the dinosaur model and getting to help with it left me pretty much in awe. He would just look at it and say “This doesn’t look quite right” and next thing I knew he’d have the problem fixed until the beast actually looked as if he were alive! Not only can he build dino models, he’s also a great taxidermist, can paint absolutely beautiful pictures, does amazing drawings, writes songs that are stunning, can play instruments crazy-well, built his own log cabin, and… I think you get the picture. 🙂 He’s also so nice and a totally great people-person. Kids absolutely love him, well, just about everyone does, actually!

My mom and I all happy when getting to see a proof copy of our book for the first time! May 2013

I have so much fun when I’m with my mom! When we’re at the Museum I have the best time hanging out with her. Mom and I laugh together a whole lot, it seems we can always find something funny. She’s also a great cook, I have fun sitting in her kitchen and watching her when we’re at the cabin. She makes one of the best-looking cakes ever called a chocolate-mayonnaise cake. She’s extremely adventuresome, I get to hear all sorts of tales of her doing things like kayaking through the Everglades, journeying across the USA with dinosaurs, camping in Alaska and that kind of stuff. She’s also amazing with taking pictures, something which was very evident while trying to find pictures for this post because I have hardly any of the two of us together! She and Dad work together as such a great team. I can’t imagine keeping track of everything like she does. She is amazing!

Me almost crying with joy while holding my books the night of our book debut. There had been a problem with the printing and we hadn’t known if they would be ready in time. – June 2013

 They both have been very supportive and helpful with me as far as my writing goes. They’ve encouraged me, mentored me, co-authored a book with me and everything in-between. I’m so thankful to have them as my parents!

My parents and me the night the book was released, after everything was done. We’re all exhausted! – June 2013
I love getting to stay with them, being with them always gives me new ideas for books! 
My mom and me at the Mega Answers Conference. – July 2013
Whether going to a conference, building a dinosaur model, staying at the Museum, being on live TV, camping out in a cave or just being at the cabin, life with my parents is very fun and adventure-filled! I thank God for them each day and feel so blessed to have be able to call two of my biggest heroes my parents. 
My dad and I being interviewed on live TV. – August 2013 

What about you? Does this sound like an exciting life to you? And make sure you don’t miss out on today’s Blog Tour post!  And, remember, you can still enter this giveaway!

Cricket and me driving to the Museum after they picked me up at the airport. – October 2013

Please Note: I only talk about my ‘adopted’ parents in this post, not my other family, because that’s what this Blog Tour is about. Just know my other family is totally, 100% amazing as well and I could go on and on about them! I’m so very, very blessed to have two families!

**Please Note: I do not necessarily endorse everything on the blogs during this tour**

More Creation Museum Pictures

Some more pictures from this week. 🙂 Including my beautiful dinosaur I helped make, and a close up of the scales I spent days working on.
Helping my adopted dad set up and get his instruments tuned for his daily concert here at the Creation Museum.
A delicious salad I had for supper last night.
And my adopted dad signing a bald guys head. 🙂 It was funny!

E is for Encourage

{My A to Z Challenge for 2013 has the cool theme of being chronically ill. It’s going to be fun, so stick around! 

E is for Encourage 

For about the first year I wasn’t feeling well, I was a pain to be around. I wallowed in self-pity until it began taking over. Lots of people misunderstood me and I misunderstood myself. I was used to being an active 14-year-old so having all energy zapped from me and feeling sick for months on end was a hard pill to swallow. (Yes, pun intended!)
So yes, I had reason to be distressed, but not reason to be consumed by self-pity. That was just me being selfish. And after a while I realized that. I realized it was up to me to get a different outlook on life. To do something to get my focus off of me and on to other things, other people. 
I began looking for people who I thought could do with some encouragement (mostly people in ministry), and I would pray for them and then write them little notes letting them know I thought that they were doing an amazing job. That was one of the best things I’ve ever done. Not only did it get the focus off of me, but it also gave me something to do during the long hours in the middle of the night when I couldn’t sleep. 
And that’s how I got to know my adopted parents
In reality, we aren’t legally related, but other than that they’re just like my second set of parents. (Not that I don’t have amazing real ones!) So, while working on taking my focus off of ‘me’, I got one of the most wonderful gifts I could ever imagine… A second family (where I’m an only child). We’re actually working on co-authoring some books right now, so you should be hearing more about that soon. 

More Filming Pictures

Hey, hopefully I’ll be able to post on my computer soon so that I’ll be able to tell you more, and also I can answer all your comments. 🙂

By the way, the filming was being done at my adopted parents house. (Buddy Davis is my adopted dad. He works for Answers In Genesis and is a singer, songwriter, dinosaurs sculpture, writer and actor. He travels all over the world speaking and singing.)

This week they were finishing up a movie about caving, and then starting a two DVD set with some of his songs and other cool things like that. It was so much fun getting to be there and help out some!