Finding the Unchanging

Unlike many other parts of the tristate area, my little burg got a mere inch of snow. It’s a good thing, too because when I got home from grocery shopping today – because why not use a day like this for meal prepping – I realized that I’d gotten the ingredients for three different types of soup. I can only imagine how many soups I would have unconsciously decided to make if I would have had ten inches of snow like my parent’s got…

The winter is such a lovely time of year to sit back and reflect, and recently I’ve been thinking about how subjective it all is what we place as important in our lives. Most of I thought was of the upmost importance ten years ago doesn’t even have a place in my life now. When I’m at my little house and endeavoring to balance daily life there are far different things that consume my time and attention than when I’m spending time with my family in Ohio.

Seasons change, the world never stops spinning, and there are very few things that stay constant in the ebb and flow of life.

Keeping that perspective in mind has been good for me as I try and dance my way through the ups and downs and comings and goings of my world. Friendships change. Relationships change. Work changes. The government changes. Likes and dislikes change. But God, God remains constant. Never-changing. Never-ending. Never leaving or forsaking.

So nowadays when I face the seeming ever important tasks before me and try to figure out where I should place my time, energy, and resources I think about the things in life that are ever unchanging and therein lies my answer.

Now I’m off to deliver soup to a young couple who just had a baby, then back to the kitchen to make a few more batches of soup with a friend.

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