April in Review {2019}

What I Focused on in April 
  1. Keeping up with work and home life – this is the busy time for the coffee shop and my other job includes cutting grass, and the grass cutting season just started back up
  2. Getting ready to move for several months – fixing up the camper I’ll be living in, shopping, cleaning, paperwork, etc…
  3. Spending quality time with my people



Fiction: 3
Nonfiction: 2
Audiobooks: 5
Books for Review: 2



What does this word even mean? I used to do a lot of it. Nowadays? Well, I’m happy to be home as much as possible. Next month that will change.


  1. Make a list of everything I need to do before moving – YES
  2. Taxes – YES
  3. Go through papers by desk – YES
  4. Go through drawer in coffee table – YES
  5. Go through stuff on back of bed – YES
  6. Clean and return Leo’s overalls from caving – YES
  7. Finish reviewing Moody books and request new ones – YES
  8. Clean camper – YES
  9. Writing Project Thing – YES
  10. Project Thing – YES
  11. Four Bookstagram Pictures – YES
  12. Walk 40 Miles – NO (Haha, wow, Lyds. Obviously you didn’t realize how busy this month would be)
  13. Paleo 18 days – YES
  14. Car tires changed – YES
  15. Home for Whimsy – YES
  16. Shop for clothes and shoes for work – YES
  17. Pay Dad for airline tickets – YES
  18. Goal Thing – YES
  19. Begin mowing – YES
  20. Watch or listen to TCK stuff each week – YES
  21. Curtains for camper – YES
So, for my month-long goals, I accomplished 20/21, and for my weekly goals, I accomplished 53/59. 
  • Apparently, license plates have to be renewed. Who knew? So, I learned what it’s like to get pulled over. Thankfully, it was a very kind police guy who let me off with just a warning
  • Lots of paperwork and taxes stuff. Not my strongest part of life
  • How to juggle life when it’s extra busy at work, at home, and I’m also planning on moving for the summer soon, so I have all that craziness
  • More about my personality and how it does and doesn’t work and what areas I need to grow in. (Evidently, it’s a thing with Enneagram type 3 people to act like they have it all together, and that their lives are wildly successful? And, as it turns out, that isn’t true…)
  • How amazing it is to listen to audiobooks when life is too busy to get much reading done
  • Hindi. Yeah, I was fairly certain I was the kind of girl who could never learn a new language, but here I am
  • That life is better after you’ve had an affogato
  • Once you’ve had one affogato, you’ll want more



This month felt like a blur of fast-paced running to keep up with life – without the running part because that’s the only goal from April that I failed sadly on.

April was delightful and full of lovely moments to recall in months to come. Like dropping what we were doing and running outside to sit on hay bales to watch the sunset. Or sitting in the freezing creek at night – because, ya know, things like that are important. Or having random picnics and rolling down hills. (I recommend doing that in reverse order, though.)

April was also full of not quite-so-delightful moments like having paperworkish things move me to tears, running into issues with the camper I’m hoping to move into, and going for about six weeks (not all in April, obviously) not being able to sleep well because my brain was so full of things that needed to be done.

April was gorgeous beyond belief. It was like having a whole extra month of May and I was thrilled nearly every day by how beautiful, lovely, and dreamy the land is where I live.

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