Lies Women Believe {It’s only January and I already have a 5-star read}

Good morning, friends! Every once in a while I get into a kick when nonfiction is my go-to for reading, and I find myself wanting to get up earlier each morning so I can read for longer before heading off to work. This book pushed me into one such mood, and a couple books later, I’m still happily there.


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Pages: 320
Publisher: Moody Publishers
Release Date: February 6, 2018
Title: Lies Women Believe



Counter the lies that keep you from abundant living.

Satan is the master deceiver; his lies are endless. And the lies Christian women believe are at the root of most of their struggles.

“Many women live under a cloud of personal guilt and condemnation,” says Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth. “Many are in bondage to their past. Others are gripped by fear of rejection and a longing for approval. Still others are emotional prisoners.”

In this bestseller, Lies Women Believe, Nancy exposes those areas of deception most commonly believed by Christian women—lies about God, sin, priorities, marriage and family, emotions, and more. She then sheds light on how we can be delivered from bondage and set free to walk in God’s grace, forgiveness, and abundant life. Nancy offers the most effective weapon to counter and overcome Satan’s deceptions: God’s truth!


Last year I read A Mom’s Guide to Lies Girls Believe and it was amazing. I wrote a five-star review, have recommended it to many people, and have even pulled it out multiple times to read quotes to friends. It was in my top three books I read in 2019, and since I read over 120 books, that’s saying a lot.

When I realized I had the opportunity to read this book and share my thoughts about it with y’all, I was delighted.


I am a very honest person. Or, at least I thought I was. Recently though, I’ve been realizing I lie to myself a lot. Would I lie to someone else? Of course not. But, when I lie to myself I can easily justify the whys and swallow the believable excuses I hand myself. I tell myself that it’s okay because no one is getting hurt, when in reality I’m hurting myself by living as if the lies I believe are truth.

As I read this book, I realized that I not only believed the lies I told myself, but I also believe lies that are prevalent in our culture today. Identifying the lies, and then combating them with the truth from God’s Word can make a world of difference in how I live and what I do with my time and energy.

Some of the categories the lies in this book fall into are Lies Women Believe About:
-Priorities and

Some of the specific lies the book talks about are:
-I can’t control my emotions
-I don’t have time to do everything I’m supposed to do
-My sin isn’t really that bad
-If my circumstances were different, I would be different
-I have to have a husband to be happy
-I need to love myself more
-I should not have to live with unfulfilled longings

Each of the lies is discussed, described, and then combated with God’s Word. It was so refreshing and enlightening to see what God has to say, compared to what the world is throwing at us.

Reading this book not only helped me identify areas in my life that I need to change but also reminded me about how amazing it is to serve a God who knew what lies we’d be facing long before we were ever born. God’s Word is full of wisdom, help, answers, and loving commandments about how we’re supposed to live our lives to bring God glory and honor.


I can’t say enough good things about this book. I highly recommend it. There were a few minor things I didn’t agree with, but they didn’t take away from the overall message of the book at all.



I’m giving Lies Women Believe out of 5 stars. I’m so grateful for the generosity of the publisher for sending me a copy of this book so I could review it and share it with y’all.

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