First Ever Book Review About Dating? (I think so, anyway….)

She’s Got the Wrong Guy

BY: Deepak Reju

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First Person • Nonfiction • One Point of View • 162 Pages



About the Book (Backcover Blurb):

Why do the nicest women pick guys who let them down for one reason or another? The answers are not always straightforward. For some women, the issue is as simple as not really thinking through what they’re looking for or should be looking for in a man. Others feel they’d rather be with someone (and pretty much anyone will do) than be alone, while still others are unconsciously replicating patterns of bad relationships they learned in childhood or from traumatic experiences and don’t know how to stop the cycle.
Deepak Reju, writing from his years of experience as a pastor and a counselor, shares with women his perspective on how to assess a relationship’s strengths from the beginning, how to identify possible pitfalls, and how to have the courage to not just “settle” but to wait for a relationship that will be a blessing to both of you.


Why I Choose this Book:

Reading the backcover blurb brings up questions I’ve asked multiple times. Plus, the book (and especially the cover) seemed interesting.

What I Thought about this Book:

I was somewhat apprehensive when I went into this book – having no clue if I’d agree with the author on any or all of the points, but also extremely eager to read the book and figure out what the author had in mind. I certainly didn’t want a book of fluff, and I don’t think anyone would accuse this book of that. Mr. Reju dove right into the thick of it, and with examples and a grace-filled tone kept the book serious and on mark the entire time.

Part 1 Talks about what some of the problems with dating are today…. Such as people look at marriage and dating differently than they used to and so everyone is kinda scrambling around trying to figure out where we fit in. Or the fact that some people have wrong motives in a relationship. Or that some people have made marriage a sort of idol in their lives. It was all very spot-on and Mr. Reju crammed a lot of info into a few pages without making it feel rushed.

Part 2 Discusses ten different types of guys to avoid dating. Mr. Reju shared examples of a couple (or sometimes two) for each of the examples. I’m guessing the examples came from people who he’d known personally or possibly even counseled (or wished he could have), but he never specifically said. The ten types include guys like The Control Freak, The Unbeliever, The Angry Man, The New Convert, and The Passive Man. Again, what was said in this section was so good and if I had friends in dating relationships that matched any of these examples I’d totally want to give them this book.

Part 3 Was very short at the end and is about finding the right (Godly) guy. It also talked about how it’s okay to wait sometimes, and that waiting is a part of life and can help build our character and turn us into the person God wants us to be.

Overall I enjoyed reading the book, learned from it, and found it really interesting.


At this point, I really can’t think of anything I disagreed with in the book. It does talk quite openly about temptations that dating couples (and really anyone) have, so, therefore, I wouldn’t recommend this book to young teens without parental guidance.


I’m giving She’s Got the Wrong Guy 4 out of 5 stars, and 8 out of 10

*I received this book from Litfuse in exchange for an honest review

Fish Eyeballs, Temper Tantrums, & Snippets {Cue Raquel}

Y’all. The last week I’ve been having a delightful time working on the third draft of Echoes. I haven’t been so excited about the project since back before my computer (and a month’s worth of work) was stolen in May. But now I’m back in the swing of things and YAY!

To celebrate, I thought I’d share a snippet that I wrote last night. For those of you who don’t know, Echoes is the story of sixteen-year-old Nicolette and Raquel – identical twins who live in the country of Kios, where twins (echoes) are outcasts. They masquerade as one girl, Rylie, who is also the crown princess. Only a few trusted servants know their true identity.

This snippet is told from Raquel’s perspective, and as you’ll soon be able to tell, she has a bit of an attitude issue toward her father, the king.

Screen Shot 2017-03-18 at 9.10.09 AM

I inhaled deeply, the smell of burnt fish making me instantly wish I hadn’t done so.
“Servants fare.” Wren placed a hearty portion in front of me. “I’d imagine you wish you were dining with your father tonight.”
I snorted. “I’d rather survive on goopy fish eyes and dried rice pudding than spend an extra moment in his presence.”
“Raquel.” Teah’s voice held more rebuke than I felt warranted.
I lowered my head. “I don’t mean to speak disrespectfully of him-.” I stopped when Uncle Izaac lifted his all-knowing eyes to me. “Alright. So mayhaps I did mean to speak disrespectfully. But I have reason!” I hit the table with my fist. “You know I’m justified.”
“Justified or not, bitterness will never produce anything lovely.” Uncle Izaac scooped some blackened fish onto his trencher. “You, my dear, have so much potential. You can’t trade your possibilities for the satisfaction of holding on to the wrongs that have been done to you.”
Resting my elbows on the table, I leaned my chin onto my hands. “He doesn’t deserve anything better.” I scrunched my nose at how whiny I sounded – like a petulant toddler.
“Did I say he did?” Uncle Izaac commenced to eating, singling that the conversation was over.
I sulked for a few more minutes before silently acknowledging how immature I was being, then proceeded to eat in an unladylike manner, simply to get on Teah and Uncle Izaac’s nerves – neither of them paid me any mind.
Nicolette had gone to dine with the king, doubtlessly after Uncle Izaac had filled her in as to the day’s happenings since I’d been banished to the sleeping chamber. I snorted at the thought. Since when had Uncle Izaac taken to ordering me around like I was a toddler? Reason answered that he’d had every right since I was acting like one, but I ignored the voice.
After finishing my trencher of distasteful food, I loudly sucked off each finger, a habit I hadn’t indulged in since I was three summers old. It was so disgusting I nearly couldn’t bring myself to do it, but forced myself to continue until all ten fingers had been significantly licked, making sure that I made a loud slurping sound each time I pulled a finger out of my mouth.
“Once you’ve had your fill of being childish you may stack and clear the table, placing the dishes on the dumbwaiter.” Uncle Izaac didn’t even look up from his plate. “And, when you’re ready to move on in life, please inform me so that I may begin talking to you in a reasonable manner again – instead of acting like you don’t exist which is doubtlessly no fun for either of us.” Uncle Izaac glanced at me, “Especially considering we could have spent the eating hour in a deep discussion or playing Zarse.”

October Reading Wrap-Up {Vlog}

Happy Thursday, y’all!

In October I read a lot of books – 15 to be exact, as well as listening to 7 audiobooks. It was by far the most bookish month of my year so far, and although it was fun, I hope to read a lot less in November and focus more on editing.

One of the best parts of reading so much last month was catching up on my nonfiction reading. I tried to be pretty succinct with what I said about each book so the video wouldn’t be an hour long this week, it was a kinda hard, but fun, challenge.

What are some of the books that you read in October?

Characters Who Make Great Leaders

Hey Folks! Today I’m joining the Top Ten Tuesday Link-Up, and today we get to talk about leaders. Leaders for what, you might ask. Well, leaders for anything. Below I have a list of eight books who had a character that sticks out in my mind as a good leader.

The Way of Escape – Ben is a fantastically wonderful leader of a church. (And one of the characters in all of forever that I want to meet the most.)
The Bracken Trilogy – The Wise Woman is the best behind-the-scenes leader of a country and may have pretty much single-handedly (well, with the help of one other author) inspired my great care for books.
Many Sparrows – Jeremiah Ring was a great guide for leading someone into the wilderness.
For Such a Time – Jean is the kind of cousin I would want to lead a rescue mission if I was ever held captive in enemy territory.
High as the Heavens – Evelyn does a pretty great job of heading up a spying ring. (Say what?)
Ready or Not – Aggie, how in the world does she take care of all the kids? She’s an amazing leader of the family she’s inherited.
All Fall Down – Grace gets the award for leading the readers through an incredibly confusing journey where they don’t know what’s true or what to believe.
Samantha Sanderson Off the Record – Samantha is a pro when it comes to leading an investigation for her middle-grade newspaper.

Who’s your favorite “leader” character?

8 Blogging Confessions

Confessions of a Blogger #1:
Y’all. Last week there were a lot of book reviews posted on Noveltea. That’s because:
1) Book Reviews are cool because #books
2) I had a lot of books that I’d read and written reviews for that needed posted
3) Life was incredibly stuffed-full last week and I didn’t have time to post each day, so therefore I scheduled the reviews ahead of time and felt all writerly and on top of things

Confessions of a Blogger #2:
I don’t get on my computer or internet on Sunday, so all day yesterday I kept wishing I’d scheduled this post on Saturday. Especially considering I have to leave for work at 6:30 which is kinda early for me and for some odd reason I stayed up until after midnight last night, even though I was exhausted. (“Some odd reason” aka we had friends over playing games and I learned a new game and therefore I had to stay up for a really long time playing it, and thoroughly losing.) But still, blogging in the early morning is one of my favorite things to do, so I’m quite thrilled to be sitting here languidly typing as I listen to the rain pouring down outside. I’m just keeping an eye on the clock knowing that in just a couple of minutes I’m going to have to pour on the speed to finish getting ready for the day and out to the car so I’m on time for work at the coffee shop.


Confessions of a Blogger #3:
I’m not a photographer. I don’t especially enjoy taking even simply pictures with my phone. But I really like posting non-generic pictures on my blog. So there’s the quandary. Do I try and take good pictures for y’all, or do I just snap them when the beauty arises, or do I ask someone else to send me all their good pictures, or???

Confessions of a Blogger #4:
When it comes to spelling? Well, without spellcheck y’all probably wouldn’t be able to read my posts very well. Case in point: While writing the above confession, I tried to spell “quandary” starting with a “c.” Although, I’d like to think my lack of sleep factors into the equation. And at least I have a relatively large vocabulary? (I mean, that counts for something, right?)

Confessions of a Blogger #5:
I have missed breakfast more times than I care to keep track of, choosing instead to spend my time blogging than cooking when I’ve miscalculated my time. (Example: This morning.) But folks, it’s always worth it, cause blogging is pretty amazing.

Confessions of a Blogger #6:
Y’all totally make my day when you like a post, comment on a post, or share a post. Like the other day, Esther linked to one of my posts. And it made my already bright world even a little bit brighter. Thank you so much folks for your support.

Confessions of a Blogger #7:
Somedays I come up with so many post ideas that I’m left wondering how in the world I still have content to write about after blogging for sevenish years. Other days I stare at my computer and then get up and clean my office because inspiration is practically nill and I’m very much against wasting your time by posting nothingness.

Confessions of a Blogger #8:
This post is not done, but considering that I still have about twenty minutes worth of things to do and I’m leaving for work in eleven minutes, I’ll sign off.

What’s the above “confession” that y’all can relate to the most? What “confession” would you add to the list?

Beautiful Cover Alert {Book Review}

The Promise of Dawn

BY: Lauraine Snelling 

Find it on:


Third Person • Fiction • Multiple Points of View • 386 Pages



About the Book (Backcover Blurb):

When Signe, her husband, Rune, and their three boys arrive in Minnesota from Norway to help a relative clear his land of lumber, they dream of owning their own farm and building a life in the New World. But Uncle Einar and Aunt Gird are hard, demanding people, and Signe and her family soon find themselves worked nearly to the bone in order to repay the cost of their voyage. At this rate, they will never have land or a life of their own.

Signe tries to trust God but struggles with anger and bitterness. She has left behind the only life she knew, and while it wasn’t an easy life, it wasn’t as hard as what she now faces. When a new addition to the family arrives, Signe begins to see how God has been watching over them throughout their ordeal. But after all that has happened, can she still believe in the promise of a bright future?


Why I Choose this Book:

I don’t fully remember, but probably because the cover is gorgeous. I’m pretty sure it’s one of my favorite covers from 2017 so far. Plus, historical fiction without too much romance makes me happy, so this book looked like a perfect fit.

What I Thought about this Book:

Folks. I don’t know what’s been wrong with my reading streak recently, but this book just didn’t touch me like I was expecting it to. There was nothing wrong with the book, but there just wasn’t as much right with the book like I had expected. (And when I say “right” I mean for me personally – not morally.)

This is the first book I’ve read by the author, so I was a bit confused at the beginning of the book when we were suddenly plunged into a world of a bunch of characters who I knew nothing about. Looking back, I’m pretty sure they must be characters from a previous series, but at the time I was just like “What is going on?”

My biggest issue with the book is that it felt endlessly redundant. It felt like the same thing happened day after day after day. We heard about normal every-day work for page after page after page. It was interesting to see once. Maybe even twice. But having it take up such a huge portion of the book didn’t work well. The plot felt like it was strong enough for a book half this size. So… Yeah.

On the flip side, the writing was well done. I could feel the heat, hear the mice scurrying, and felt the weight of the yelling aunt and uncle. The plot was also interesting – just as I mentioned, the book was way too long for the plot.

I’m a huge fan of Laura Ingalls Wilder’s books, and this book actually reminded me a lot of her writing. The biggest difference for me was probably the fact that Laura’s books are first-hand accounts, and therefore I can enjoy the every-day-ness normalcy in her writing.


I don’t remember having any issues with her writing, and glancing through reviews makes it seem like a lot of people enjoyed this book, so if it looks interesting to you, you should totally check it out.


I’m giving The Promise of Dawn 3 out of 5 stars, and 5 out of 10

*I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review

That Moment When I Realize I’ve Received​ 59 Books For Review This Year {Vlog}

Y’all. I read a lot. And I blog about books a lot. So, it’s a lot of fun to get books free in exchange for an honest review. It also helps me build up my library without going broke. I really hadn’t realized just how many books I’d requested and received this year, though, until I counted them up this morning.

Fifty-Nine Books?!? Yo, folks. That’s a lot. I think it would be a lot of fun to someday add up how much those books would have cost to buy, but for now I’m not undertaking such a time-consuming task. I did add up six that I had sitting around, and imagine my surprise when they added up to $133! Now I don’t imagine that ALL the books would equal out to $22, but it’s pretty cool knowing that those six did.

And now! A (very small) book unboxing:

Have you ever wanted to get books for free in exchange for review? Do you review the books you read?