The Beautiful World

The air is cool and a million crickets sing their song, accompanied by thousands of birds that make their home in the woods surrounding our home.


The sky is a deep shade of blue without a cloud in sight, and brilliant wildflowers bloom with vigor throughout the waving hayfields.

The world around me is bright and promising, glowing and spinning and nearly perfect.

It’s August, but the best kind of August that shouts out the happy news that autumn is on its way.

Today is beautiful and I am so thankful for it.

Faded Papers

I pull and the tack falls out of the corkboard. The curled piece of paper floats down onto my desk, and I pull it closer to examine the faded writing. Two hundred and thirty-five days ago I had cheerfully penned each of the lines with a different color marker.

Seven goals. That’s all I had for 2018, unlike the large, pages full of goals from previous years. The list had come after weeks of praying about what twenty-eighteen was going to look like and coming up with a blank. I’d felt like God was impressing upon me the importance of not having too many goals and instead, learning to go with the flow, and so that’s what I did.


My goals seemed simple enough when I wrote them. There was no reason why I shouldn’t be able to accomplish them.

But back in December life was vastly different then it is today. In fact, it feels like a whole different era. Nowadays I rush through life doing and going and accomplishing, but not the things I would have predicted if you would have asked me as I was writing my list.

Today I’m exceedingly thankful. Thankful for the goals I did write, and even more thankful for the goals I didn’t write.

Would You Rather?

Currently, I am…

-Working on getting His and Hers Shower invitations out in the mail for a wedding I’m in a few weeks from now
-Trying to get a vlog uploaded for next week cause I’m in a wedding on Friday the 31st so #busy
-Watching the cloudy sky hoping it doesn’t rain before Chadwin and I can hang out together cutting grass
-Eating a late breakfast (early lunch?) of totally delicious leftovers
-Hoping I’m correctly prioritizing what emails/texts/phone calls to make when and where
-Wanting to take a nap

What are you up to today?

And Then The Bear Was Gone

It all happened one cold, winter night – when I climbed up into my bed, Sequoia was missing. After tearing my bed apart looking for the allusive teddy bear, I searched my bedroom, then my sibling’s bedrooms. Most of the family was gone so I knew no one else had taken it, but I couldn’t for the life of me remember where I’d left the bear.

After the upstairs had been thoroughly gone through, I went downstairs. And then finally to the basement. In my sleepy state, I’d examined the whole house and STILL couldn’t find my little buddy.


At last I sat down and worked through the whole day in my head. Wait, had I even seen the bear when I’d gotten up that morning? Eyes wide I rushed back to my room, climbed up on my bunk bed and threw open the window. Because of allergies I always sleep with my windows open – no matter if it’s burning or freezing outside. This particular window was three stories up, with a little roof about three feet below it. The window didn’t have a screen which never bothered me since it was too small to fit through – at least for a human. Leaning my head out the window. I looked down and sure enough, there my loyal teddy bear was, face down the roof. Apparently, I’d kicked her out of the house in the middle of the night.

Sighing with relief I tried to use a broom handle to get her, only to discover that she was frozen solid to the shingles. My sister came to the rescue and a few minutes later I was hugging an iced covered Sequoia.

And that, my friends, is the story of when Sequoia Louise Awkard Honeybear disappeared.

Sequoia Louise Awkward Honeybear

Her name is Sequoia Louise Awkward Honeybear. This month marks six years since she was given to me as a gift and I’ve slept with her every night since then.
As a child, I rather desperately wanted to become attached to something like a blankie. I’d hear stories of little kids who couldn’t go to sleep unless they had their special blankets or stuffed animal with them, and it sounded so whimsical. I tried to train myself as a little bitty girl to carry a blanket everywhere I went, but hey! I was the active outdoors type and would soon forget the blanket, leave it folded in a corner, and only remember my resolution days later.
Then for my sixteenth birthday, my adopted parents gave me a blanket and I thought “Ah-ha! This is the perfect opportunity to finally fulfill my childhood dream.” So I began taking the blanket with me when I went somewhere overnight. Four years later when I received Sequoia Louise Awkward Honeybear I decided she could join the blanket as my traveling companion.
Over the years Sequoia Louise Awkward Honeybear has endured a lot – being attacked by a puppy (hence the missing eye), being used as a pillow on rather disgusting airport floors, many terrifying moments being tied in a cloth then thrown in the washer, and being stuffed in too many bags to count as she’s toted across the world.
To date the I’ve only not slept with the blanket three nights in the last (soon-to-be) decade, and those missed nights were all within the first year. And Sequoia Louise Awkward Honeybear? Well, I’m happy to announce that I haven’t missed a night of toting her around with me.
That means this bear/blanket duo is rather well-traveled. Together they’ve gone with me to…
– Africa
* Ivory Coast (layover)
– Asia
*Qatar (layover)
*Switzerland (not overnight)
*The Netherlands
*Belgium (not overnight)
– South America
*Columbia (layover, just blanket)
*Peru (just blanket)
– North America
*USA (not all overnight)
-North Carolina
-North Dakota
-South Carolina
  -West Virginia
Tune in tomorrow for the story of the day Sequoia Louise Awkward Honeybear horrifyingly disappeared and what my frantic search turned up. 😉

Before We Were Yours

This week was a bit of a sporadic one for me. I had an out-of-state funeral to go to and I wasn’t exactly sure when I was going to leave for it. I ended up leaving on Wednesday right after getting home from work so I could travel with my brother – hence the reason why I didn’t end up filming this vlog until today.

In today’s vlog I get to talk about one of my favorite books I’ve read/listened to in 2018. Have you ever read Before We Were Yours? If so, I’d be delighted to hear your thoughts.

And the Days Go On

It’s one of those mornings – fog hangs heavy in the air, out on the roof I see a sprinkling of wayward leaves, and the temperatures give us a blessed relief from the heat by dipping into the 60s.  Everything about my part of the world is dancing and skipping, proclaiming in a loud voice that autumn is just around the corner.



*not from today* 


This morning started with me deciding to sleep in a bit, and then finally dragging my eyes awake at 6:30, and turning off my alarm. Next, I read the first few chapters of Mark where I pondered the fact that although I’ve spent a great amount of time in Matthew, Luke, and John, Mark is basically unvisited by me.

In just a few minutes Aaliyah Louie* and I are going to head to work – a drive that consists of 45 minutes of beauty, coffee, and singing loudly as the wind rushes through my open windows.

At work, I’ll take orders and clean tables and stack dishes and make food and take more orders and chat with the regulars and restock and whip up a few drinks.

After work tonight I have a long list of things to accomplish:
-Work on planning a His and Hers Shower
-Pack for an out-of-state funeral I’m going to tomorrow
-Contact several people about various things
– Film a vlog
-Go on a walk/jog
-Cut grass

And the to-do’s just keep coming.

Tonight? Tonight I hope to get to bed early so I can sleep well and check that off my goals list for the month of August.

Life, it keeps coming and going, like the ebb and flow. Sometimes what it really takes is for me to sit down for a few minutes and ponder what I’m doing to realize that I am making a difference. Maybe not the way I thought I would. Maybe not in a huge, history-book-knows-my-name way. Maybe not in a way that will win me any awards. But my life does count, and the small, minute by minute decisions I make are making a difference. And it’s a good difference.

And for that I am thankful.

*Aaliyah Louie is my car