The Rejuvenation

I just turned over the last pages of a book, my coffee is nearly gone, my camper has finally warmed up, and I have The Piano Guys jamming out on my phone (not literally, of course). These wee hours of cuddling with blankets on my couch and knowing that the rest of the world hasn’t fully awoken yet so I can ignore my phone are my refueling times.

As the clock ticks on, my phone gives me the alert that I need to be at work in an hour, so I start to switch gears and wrap things up. Clothing to don, lunch to pack, a little home to straighten.

If I were an electronic device, sleep might be the equivalent of being plugged in, but my real rejuvenating times – imagine a supercharge of some kind – comes from these calm and quiet mornings. Mornings, when I can pray, seek God, repent of sins I’ve seen in my life, and ask God to help me become more like Him. Reading His Word, memorizing His truth, and acknowledging that I’m nothing without Him have helped me keep my life on track.

Life has a way of zooming by. When I’m in a period of transition – learning something new – all too often all my energy is focused on that particular area of life and I forget about the rest. I forget about personal growth and making sure I’m walking in love. I forget to do self-checks and make sure I’m not allowing sin to creep into my life. I forget to keep up with the little things – which, when you look back on each season of life, aren’t so little after all.

My morning times help combat this phenomenon.

The quiet times in the morning aren’t about me. They’re about seeking God. They’re a time when I remind myself that without Him, I’m nothing. A time when I dig into His Truth, so I have the adequate tools to keep the lies of the world at bay. A time when I can assess how my life is going and ask His help to see the truth, instead of through the prejudiced glass of how I often see myself. It’s a time when I can delve into books that will help me learn and grow.

The mornings are a delight. My favorite part of the day. A peaceful lull in the chaotic abundance of life’s busyness. The mornings are my moorings – the anchor that helps me stay resting in the goodness of God.

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