Living Love

This morning I woke up in awe about how well taken care of I am by my family and friends.

As you might have gathered in my previous posts, living my life with love – God’s love – is something I’m working on learning. Sometimes it’s simple and makes sense, and other times it’s harder to implement in my life as I wage an internal fight because I really want to do what want, rather than showing love.

Living out God’s love each day isn’t a loud and showy process – instead, I’ve found it’s a deep quietness where I put others above myself. Sometimes I think about it in the moment and choose to show love, other times I can look back at my day and realize I’ve softly been showing love without having to consciously choose. And then… Well, there are the times when I’m prompted to show love, and instead do my own thing because it’s easier and more fun.

Changing my nature – so my natural response is to serve others in love rather than serving others for selfish reasons, or to serve myself – isn’t easy. But thankfully I’m not doing it alone. I have the best example ever in the Creator of the Universe because He came down to serve us. To serve His creation. How amazing and awe-inspiring is that?

Recently I’ve been shown love as people have set aside time for deep conversations with me, made me special coffee, told me the truth in kindness to help me grow, and gotten up early in the morning to make me a delicious breakfast while I was visiting them.

Last week my brother took a task from me that had caused a bit of mental anguish and sweetly told me he’d take care of it – without me even asking him to. My family bought me special food while I was visiting them to go with a unique way I’m currently eating for health. A coworker gave me a bottle of kombucha after I mentioned I really liked it, but am budgeting so I’d have to wait until the end of the month to see if I could buy any. Another coworker bought games and we had a delightful time playing after a work party because I didn’t feel inclined to watch the movie the rest of the team was watching.

All of these examples are things that people could have easily not done and I wouldn’t have thought anything about it. In fact, I didn’t expect any of them. But they did do the things, and I feel so loved and taken care of because of them.

Today, I’m praying that God helps me live His love and be a light to those around me.

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