It’s An Adventure, Folks

It’s a rainy Saturday which means it’s an exceedingly comfortable day to spend in my little camper. It’s the first day I’ve had off and stayed here (rather than go to Ohio) since I started work and it’s been lovely getting to rest and have no schedule. The loveliness is probably due mostly to the fact that I’m hardcore fighting off a cold this week and not feeling well at all. (I would say I’m under the weather, but really, unless you’re in a plane, when are you ever above the weather?)

I had grand plans for this weekend of how I was going to get caught up with everything and be on top of my to-do list pile, but then when it all boiled down to it, resting with noodle soup and a good re-read ended up feeling a lot more important.


In the end, today was more productive than I had thought it would be (after I’d made the decision just to rest, that is). I was able to do some catch-up things around the camper, submit six reviews to different sites, and get fairly close to the end of a devotional book I’ve been reading.

This week, on the other hand, has been a bit less productive. Last weekend I went back to Ohio to visit family. There have been some health issues going on there which resulted in me going for almost 24 hours without sleep, along with watching a newborn for nearly the whole time I was home. It’s a different – and hard – experience being so far away from home when I’m used to being right there to help when needed.

Anyway, because of my crazy weekend, this whole week was spent with me trying to catch up on sleep, life, and not getting a cold. It’s been an adventure, folks!

3 thoughts on “It’s An Adventure, Folks

  1. Keturah Lamb says:

    Sounds so like me right now .. except I couldn’t rest that much as we’ve had a lot to do. So the cold followed me through everything … I’ve slept every chance I got, though.

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