A Day in My Life {Tuesday, March 14th}

6:00 – Woke up, looked through my calendar, thought over the day, and drifted in and out of sleep

6:30 – Got up, put on an At the Table podcast by Patrick Lencioni and got ready for the day (including making my bed and feeding my cat/cleaning out the litter box, and checking the wood stove)

6:55 – Reheated my coffee from the day before and sat down with my Bible, prayer journal, and Leadership Not by the Book by David Green

7:30 – Did a ten minute YouTube stretching workout

7:45 – Brought in a load of wood, started my car, and grabbed food I’d meal prepped the day before

7:55 – Headed off to work while eating a cold homemade veggie egg roll

8:10 – Got to my office after stopping to talk to coworkers on my way in, mapped out my day and prepared for my team to arrive

8:30 – Morning Meeting with my team

8:50 – Made coffee and sat down to work on my team’s Growth Focus for the month of March

8:55 – Another manager contacted me and asked me to cover a phone interview for her at 1:00. I had a One-on-One scheduled at that time, so worked out a plan to do both

9:10 – My Closer for the day called in sick, and I didn’t have anyone to cover for him, so I rescheduled the after-work activity I had planned so I could stay at work (which means I’d be staying until 7:15 instead of getting off at 5:00) He was the person I had my One-on-One with, so that cleared up my scheduling conflict

9:10-10:30 – Had focused computer time working on the Growth Focus, Applications, Planning, and Emails, as well as talking with team mates when they came back to my office with questions

10:30-12:30 – Floor time. Went out to Admissions to get photos for a project my boss is working on, checked with various departments, greeted guests, took pictures for them, picked up trash, checked on the busy areas and restrooms, and coordinated with team member to ensure all the needs were covered

12:30 – Sat down at my desk with my lunch of mashed potatoes, cabbage, and lentil/pea “meat” loaf to review the application for the interview I’d be doing at 1:00

12:40 – Answered a call for our restaurant because the lunch crowd had arrived. Worked with them until 12:55

1:00 – Took a few deep breaths and called the applicant

2:00 – One-on-One with a team member

2:30 – Headed back out on the Floor and did numerous little tasks like filling literature racks, answering questions, coordinating with a new hours sign being put up, and communicating with various departments. Also talked with the hiring manager for the interview I did and gave him my notes so he could move forward with an offer

3:00 – Worked on cleaning the outside dining area and covering calls for my team so they could read and discuss Winning with People by John Maxwell for an hour

4:00 – Went to IT because they needed to switch something on my phone. It ended up taking a while, so I got my computer and did some more work while waiting for them to finish

5:00 – Things had slowed down and I was tired since I hadn’t planned on staying late. I took an hour break (just listening to the work radio in case any calls came in) and caught up with a coworker/friend who I haven’t gotten to see for a while, then texted a friend to make plans to hang out for her birthday, then received a text from another friend who I hadn’t seen in months asking me if I wanted to hang out after work

6:00 – Checked on how everything was going, then scheduled my team for the last week of March. I was tired and hungry so I ended up eating asparagus, salad, and pasta with sauce

7:10 – Finished the Closing procedures for the team, then changed out of my uniform

7:45 – Met up with my friend at Red Robin and got the veggie burger and fries. I ate the fries and brought the veggie burger home for another day

9:35 – Arrived home, filled the wood stove, petted my cat, then got ready for bed

9:50 – Wrote my 100/100 words, filled out my habits list, then curled up in bed to read Hearts of Steel by Elizabeth Camden for a little bit

10:15 – Went to sleep

Stats: Miles walked = 5, Time Driven = 1 Hour, Hours Worked = 10+

One thought on “A Day in My Life {Tuesday, March 14th}

  1. Esther Filbrun says:

    Interesting to read about—thanks for sharing! Sounds like a fulfilling, but somewhat exhausting day.

    I’ll be interested to hear your thoughts on Hearts of Steel when you finish reading it; I’ve read the first two books, but they ended up in my “okay, but somewhat so-so” basket, and I didn’t end up requesting the third one for review.


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