Oh Wait, Is that Routine I Hear?

As it turns out, quitting one job, moving to a different state, and starting a new job all takes a lot of brainpower. Even if it’s just for a few months.

See, change isn’t something I’m really that great with. And, I’m one of those homebody types of people who is perfectly happy to stay home and watch the wind blow through the hay fields and know that the world is going on somewhere beyond the peaceful valley where I live. Plus, I have a big family. That means that I’m kinda like, well, one of the pack. As in, basically whenever I do go somewhere new I have a half a dozen siblings I can hide behind, follow, or lean on.


The problem is, that’s not extremely conducive to being a well-balanced adult. The rest of my siblings are fine with forging out on their own, being all adultish and taking the lead. And, while I’ve done a lot of things – like go to South America for two months, or Asia for four weeks, or cooked for 150 people for seven days – I’ve always had a sibling close by.

So, this year seemed like the perfect time to step out and do some things without siblings. And, in reality, it’s been incredibly fun. (Am I supposed to admit that?) And, while I might have sat in the car trying my best not to cry before going into a new church by myself for the first time, I succeeded and had fun while doing so.


But all that to say, my writing has fallen by the wayside. Cause, ya know, it kinda seemed more important to learn the basics of where to buy food and figure out where to get water then to delve into my delightfully fiction world. Also, my brain can only handle so much, and going from having five co-workers to hundreds kinda filled my brain up a lot.

And now I’ve been here, living in Kentucky for a little over three weeks and pieces of life are finally falling into place. I wake up with enough brainpower not only to pack my breakfast and get out the door on time but also to sit down and blog. I come home from work with enough energy to text my mom and maybe reply to a comment or two on my blog. It’s rather glorious and I’m looking forward to finally getting into routine and being able to work on my writing again.

What have y’ll been up to recently?

6 thoughts on “Oh Wait, Is that Routine I Hear?

  1. Emily says:

    My family has been working pretty much non-stop on remodeling a house. This year must be a moving year, because you did, we are, and I know a couple other folks that are as well. That’s been hectic, add to that the fact that I’m gearing up to start driving, working, etc., in the adult world…and there are times I want to go hide in a corner and read an e-book. That’s my version of therapy…and escapism. But, I’ll figure it out (that’s my philosophy in life), and one of these days I’ll be a pro. Love your posts!

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    • Lydia Howe says:

      Oohh, remodeling a house is a lot of work and I’m happy that I’m not currently in that stage of life. I hope it goes well for you.
      And yay for driving and work and all that. There’s a lot of stuff that’s scary, but you survive and are like “Wow, how did I actually do that?” and it’s pretty rewarding. 🙂

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  2. Scarlet Wozniak says:

    You know I can relate to this a lot.
    I’ve been thinking a lot about routines because one of my cats stopped eating at his usual times. For the past 4 years we’ve been on a consistent feeding schedule with the cats. I discovered a couple years ago while watching the discovery channel that cats are meat lovers and while I am personally a vegetarian I decided that for the sake of my cats I would start frying some bacon for them in the morning. I can’t bare the thought of them actually eating another animal so I toss it outside my door where a homeless man will often come by and eat it. I feel that this gives my cats more of a sense of being in their natural habitat though since it gives them an opportunity to smell fresh meat being prepared.
    Anyway. So I start off by frying bacon at 7:40 to encourage their natural desire to be interested in food at which point they all line up in front of the stove pacing impatiently, then at 8:00 sharp they follow me to the front door where I toss the bacon outside to the homeless man, or throw it in the garbage for him to get later if he’s not there yet, then the cats follow me to the dining room where I give them each a bowl of corn meal mush with cheese and vegetarian bacon bits, followed by a tofu fish filet.
    They have all followed this routine very consistently until about two months ago when one of them for almost an entire week started staying in the kitchen the whole time. No matter how much I coaxed him he refused to follow me to the door or even come into the dining room to eat. I had to feed him in the kitchen and it’s been the most frustrating thing I have dealt with in years. I originally spent at least a week carefully teaching and explaining this routine to them and now for one of them a few short years later to completely ignore my feelings and start doing his own thing in the kitchen was a real test of my patience.
    One of the ladies from the quilting meetup I participate in recently lost her job as a Walmart greeter and that has thrown her life into a bit of a tailspin. She keeps complaining about her lights being shut off. I think maybe she couldn’t pay her electric bill or something. Anyway, im sure you don’t want to hear about her petty problems. The point I was going to make was that I was able to share about this cat situation with her, in more detail of course, and I think that really helped her be able to see that there are other people going through much harder things than she is. She hasn’t complained nearly as much about her own problems recently to me so it’s nice to know that some good has come from this cat situation.
    I haven’t actually seen her in a few weeks.
    Anyway. Great post as always!

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    • Lydia Howe says:

      Wow. Um, that’s quite the story. I really like bacon – ya know, just in case you’re ever in my area and have any extra you want to share. I hope everything works out with your cats.

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  3. Keturah Lamb says:

    Oh, my I love routines so much, so yeah change can be hard even if fun at first for me, too. But I really need a routine.


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