That, Too, is Okay

It wasn’t so very long ago that I used to work on my computer six days a week. In fact, I even instituted a No computers on Sunday rule to maintain a little balance in my writerly life.

It wasn’t so very long ago, and yet, it sometimes seems like an entirely different lifetime.

Nowadays, when people ask if I’m still writing, I shrug. I mean, I kinda am, but mostly I’m not. The opening of my computer is reserved for the days when I want to blog, and even those come and go like fog on a summer morning.


It was over a week and a half ago – nearly two weeks – that my computer cord gave up the ghost and brought my computer using days to a standstill. There’s a time when that would have thrown me into a panic. I’d have ordered a replacement cord as soon as possible and happily paid extra for fast shipping.

As it was, my days blended together like the merging hues of a sunset and a whole week went by before I even looked into getting a new cord.

Seasons of life come.

And they go.

And change happens.

Change. So. Much. Change. It’s been swirling around me, pushing, pulling, and covering me. Some days it’s delightful and I feel like a little girl wrapping a kite string around my hands, just trying to stay grounded. Other days it’s an angry roaring wave, pounding my face with saltwater and leaving me gasping for air.

I try and categorize change. Put everything in neat boxes. Labeled, color-coded boxes that make sense. And yet it doesn’t always.

And I’m learning that sometimes that, too, is okay.

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