Questions Jesus Asks – Book Review

Questions Jesus Asks: Where Divinity Meets Humanity 
By Israel Wayne 
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First Person
One point of view (plus lots of quotes)
166 pages 
About the Book
From the back cover blurb 
Jesus rarely answered questions He was asked, but instead turned the tables by asking a piercing question of His own. Questions Jesus Asks goes through a broad spectrum of these, dealing with issues like morality, suffering, humility, faith, and much more. 

– Explore the unique paradox of Jesus’ divinity and humanity 
– Be challenged by the questions Jesus asks each of us 
– Learn more about Jesus and find the answers to your own life’s questions. 

John 17:3 tells us: “And this is eternal life, that they know you the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom you have sent.” There is no higher purpose in life than the knowledge of God through His Son. Prepare to learn far more about God and the nature of Jesus than you thought was possible. Jesus asks penetrating questions that cut passed the pretense and reach the target of our hearts.

Why I Choose this Book

I met Israel Wayne and his wife last year when I was hanging out at the Creation Museum. It turns out that they know my adopted parents so it was cool getting to talk about writing for a little while. Since then I’ve enjoyed keeping up with him via Facebook.  
Then, when I was at the Museum at the beginning of this month I posted a picture of me with my new book and Israel commented and pointed out that his book was on the same shelf, which was pretty cool. (We also have the same publisher which is so neat!) 
And as if that isn’t enough, then Israel’s book was rapidly climbing up the Amazon Kindle bestseller list in it’s category and was on sale so I snatched it up last week. 
What I Thought About the Book 

I enjoyed reading this book and I learned a lot from it. It takes different questions Jesus asked during His time on earth and expounds on them. It’s easy to tell that Israel did a lot of research while writing this book. I liked it when he would go into the Greek meanings behind the words because he did a great job in explaining them in a way that was easy to understand. Each chapter includes tons of Bible verses and quotes as well as a short personal story to introduce the topic (which were actually one of my favorite parts of the book… I like stories and it made the subject so much more relatable… ;). 
Each of the chapters were engaging and easy to read; I especially appreciated the chapters about riches and prayer. 
Since I was reading the book on my phone I’m not sure how long each chapter was, but they were short enough that I could breeze through them which made it a nice book to carry around and read when I had a few minutes to spare. 


There was one or two things I didn’t agree with 100%, but that’s a given with pretty much any book I read. Overall I really appreciated the book and the message.  
I’m giving Questions Jesus Asked four stars and I would recommend it to people twelve and older. 
About the Author 

Israel Wayne is an author and conference speaker who has a passion for defending the Christian faith and promoting a Biblical worldview. The author of Homeschooling from a Biblical Worldview and Full-Time Parenting: A Guide to Family-Based Discipleship, Israel is the Director of Family Renewal, and site editor for He is a homeschooled graduate, father of eight and author of the previous title, Questions God Asks, which was released in the Spring of 2014 by New Leaf Press.

Deep Underground

There is something about going deep underground that I can’t quite grasp. I don’t know how to explain the awing-feeling it creates, but it’s one of my favorite things to do. 
It all started almost three years ago when I went to the Cumberland Caverns with my adopted parents for a weekend of caving. As I descended the path into the belly of the earth for the first time and the cool air of the deep passageways hit me I was overcome with a feeling of amazement. 
It was like entering a new world as I realized how much beauty and intricacies and wonder there was below the ground that we carry out every day life on. 
When I went back to the caverns last year for another round of exploring and camping out deep underground I was pleasantly pleased to have all my expectations exceeded yet again. I guess caving only gets better with time.  
Yesterday I went with some of my family on a little tour of some caverns near where we live. We were only underground for about 35-40 minutes, but they were wonderful and made me shiver in happiness (and perhaps because it was about 50 degrees down there). 
It also made me almost prickly with excitement at the thought of going back to Cumberland Caverns and journeying down, down, down again. 

I’m so excited about (Lord willing) going back to Cumberland Caverns this September and drinking in the adventure again. It’s a part of my life that I am so glad I’ve had the blessing of experiencing! 

A Week at the Creation Museum

I’m excited to be spending this week at the Creation Museum. It’s always so much fun being here and  hanging out with my adopted parents and friends and of course meet new people. Plus, this is the first time I got to see my newest book, Cool Critters of the Ice Age, in a book store, so that was a special experience. 

I plan on being here through Friday, so if any of y’all are around I hope I get to see you! I will most likely be down in the Legacy Hall Bookstore after my adopted dad’s concerts each day when he signs books (Because, crazy as it seems, sometimes people like me to sign the books too! *cue happy dance*)

And as always I’m looking forward to coming up with new story ideas and writing inspiration. The Creation Museum is a perfect place to have a flood of ideas descend on me. I’ve had the plot line for the second Creation Quest book spinning around in my mind for almost two years now, but I’ve never written it. I look forward to tackling that project soon.

What about you? Have you ever been to the Creation Museum? 

The Family

Hey everyone! I figured that since it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything about my books that are published I’d give them the stage for today. I’m not sure if I’ve actually ever had all three of them on at the same time so it’s kinda like having a family reunion. I’d be delighted to hear which book looks the most interesting to you. Enjoy! 
Action Kids’ Club:

Twelve-year-old Olivia Hall’s dream of a friends’ club ends when she finds out her family is moving. Her parents assure her it’s a good thing, opening a new world of possibilities for the Halls, but going from ‘miss popular’ to ‘the new girl’ won’t be easy, and Olivia is not convinced. 

Soon she begins to realize that although her life has suddenly changed, there’s plenty of adventure to keep her on her toes. From making new friends at Forward Focus, to hanging out at the world-renowned Kids Zone, to meeting the curious head chef, she discovers that there’s much more to life – and her new surroundings – than she ever imagined. How will she make the most of these new opportunities? Or will she let them slip away? 

Action Kids’ Club will entertain both boys and girls as they learn success principles in a fun and interesting setting.

* * * 
Buddy Davis’ Cool Critters of the Ice Age 

Meet 17 strange & unusual animals: 

– The size of a car!
– Antlers over 12 feet long!
– “Monster-sized” in North and South America!

There is a lot to learn about life during the great Ice Age. Was the ice everywhere? How did these animals live? With interesting facts about glaciers, land bridges, these animals, and more – you will see an amazing world emerge from the cold and distant past! Don’t forget your coat as you step back in time to discover why the Ice Age happened and what the Bible reveals about it!

An exciting Ice Age exploration led by popular adventurer Buddy Davis!

* * * 
Cave Secrets of the Pterodactyl 
Strap on your headlamp and sling on your backpack for a great adventure deep inside a perilous cave. The adventure follows explorer Buddy Davis as he searches the inky darkness of a limestone cave for evidence that men and dinosaurs walked the earth together. Along the way, you will learn a pile of truths from God’s Word as young Lydia Davis and her family teach others about the Creator and Savior … and have a few adventures of their own. You can trust the Bible, and you will find many good reasons to do so as you join in the mystery. And be careful not to slip on that rock! How would you get out of the cave with a broken leg?

A Look at May 20th

One of the bonuses about blogging is being able to look back and see what I’ve done in the past few years. Blogging is a way that I can log the journey life has been taking me on.

Take today, May 20th, for instance. It’s a semi-normal day for me. I woke up at around six, had my devotions, read a couple of blog posts about writing, got caught up on watching my dad’s Golden Nuggets, spent about two hours getting ready for the class I help teach, as well as working on making a baby blanket while watching the DVD that we play in class. Then, I was running late on time so instead of blogging I hurried to finish a project I was working on that needed to be done before 10:00 am. After I was done with that I went downstairs and heated up some broccoli and rice for a late breakfast and then ate it while listening to a Conference Call for work.

I am home this week. Outside I can hear the birds singing and there’s a thick layer of clouds to the East but the sun is shinning and the trees look exceptionally green. Inside, my office is chilly thanks to having my windows open all night long. My office needs straightened and I still haven’t totally unpacked from my last two trips. (I have the ‘unpack-as-item-is-needed’ mentality. Except for dirty clothes, of course.) I have a list of things I need to do today including cutting grass, research, mailing some packages and that sort of happiness.

I was thinking about last year and I remembered that we had been in Europe, more specifically England, on May 20th, 2014, so I looked up the post and read through it, reliving some of the memories.

I remember bemoaning the fact that I wasn’t a skilled enough photographer to capture the beauty of London and the surrounding countryside. My visit to the breathtaking and friendly country was one of the highlights of 2014 for me.

Next I decided to look through my posts (which is very easy to do as the blogger on Bloggers Dashboard) and see where I was on May 20th, 2013. As soon as the posts around that date came up, my brain filled with memories.

I spent that week with my adopted parents and it was right after we finished building a kentrosaurus. One of the guys who works at the Creation Museum had come to pick the dinosaur up I was really happy to get to meet him because I’d heard about him and always thought his comments on my adopted parent’s Facebook page were really funny. (Since then he’s read my blog and every time I see him encourages me which is really great!)

While we were down at the museum that week we went over to some of our friend’s house for dinner and they had some other people over as well. One of those “other people” became one of my really good friends.

After looking up what I was doing on this day of 2014 and 2013, I of course wanted to see what I was doing on May 20th, of 2012. Turns out I was in California at the Mission San Juan Capistrano. I remember it having beautiful landscaping and intriguing old buildings. There was also a legend about sparrows or swallows or some such bird, but I can’t quite remember what it was all about. It was also exceedingly hot and I recall being very thirsty.  
Plus, I apparently didn’t know how to upload pictures at a proper quality and therefore even though it was brightly colored and delightful there’s only minuscule evidence of that. 
And there I had it, a quick trip back through memory lane. There are dozens of other memories that pop up when I read each of these posts. Memories regarding coffee mugs, raw meat, crashing waves, expensive cars, cute babies, thatched roofs, antique spoons, charming accents and my list could go on and on. (On a random note, while working on this post I realized that this is the first year in four years that I’ve been home on May 20th. Yay for home!) 
* * * 
What about you? What are some of your memories revolving around this time of the year? 

Release Day: Cool Critters of the Ice Age & Giveaway

Good morning! I said on Friday that I had some exciting news to share with y’all, well, this is it: 

Today is the release day of my new book, Buddy Davis’ Cool Critters of the Ice Age! Y’all, that is really thrilling! (Can you think of a better way to start off your week?) 
  This is such a cool book! With tons of pictures and drawings and fun illustrations, this book is quite different from the other ones I’ve written so it’s a new and exciting venture for me. 

It’s so colorful and full of fun facts, interesting tid-bits and will delight kids of all ages. While writing this book I had so much fun learning about the different creatures that lived during the Ice Age.

From  an armadillo-like creature the size of a car, to Baluchitherium who was twenty-six feet tall, to Titanotylopus a camel who’s fossils were found in Nebraska, I was enthralled by all the interesting creatures this book features.

It would be wonderful if y’all wanted to buy your own copy of Cool Critters of the Ice Age and you can find it here (Master Books), here (Amazon) and here (Answers in Genesis). My adopted parents (who are the co-authors of the book) and I are also hosting a giveaway. I’d be delighted if y’all would join in with celebrating our new book by pass the word along and entering the giveaway!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Creation Museum Weekend

This past weekend I got to take an unexpected trip to the Creation Museum and spend Friday and Saturday there with my adopted parents. It was so much fun! I thought I’d let y’all see some pictures of what I got to do. 🙂

Meeting a little girl with the same name as me: Lydia Joy. Such a cutie! 

My second time eating Vegemite. It’s really not as bad as I thought it would be. 
This is up on the stage after the special Christmas program my adopted dad and Ken Ham did together. The Vegemite is part of the show. 🙂 
One of my friends (who, I affectionally call my identical twin) and I trading shoes.

There were hundreds and hundreds of people at the Christmas Program and thousands at the Christmas Town. This is up in the sound-booth and you can’t see everyone. 

Me and my “identical twin” holding a snake. This if the first time Marta ^ ever held one!
My adopted mom and I holding some more snakes. 🙂 
And that, my friends, is a glimpse of my weekend. What about you? Have you ever been to the Creation Museum before? I absolutely love it there and go every chance I get. There are so many amazing and fun things to look at, do and experience. If you ever have a chance to go, I totally recommend it! And, of course if my adopted dad is there, you need to make sure to go to his concerts, they’er the best! 😉