The Perks of this Bookish Connoisseur

One of the really cool things about working here at the Creation Museum is the perks of buying books with my employee discount. One of the other really cool things is the perks of finding free books in the damaged bin. 😉

See, I’m a book connoisseur.

To use popular modern vernacular, books are basically my besties. To use actual lingo that makes sense, I really like books. I have hundreds of physical copies, hundreds more of e-copies, am a patron in good-standing (I hope?) at both the physical and electronic library, and can jabber about bookish things with the best of them.

Yet, despite all of this, it’s not been exceedingly common for me to go to a real, physical bookstore and buy a book. This is mainly because I’m a homebody who lives out in the country and the nearest bookstore is over an hour away. This is also because Amazon is good for narrowing down choices because when I’m inundated with a large selection of something wonderful, my brain feels like it flipped the off switch and ceases to function correctly.


Now though! Well, when I’m around books for hours and hours each day, I’m able to see what other people are buying, then file the most interesting books away for future reference. Instead of having a few minutes or hours to make a decision on what I want to buy, I can do so at my leisure, any time I want.

Add to that the books I was given in training, the two I’ve snagged for free due to damage, and my little library in my camper is growing nicely. I’m nearly done with two of these books and have my eye on several more that will probably find their way home with me soon.

It’s delightful to have time to really learn about a book before I buy it, to see what books other people are choosing, and to get to be part of the process that gets new books into people’s hands.

My library is growing kinda slowly, but that’s okay, because I still have plenty of time left to fill my shelves (and brain) with delightful copies. See, that’s one of the perks of working at a bookstore – no rush, no panic, just happiness.

If you have a job, does it come with any cool perks?

One thought on “The Perks of this Bookish Connoisseur

  1. Kaitlyn S. says:

    Cool perks — I’m a freelance writer/editor (work from home! Or a coffee shop . . . ), and I mainly work on editing/proofing manuscripts — so I basically get paid to read new books. And since you could well have been writing about myself in this post, you can imagine that getting paid to read would be a dream job! ❤ I love it! The only “downside” — which isn’t really a downside to me, just my family who has to live with it — is that I have over 500 books trying to live together on a shelf that’s just not big enough, which means I have more books piled up in stacks on the floor =P

    I told Mom once if I ever needed to get a “real” job — like a leaving the house job — it would be at a library or a museum somewhere — surrounded by books and history . . . YES!


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