The Spontaneity of…Clean Clothes?

It’s 8:04 and I’ve commanded myself that I have to put my computer up much earlier in the mornings than I’ve done some days this week. For instance, I was blogging right up until the last minute on Wednesday, hurried out the door in a rush, and totally forgot my name badge (which you have to use to sign in at work). That meant I literally had to run to get to work on time. Yeah, not exactly the most fun.


One thing I’ve found to be most interesting, strange, hard-to-get-used-to, and probably the most fun, about living on my own is controlling my own schedule. Of course, I have my managers at work telling me the hours to work, but other than that… well, it’s up to me.

Back when I lived at home in Ohio I controlled my schedule to a large degree, but I never got in my car and went somewhere without informing someone what I was doing, or asking them if they needed something from the store, etc… That didn’t bother me, but I’m so used to checking in with those I live with, that not checking in is something that I’m still getting used to.

For instance, yesterday while at work I suddenly had an urge to get all my laundry washed. I knew I could eke out a few more days with clean clothes, but my laundry hamper was overflowing and I decided that finding a laundromat sooner rather than later would make my clean-everything-in-order little heart happy.

So, I did the math and figured out that if I hurried home from work and gathered up all the laundry, I could get the laundry done and be back home while it was still light. (Which is something I always try and achieve.)

And I accomplished it! Which means I now have a pile of clean clothes sitting next to the table, waiting to be put away, nice, clean, and smelling delightful. The hurrying also meant I forgot my laundry detergent at home and had to use the vending machine to get new – more expensive little boxes of detergent – but hey! It was worth it.

That, my friends, is the type of thing I find exciting while living in a camper – being able to go to a laundromat and come home with clean clothes. I obviously have an exceedingly interesting life. But hey, I’ve always found joy in the little things, so…

Also, shoutout to my previous job where we had a tip jar and I collected a pile of quarters. Who would have guessed I would one day use them to keep my clothes clean. 😉

Have you ever used a laundromat? If so, did the prices shock you? 

And now I’m off to work, folks (and I’m already wearing my name tag to make sure I don’t forget it this time). Have a great day!

6 thoughts on “The Spontaneity of…Clean Clothes?

    • Lydia Howe says:

      Haha, that’s funny because I wanted to hang up my clothes to dry them, but sadly didn’t have any place to hang them. I did leave a few things in the car though, because it gets super hot in the sun and dried the damp things extra fast. 😉

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