Hello, Wind, Snow, and Cold

A week ago my camper was cold, uninsulated, and completely unprepared for winter. Then some of my people from back home in Ohio ventured out on a damp, freezing November morning and came to help me prepare my little home for the howling winds of the next few months.

We began the visit with nourishing vegetable soup I’d made the day before and garlic bread that I baked in the oven to help warm the camper up. Then we transitioned to the chaos of trying to move everything away from the windows so we could put plastic over them. The adventure of tearing my little home apart while it was full of people was maybe a bit more on the crazy than whimsical side, but it was fun.

Over the course of the day, we covered the windows with plastic, made trips (two of them) to Lowes, fixed various issues, ran antifreeze through the waterlines, and probably a lot of other little things that not being a handyman I’m unaware of.

In between the excitement of all that work, we also snuck in a trip to the Creation Museum we arrived there just an hour before closing, so everything was settling down for the evening which meant I could drag my Ohio People throughout the empty halls, calling out to my Museum People for introductions. It was delightful and wonderful and absolutely made my day.

I got visitor passes for my little group and took them back for a tour of the office space my team uses, plus I was able to introduce them to my bosses. That was fun. We stood around chatting and I was filled with happiness as I got to watch two of my worlds merging.

As it turns out, we timed the winterization of my camper perfectly, because that night the temperatures dipped to at least 10 degrees lower than they previously had, but my cozy home stayed a good 35 degrees warmer than it would have before. (Meaning it was 60ish degrees instead of 25 degrees when we woke up.)

Since then it’s snowed, the wind has recklessly sung throughout the day, and my phone has randomly shut off on my way to work from the cold, yet my camper remains a delightful place to return to. (As long as I’m bundled up, that is.)

I’m so thankful for my adventure of living in a camper for the winter, and I’m eager to see how the next few months play out.

And now I’m off to work. Blessings to you, my friends!

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