Yellowstone Ft. the Geysers

I tried writing a post where I told you all about the amazing geysers in Yellowstone, but the internet wouldn’t work and the post didn’t save, and here I am, with a blank screen in front of me.

We’re nearly two weeks into our trip now, and it’s been nothing like I imagined, and yet also so much like I imagined, both at the same time. Crazy, right?

There was a lot in Yellowstone that I was unaware of until last year when I read a book that took place there. After I read the book I realized all my preconceived ideas about Yellowstone were just that – ideas. So I was really eager to get there and see it for myself.

Visiting Yellowstone is probably my oldest traveling dream, and so to see it realized was mind-blowing and amazing at the same time.

The above vlog is about the thing that I didn’t think about when I thought about Yellowstone, next will come a vlog of the things that I did imagine when thinking about that wild and wonderful place. Things like elk and bison, bears and birds, mountains and waterfalls.

Yellowstone is huge. Huge, beautiful, and beyond what I had imagined. There was so much wilderness to simply gaze at and soak in. We spent two days there and could have spent a hundred more and still not see everything.

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