Yes, I Plan My Spontaneity, Thank You

This is the first time I’ve opened my computer this week.

Some weeks just don’t turn out the way I’d envisioned them. For little ol’ find-a-schedule-and-follow-it-to-a-T me that can be a bit hard to get used to, but I’m learning how to go with the flow and say last-minute-yesses.

Actually, that’s not exactly true.

See, I plan my “yesses” ahead of time. No kidding, folks. My natural inclination is to say no to anything besides the necessary – ya know, like going to work, eating veggies, and curling up at home with a good book.

That means way back when I first decided to move I began going through various scenarios in my mind and telling myself that I would say yes when/if those instances ever happened in real life.


This is because even though I don’t think there’s anything wrong with being an introvert, I also see the benefits of stepping outside my comfort zone.
This is because even though I learn a lot from reading stacks of nonfiction, I learn in a different way when I hang out with new friends.
This is because balance is an exceedingly important part of life, and strange as it may seem, that doesn’t just mean splitting my free time equally between fiction and nonfiction.

So, this summer I’ve made the decision to work at including yes in my vocabulary far more often than I used to. Remember me saying I wanted to be spontaneous? Well, apparently for me spontaneous works so much better when it’s preplanned. This means that when I’m organizing the store I’ll be having a little conversation with myself, deciding what I’ll say yes to that night.

Silly as it may seem, my yesses might include saying yes to going to the laundromat if when I look up the location I’ll be able to get my laundry done and be back home before it gets dark. Or maybe my yes will be that I’ll hang out if anyone invites me to watch fireworks with them. Or perhaps my yes will be when someone invites me over, offers a suggestion, asks if I want to work late or cover someone else’s shift, or offers for me to beta read for their new writing project. In fact, all these are scenarios from the last month. I’ve said yes every time and every time I’ve been incredibly thankful I did.

And there we have it, folks. The best way for introverts to excel at spontaneity. You’re welcome for the tips. 😉

(A little clarification: My lack of posting this week was actually because I had a friend who was in a car wreck this week, so I spent four days in the hospital with her. But, even that was a totally unplanned event, so it works to call it spontaneous.)

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