Commenting Contest Winners

Is anyone else freaking out over how time flies by? Goodness, y’all, Christmas is in two little, itty bitty days! 

The first post of the Blog Tour that we recently finished up, I posted this:

Here’s some pretty cool news: Each comment y’all leave on any of the CSotP Blog Tour Posts, will be entered into a drawing. Then at the end of the Tour, I’ll draw two winners who will then be able to pick any of Buddy Davis’s DVD’s or CD’s (restrictions may apply) for their prize! 
I’ve decided that if any of you share info about the blog tour (including a link to one of the posts), whether it be on Google+, Facebook, your blog, twitter, or any other social media, just leave a comment saying “I tweeted this link” or whatever you did, and you’ll not only be entered into the drawing for theComments contest, but you’ll also be entered into a contest for the Sharing contest. The name that gets drawn during the Sharing contest will also get to pick any of Buddy Davis’s DVD’s or CD’s (restrictions may apply) for their prize! Of course, if you also want to leave a link to where you posted about the tour, this little author would be delighted to visit! 😉 

Today I had the delightful task of going through and writing down the names of everyone who commented. With over 120 comments, that took a little while! Thankfully I had Christmas music playing in the background so it was very enjoyable. =) 
By the way, thank you so very much to the sixteen bloggers who hosted me during the tour. 
Y’all rock! 
Over 120 comments 
After I wrote all the names of the commenters down, I kept reaching in to pull out the winners, but I could hardly make myself do it! Finally, after reaching in about a dozen times (but never pulling out and looking at a name), took the box into my sister and asked her to not look in and just randomly give me two names. “What is this all about?” 
“It’s for my blog.” 
Well, the first name she pulled out was… Aaron Smith! He’s one of the bloggers who took part in the Tour, so that was cool.
Reaching back in she pulled out another name… Rebecca! (A girl I ‘met’ doing NaNo in 2012, since then she’s left tons of nice comments on here and even did an Author Interview!)
Then for the winner of the ‘sharing contest’, which was really hard to figure out, because hardly anyone left a comment when they shared the link. Pretty much, I just put names in of the people who I noticed shared stuff, such as on Google+ or Twitter. 
And the winner was… David Mabe! I was happy to see his name drawn, because he pretty much commented on my stuff ever. single. post. And not only did he guess the true or false questions, he often commented on Facebook which was extra nice! 

The winners
So, Aaron, Rebecca and David, please email me at: aidylewoh (at) gmail (dot) com and let me know which of Buddy Davis’s DVD’s or CD’s you would like. Also, if you want to leave a comment on here, I’m pretty sure the other readers would enjoy knowing what you chose! (I’ll need to hear back from you within the next few days for you to claim your prize. If I haven’t heard back from you within a week, I’ll be drawing another winner.)

Find the AiG store Here. Now, of course this is just me, and go ahead and choose anything you want, but I think his totally amazing and spectacular new CD, Songs of Life, Love and Faith and his newest and over-the-top adventurous, DVD Extreme Caving, are some of the best things out there. And I don’t mean just of ‘Buddy Davis’. I mean out of any and everything in the AiG store (which TOTALLY rocks, by the way). Oh yes, and have I mentioned that his new CD has a song about me on it? Melts my heart every time I hear it. 😉

Congratulations you guys! Thank you to everyone who took part in the tour and left a comment! The comments really make me happy. 

So, what about you? What Buddy Davis CD or DVD would you chose if you could pick any of them? 

Blog Tour End – Giveaway Chances

How did this happen, folks? 
This is the last post for the Blog Tour. Yikes!

If y’all want to see something that excites this little ol’ author, just google ‘cave secrets of the pterodactyl’. There are 230,000 results that pop up and guess what the first 17 of them are about? Yeppers, y’all, that’s right! Thanks for helping me get my book out there! I’m so happy. 🙂 

My book, Cave Secrets of the Pterodactylis about 10,500 words long. The blog tour, which is 34 posts in all, ended up with approximately 21,000 words. Yeah… With dozens of pictures, 16 True or False questions, tons of background info, inside stories and 5 giveaways, I’ll have to say I enjoyed doing this tour a lot! The thousands of views Noveltea got, the new likes on Facebook and followers on Twitter and all the comments made it tons of fun! 

You still have a chance to enter some of the giveaways! Check them out here:

Last chance for: A Walmart gift-card + a paperback copy of Cave Secrets of the Pterodactyl and A paperback copy of Cave Secrets of the Pterodactyl + A Pocket Guide to Dinosaurs 

Also, don’t forget that today and tomorrow are your last chances to leave a comment on any (or all) of the tour posts, and you’ll get entered into a giveaway where you can pick any Buddy Davis CD’s or DVD’s (restrictions may apply).  And really, if you just want to go wild and leave a comment on every post, be my guest. Your comments brighten up my day and make me smile! 

Below, I have all the posts linked from the whole tour. If you leave a comment on this post telling me which post is your favorite (or one of your favorites, if you can’t narrow it down) and why you like it, you’ll get a double entry for the giveaway! 

The post from yesterday got posted late, so if you haven’t checked it out, you’ll want to HERE. It was an author interview that was so much fun! If you have any additional questions you’d like to see the answers to, just leave them in the comments and I’ll try and answer them in a post within the next few days. 

It’s been a great journey visiting all these blogs!

Y’all, so I went through and linked the whole Blog Tour Schedule to the correct posts on the different blogs, so when you click on them, you’ll go right to the Tour post. Also, if you click on the different dates, you’ll get linked to the posts I wrote on Noveltea during the corresponding days. 

Blog Tour Schedule
Note, I do not necessarily endorse all the content on these blogs. 
December 2nd Aidyl at: Noveltea – Blog Tour Kick-off & Schedule 

December 3rd Caitlin at: Pen Over Sword: The Official Blog of Caitlin Hensley  – Giveaway & What Inspired CSotP

December 4th Leah at: Apassionata  – Review & Why Creation?

December 5th Bethany at: The Ramblings of a Young Author   – My Adopted Parents & Me

December 6th Journey at: A Writers World – Caving Experience Part 1 

December 7th Natalie at: Reading, Writing and Somewhat Profound Thoughts – Caving Experience Part 2

December 9th Heather at: My Writing Desk  – Giveaway & Character Interview with Lydia  

December 10th Bekah at: Family, Friends, and Writing  My Favorite Part of Writing

December 11th Bethany & Becca at: Clever Bunnies  – My Editor & Illustrator

December 12th Sara at: A Slightly Nerdy Bookworm  – Giveaway, Review &
Get to know the author: Top Five Books as a Middle Grader 

December 13th Tessa Emily at: Christ is Write – Excerpt from CSotP- Plot A & Giveaway 

December 14th Katie at: Whisperings of the Pen  –Excerpt from CSotP- Plot B

December 16th Rosie at: Writings of Rosie  – Character Interview with CJ 

December 17th Emily at: Emily Rachelle Writes  – Giveaway &
About Answers in Genesis Part 1

December 18th Kiri Liz at: Lianne Taimenlore  – About Answers in Genesis Part 2

December 19th Tairssa at: In The Bookcase  – My Favorite Characters 

December 20th Aaron at: Landmarks  – Author Interview 

December 21st Aidyl at: Noveltea  – Blog Tour Wrap Up 

Don’t forget to vote over on the side polls! 🙂 

Blog Tour Stop #14

I know I keep saying “this post was so much fun to write” about my different Blog Tour posts, but it’s true! They were a lot of fun to write. Here’s another one of my top-favorite-tour-posts-to-write. This one is about how I got introduced to Answers in Genesis. Read it HERE. {There’s also a giveaway, folks!}

Looking back over my posts, I’ve been realizing a lot of them have been pretty long. So, this one is nice and short. (Not that I can say the same about the blog tour post…) Have a great day, y’all! Only 8 days until Christmas! 

*Please Note: I do not necessarily endorse everything on the blogs hosting me during the tour*

Blog Tour Stop #12 // SIX MONTH BIRTHDAY!!!!

Oh my goodness, y’all!!! Guess what today is? Guess! Guess! Guess!!! Hummm… Let me give you a hint: It’s the 14th day of a certain month. And this certain month is six months after another certain month. And on the 14th day of that month was one of the best days of my life. 
You’re right! Today my darling little book is Six Months Old! Yea!!! 
My book has been doing well. She’s been a little fussy recently, but that’s ok since she’s been teething. She’s really good at communicating, I can hardly believe she’s only six months old! She had a rather hard time when she was just a couple months old and meanie that I am ended up letting the publisher change her name. I think she had an identity crisis, but she’s over it now and the only thing to remind me of her former names are a couple of pictures of her with it. 
(I’m making fun of myself and the big deal this is to me, if any of you are confused… 😉
Two of my cousins being total sweethearts and buying the book on the night of it’s release
I actually hadn’t even planed to have the Blog Tour match up like this, but I’m thrilled that it did. Wowzers, six months that I’ve had my book now. So exciting, right? And to help celebrate, we have a lot of giveaways going on right now! The more entries, the happier you make this little author, so why not check some of them out? And remember, you’re also entered into two different giveaways when you leave a comment, and yet another giveaway when you share any of the posts, tweets, updates, etc… on any social media (just let me know you did it so I can enter you into the giveaway!). 
So, all in all, that’s six giveaways going on right now, which works out perfectly since this is the six-month birthday. Why don’t you check out some of the giveaways? Several of them have free entries, where all you have to do is leave a comment or click a button, other entries you have to follow my blog, twitter, or some such thing. 
The books make great Christmas presents, snowy–afternoon reads, pictures when framed on the wall, conversation starters, beautiful center pieces for any room and much, much more. (Ok, I might be a little biased here…) And by the way, even if you already have a copy of Cave Secrets of the Pterodactyl, today is a special day, go ahead and enter for a second copy! There are always friends and family members who you can give it to. 😉 
Please celebrate with me now and have some fun! 

Make sure you check out THIS blog! Katie will have her post up a little later on today. It’s one of those posts that was fun to write and includes an excerpt from the plot b part of my book. 

What about you? Is today a special day in your life as well? What is it?

*Please Note: I do not necessarily endorse everything on the blogs hosting me during the tour*

Important Blog Update // 21 Before 21 Results

Wow, two posts in one day. Amazing, right? Actually, I’m posting this because I’m switching around some of the info on the header of Noveltea to make room for some new goals and challenges I’m going to have next year. 
First of all, I moved all the Where Dandelions Grow info to the tab that says My Writing. I also took a few moments to update that tab. Next I’m changing my tab that says 21 Before 21 to “Birthday Challenges” so, each year (that I feel like it) I can add a new challenge. (Such as this year can be 22 Before 22.) There will be a link to this page in that tab, then when I come up with my challenge for this year of my life, it will be in there as well. 
So, without further ado, here’s the results from my 21 Before 21 Challenge. Sadly, I didn’t get nearly as much of the list accomplished as I had been hoping on. Still, I’m thrilled with how much I got done during the 20th year of my life. 😉 

{Beginning 1-23-13, Ending 9-29-13 = 279 Days} YES = 13 NO = 8
1. Walk 100 miles (not all at once) {I stopped keeping track, I’m guessing it didn’t happen ~12-12-13}
2. Get Where Dandelions Grow published {When I got a chance to get a book traditionally published, I jumped at it and put WDG to the side. I hope to pull it back out at the beginning of 2014. ~12-12-13}
3. Host a writing contest on my blog {Compeleted between 2-11-13 through 3-6-13: See it herehereherehere, and here.}

4. Work up to 1,000 words of quality writing in a 15 minute time period {Completed 3-8-13}

5. Put marbles (etc…) in a jar that count out until I’m 26 (it’s an inside thing) {Did not do this, although I’m still planning on doing it once we move, which I thought would be before my birthday, but will most likely be early in 2014. I might do weeks instead of days though. ~12-12-13}

6. Read 30 non-fiction books {Again, this didn’t happen. I did read/listen/watch a good amount of not fiction stuff though. I didn’t keep track. ~12-12-13}

7. Write at least 100 words on my TGS WIP every day {Completed!}

9. Go to Hawaii {Completed}

10. Read 3 books about WW2 {Completed}

11. Re-write Star Glow {Nope. Again, set aside this project to work on CSotP. ~12-12-13}

13. Find a solid answer for my JM book {Yes. Pretty much. The answer was ‘no’, not what I was looking for, but better than hanging in there. ~12-12-13}

14. Get my drivers license {No. Let’s not talk about it…. ~12-12-13}

15. Have five published authors gust post/be interviewed on my blog {Feb. 25March 13March 19Sept. 14thSept. 28th}

16. Get a first draft written for my goals for the next five years {First draft, yes. It still needs a lot more work! ~12-12-13}

17. Read 2 books about Lyme Disease {Completed 2-2-13}

18. Reach 75,000 words in this years’ journal {I would say in a round about way, yes. Not what I was planning though! ~12-12-13}

19. Write down amazing things I’ve done, at least 101 things {Completed during the first week of February, 2013}

20. Track my food for 100 days {Nope! I got to the point that I was eating so healthily I didn’t see the need. Since then I slipped back in my habits, so I’m tracking the food again. ~12-12-13}

21. Write 2 in depth character sketches {Completed 2-2-13 = TGS: Nicolette & Raquel}

Finally! Mega Conference Week

Ah, yes. So here I am, finally getting ready to tell you some stuff about the conference from last week. It was epic. The end. No, I’m just kidding, cause yes it was epic, but that’s not the end, that’s just the beginning, and if I’m not careful here, this post is going to go on way to long, so I will shorten it.

a cool thing from a neat store nearby

We left our house at 5:47 Monday morning. (Yes, now y’all realize why I say I’m going to have to cut out some info.) ::Insert big chunk of information dissipating into thin air right now:: ….So, after the most exciting car ride of my life we were at the conference center by 4:00 p.m. to get set up.*

Setting up the sound and all for my adopted dad’s** music was a lot of work, and so we didn’t have time to go get supper before the meetings started at 6:30. Plus there were  lots of people who wanted to meet dad and kept coming up to the stage (while he was doing his soundcheck) to get him to sign stuff and get pictures. It was sweet. There was even one guy who wanted Dad to sign his guitar.

When Dad was finished with his singing, he was telling everyone about his DVD’s and CD’s, and he told them about my book as well. He was like “My daughter, Lydia (Note: That’s the name I published the book under), just had her first book published and…” And then he told them a little bit about it and had me stand up (I was in the front row) and turn around and wave to everyone. It was pretty cool.

I asked for green beans instead of
noodles at Red Lobster. Boy was it yummy!

So people started buying my book. That was a wonderful feeling. Now depending on who you are, this may or may not seem like a lot to you, but between Monday night and Thursday morning, I sold around 80 books. I was maybe a little bit happy about that. (That seemed like a lot to me, in case you were wondering.)

All throughout the conference I had people coming up to me wanting to talk to me, have me sign their books and even get their pictures taken with me. I was somewhat in shock by how many people actually knew who I was by the end of the meetings, and how many of them wanted to talk with me. And goodness! They wanted to get their picture taken with little ol’ me! That was about beyond my comprehension. Oh yes, and one of the crowning moments of the week: A family came up and wanted me to sign the t-shirts they were wearing. No joke. It’s like “Wow, I think I really am an author!”

The whole week… It was seriously a dream come true, but I didn’t realize it would be coming true this soon. Plus, for some odd reason, I always thought I’d feel different or something when I finally was a published author. I thought… Well, I’m not even sure what I thought. Maybe I thought that I would feel like I had ‘arrived’ or some such thing. Now I’m realizing that most likely, I’ll always be striving to reach the next level and I’ll never actually be ‘satisifed’ where I am. Not that I’m not happy with where I am, just that I feel the pushing and tugging and yanking to do more. To climb higher. To accomplish what I was born to do. Yeah, major bunny trail, right there ^ folks!

a group of kids wanting to talk to dad

There were also some people who wanted to take us out to eat throughout the week. Ok, so they actually wanted to take my parents out to eat, and since our family is a package deal, I got to tag along. Most of the time I didn’t say much when we were out with other people, it was more interesting to just listen to the conversation instead of joining in.

On Wednesday was my dad’s birthday. Ken Ham had him come up front and everyone sang happy birthday to him. That was cool.

One day during an afternoon break, we drove up into the mountains so we could savor the beauty. It was really peaceful and I enjoyed it immensely. I’d heard my parents talk about the Smokey Mountains for several years (they’ve been at the same conference center before, I’ve just never been along with them), so it was nice finally being able to experience them for myself. Plus, just being in the car with the windows down was wonderful, because I can’t even describe to you how much I like having the wind blowing in my face… It’s just amazing.

in the Smokey Mountains 

Sometimes you meet someone and you’re like “Wow, we just connected really quickly and you’re so much fun and I just want to talk with you and meet up with you again and goodness, you’re a very interesting person and whoa, we’ve got stuff in common, why can’t we live closer to each other and that is one of the cutest kids I’ve ever seen, can I hold him?” Or, maybe you’re not like that when you meet up with certain people, but I am. Or at least I have been like that once.

I met Susan a couple of weeks ago when I was down at the Creation Museum with my parents (actually, I met her when we were over at her in-law’s house for supper). She’s amazing. Therefore, I was totally thrilled when I found out that she was going to be at the conference along with her adorable kid:

Yep, that kid. ^ Adorable, right? I know, now y’all are wondering if I really did meet him, or if I just googled “top five cutest kids in America” and his picture popped up. Well, deep breath everyone, but here’s proof: 

Getting to hold him

 See, so he really is my friend. And not only did I get to hold him at the conference, but I actually got to take care of him for a little while. No joke, peoples. This little guy was in my specific care for probably about 45 minutes. Yep! That’s right folks, aren’t you wishing you could have been in my shoes now? I had a whole lot of fun. (Alright, in all reality he was sleeping the whole time, but it was still cool!)

Wow, I’ve got a ton more to say. Like a ton. But, I realize this post is getting overly long, so with this happy note, I will end my saga of how I survived the conference.

*The car ride wasn’t really that exciting, only it did rain most of the time.

**For the rest of the post I’m going to drop the ‘adopted’ before I speak of my adopted parents, since it should be obvious who I’m talking about.

Answers Mega Conference

Guess where I get to go next month? Answers Mega Conference! Yikes! Can you imagine how much fun that’s going to be? Me getting to sell my books? Fun, fun, fun! It will be a really amazing experience, because I’ll be able to learn so much. I love learning about Creation and other christian apologetic type thingys…
Goodness, I must have worn off some on my puppy, Novel, because she even likes that kind of stuff. I kid you not. Look at her. That’s a DVD of Ken Ham giving a talk. Novel’s got her head resting on the computer so she can see better. Crazy, right? 

Maybe Novel likes all the references Mr. Ham gives to the different dog kinds. Or maybe she likes it because she got to visit the Creation Museum when she was a little bitty puppy (not that she was ever actually that small). Or maybe she figures that since her name is Novel and she belongs to a writer, she should try and be interested in the things that I’m interested in. Anyway. Maybe the real answer is that she doesn’t understand of think of any of those things and she was just trying to figure out what was going on. That explanation sounds boring though, so I think I’ll go with one of my other ones.

So, are any of you going to be at the Mega Conference? It would be great to get to meet some of y’all there!